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mes were being able to play outside after dark, &' take walks any time of the day or night, and not be afraid. Margaret Eckerd Washington



    John W. Eller was born In Kentucky In 1849. le was 16 years old when his father, George Washington Eller, and his family moved from Bowling Green, Kentucky, to Texas and settled on a farm In Collin County near Celina.<

> Eliza Catherine (O'Brien), "Tom" and John William Eller

    John married Ellzo Catherine O'Brien, born In 1848, on March 25, 1868. The O'Brien family lived near St. Joseph, Missouri, and moved to Texas about the same time as the Eller family. They lived a mile apart. Catherine related to her daughter, Linnie, that the family came by wagon to Texas and that she had walked a big part of the way.
    John and Catherine had seven sons and two daughters. All were born In Collin County, Texas. Henry Benjamin was born December 14, 1871. Henry married Lora Faulkner, and they had one son, William C.
    Washington was born April 22, 1874. He remained a bachelor and died In 1962. Drury was a twin to Washington and died as a small boy. Ed was born In 1876 and died in 1915. He never married. John Wade was born March 26, 1879. He married Louise McDonald. They had six children, Pernell, Estell, Nina, Ola, Homer, and Buster.
    William Genson was born June 10, 1882. He married Lucy Vernon Michael, and they had six children, Kenneth, Noble, Walter, Demas, Clara and Nelda. Lucy died in 1917. W.G. married Bertha Mae Wigham on March 5, 1929. They had three sons, George William, Bobby Ray and Robbie Roy.

    Melinda (Linnie) was born February 12, 1884. She married Hamp Brown, and they had a boy who died at birth and a daughter, Clara. Clara married Harold Justice, and they had a son Harold Glenn. Hamp Brown was a pioneer barber In Pampa. Thomas was born June 29, 1889, and married Ethel Benton in 1918. Evey was born In 1887 and died of diphtheria at age six.
    In 1903, John bought a section of land north of Laketon, moved there from Celina and lived there until 1908. He paid $3 an acre and sold It for $15 per acre. He bought land east of Pampa and a section In Carson County. He built a house on East Francis In 1908. The home Is still occupied.
    John helped establish the Church of Christ. They met In his home until he donated land across the street to build the Francis Avenue Church of Christ. John was known for his ability to quote scripture from the Bible. Later the church moved to a new and larger building known as the Mary Ellen and Harvester Church of Christ.
    John and Catherine lived In Pampa until their deaths. John died March, 1930, and Catherine died in August, 1936.



    Thomas (Tom) Eller was born on June 29, 1889, on a farm In Collin County, two miles from Celina, Texas. He was the son of John William Eller and Eliza Catherine O'Brien Eller.

Ethel Benton             Thomas (Tom) Eller

    Tom came to the Panhandle In 1914 when he was fifteen years old. His ambition was to learn telegraphy. He went to work at the railroad station In Canadian, Texas where he learned the Morse Code. He soon discovered that the job ahead would require him to be responsible for train schedules of trains passing through Canadian. He decided that he would rather be a farmer. He bought a quarter section of land on September 29, 1910, In Section 200 In Carson County. He paid $1,855.00 down, which was one-half the total price. Then he paid a yearly payment of $371.00 on September 29 of each year until It was paid out.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994

    During the time he was paying out this land, Cornelius C. Cuyler of the Borough of Manhattan In the city and In the state of New York, and Frederic de Peyster Foster of Orange County, New York owned all the land In Gray County, Carson County, Roberts County and Hutchinson County. Land payments were made to them.
    On October 15, 1915, Cornelius C. Cuyler made his will In which he willed all the real property, lands, tenements situated In the counties of Carson, Gray, Roberts and Hutchinson to Frederic de Peyster Foster. So from then on, yearly land payments were made to Frederic de Peyster Foster.
    Pampa named Its two main streets "Cuyler" and "Foster" for these two men.
    By this time, Tom's parents had bought a section of land in the Laketon area, built a home, dug a well and were farming there.
    While living In Laketon, Texas, Tom met Ethel Benton, whose parents had also bought a farm and moved there. They had come to Laketon about the same time as the Ellers.
    Tom helped his father by building fences and breaking out the sod. He said many years later, In a recording made by his nephew, George William Eller, about all he did the first ten years he was In the Panhandle was build fences and break out sod.
    Tom's father bought several lots In Pampa at 621 East Frances and built a new home there. So the three of them moved Into their new home In the summer of 1908.
    Tom played both a horn and a violin. He became a member of Pampa's first band. He and his close friend, Caril Sloan, and Caril's sister, Vera Sloan (Later Mrs. Mel Davis) played regularly for dances. It a piano was needed, they called the men who drove the "Dray Wagon" who would come, load and deliver the Sloan's piano to the place where the dance was held. This piano had a guitar attachment. Vera was the pianist and Caril played both the guitar and the violin.
    During this time, Ethel Benton had been attending West Texas Normal College (now West Texas State University) and had taught school five months near Groom, Texas. Then she taught at Pampa High School when It was downtown In the red brick building. She was teaching there when she and Tom married on October 21, 1918. They moved Into a house on Section 200 where Tom had bought his land. Later, they built a new home on their farm and lived there many years.
    Ethel was a pianist. She and Tom enjoyed the many duets they played. So did everyone else who heard them.
    Tom and Ethel became interested In becoming Ham Radio Operators. They studied radio together. Tom got his Ham Radio License In November, 1939. His call number was I.Z.W. (ICY ZERO WEATHER). Ethel received hers In January, 1940. Her call number was J.A.D. (JUST A DOLL). They made contacts with other hams all over the United States and In many foreign countries. They spent many hours enjoying their hobby as long as they lived.
    When the disastrous tornado of April 9, 1947, struck both the towns of Higgins, Texas and Woodward, Oklahoma, many people lost their lives. Tom Immediately volunteered at the Red Cross Office in Pampa to go to the stricken area to help get messages to relatives trying to find out if their relations were safe. Mr. Aaron Meek, "'Principal of Sam Houston School, went with Tom. they, with others, set up a temporary radio station in the part of the woodward HighSchool Building which had not been destroyed. Mr. Meek helped with food and coffee. They worked many hours without any rest, day and night, before finally returning home.

    Tom and Ethel loved to play bridge with their friends. Ethel also belonged to a ladies' bridge club which they started In the early forties. They had their parties regularly In each other's homes. Some of the other ladies who played bridge together for so many years were: Verna Via, Juette Parker, Gertie Foster, Edna Davis, Augusta Yealy, Hortense King, Maude Schulkey, Dorothy Hampton, Clovia Lutz, Alta Carlock and Juanita Suttle.
    In 1951. Tom and Ethel built a new home at 1316 Williston Street and moved Into town.
    Ethel took several courses In oil painting. She painted beautiful paintings, which adorned their home. When the first nativity scene with life size figures was made, Ethel was chosen to paint the face and hands of the Madonna. This nativity scene was created to be placed In the downtown City Park during each Christmas Season. Now It has been enlarged and Is displayed each Christmas season In a beautiful location In the park just south of M.K. Brown Auditorium.
    Thomas Eller died October 3, 1973.
    Ethel Benton Eller-died September 12, 1981.



    Larry Timothy Eller was born June 22, 1946, Kansas City, Missouri. He was adopted by Walter and Lois Eller of Pampa. When he was a small boy, Tim enjoyed working with his father on the farm. He was an active Cub Scout. Every summer Tim attended the Church of Christ summer camp. Blue Haven, near Las Vegas, New Mexico.

L-R: Tim, Julie, Steven, Bradley, Donna.

    Tim graduated from Pampa High School In 1964. He was active In Key Club, Spanish Club, football (two years) and was a member of the National Honor Society. He attended Abilene Christian University two years and graduated from Texas Tech In 1969 with a degree In chemical engineering. He was a Tau Beta Pi, and did graduate work at A&I College while living in Kingsville.
    Tim married Donna Conner In 1966 In Pampa. Donna was born In Pampa on September 7, 1946, at the old Pampa Hospital on Gillespie Street. The doctor was Dr. Joe Pieratt. Donna's parents are Mary and Frank Conner, who live In Pampa. Mary Phillips Conner was born July 29, 1919, near Cooksville, Tennessee. Her father was a minister with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The Phillips came to Texas when Mary was three years old. Frank Conner was born July 30, 1918, In Avant, Oklahoma. Mary and Frank married In Lubbock, April 19, 1937.
    Donna has three brothers; Joe, Jimmy and Richard. Donna graduated from Pampa High School In 1965. She was band sweetheart, a twirler with the Pride of Pampa Band, and a member of National Honor Society. Donna was a Girl Scout in grade school and started band In fourth grade. She attended Abilene Christian University one year and graduated from Texas Tech In 1969 with a degree in elementary education.
    Tim and Donna have three children. Bradley born November 5, 1969; Kingsville, Texas; Steven born May 31, 1974, Pampa; Julie born January 20, 1976, Pampa.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994

    Tim and Donna live In Houston, where Tim Is a partner with Cox-Eller and Associates, Inc., Engineers and Designers. Donna teaches second grade In the Quail Valley School District. They are members of Eldridge Road Church of Christ.



    Walter Eller was born September 13, 1907, on Red Deer Creek, two miles west of Miami, to William Genson and Lucy Vernon Mlchiel Eller, the third child of a family of six. When he was seven weeks old, his family and two other families moved by covered wagon to New Mexico, 10 miles southeast of Clayton. His father filed on one-half section of land. After living there six years, Mr. Eller decided to move his family back to Texas. They settled two miles north of Laketon where they lived until 1915.

Walter and Lois Eller, 1960, at home of Bally and Katy Haney

    In 1915 the family moved nine miles west of Pampa. Lucy Vernon died there In 1917. In the fall of 1918 his father bought land west of White Deer. The children attended school at Cuyler (elevator between Panhandle and White Deer), where Mrs. Pauline O'Keefe was the teacher. They finished school at White Deer. Walter drove a buggy with two mules to school. His high school English teacher was Claude Everly, who Is now living In Pampa.
    In 1930 Walter began farming for himself on the Eller farm west of White Deer. In 1931 his father bought two sections of land in Sherman County, one mile north of Stratford. Walter and his brother, Kenneth, bathed there and broke out sod. The first crop of wheat yielded 30 bushels to the acre and was sold for 18 cents a bushel.
    Walter married Lois Holmes In 1933. Lois was born September 22, 1908, at Celina, Texas. She was the fifth child of John William Holmes (August 23, 1872) and Mary Frances Edwards (October 9, 1875). Her father owned and operated a mercantile store at Holden, Mississippi, (an Indian settlement). He hauled his freight from Natchez, Mississippi. Her mother took care of the post office, and a black girl watched the children. Her mother also taught school six months a year -- a regular school year.

    The Holmes family moved to Texas about 1904. They bought and farmed in Denton Count. Lois went to school at Friendship In Denton County. She completed high school, which consisted of 11 years. She moved to Pampa In 1928 to help with the opening of J.C. Penny Store (located in the Rose Building on Cuyler). She worked In the ladies' Ready To Wear Department. They had beautiful fur coats, dresses, millinery. Fur neck pieces were very popular at this time. A Mr. Champion was the manager.
    Her grandfather William D. “Homes" fought In the Civil War (Rankin County, Mississippi). In his father's will dated May 2, 1865 (James Homes), he willed "I give and bequeath to my son William D. Homes a negro man named Baltimore." He also bequeathed negros to his wife and other children.
    Walter and Lois had a son In 1939 named Walter Donald who died at birth. They adopted a son, LarryTimothy, who was born June 22, 1946, in Kansas City, Missouri.
    During the 1930's there were dust storms and dry weather. In the early 1940's things began to get better. Walter had cattle, sheep and wheat. WW II came and Walter went Into the Air Force. He was stationed at Pampa Army Air Force Base and worked In the post office. He was discharged at Kelly Field in San Antonio. He continued farming In Carson County after the war. He served two years on the Board of Directors at Highland General Hospital. After serving on the board, Walter worked for the hospital for 23 years In the credit department. He also continued farming. He retired In 1981.
    Tim Eller- married Donna Conner In 1966 In Pampa. They have three children Bradley, Steven and Julie and live In Houston, where Lois and Walter enjoy visiting. The Ellers are members of Mary Ellen-Harvester Church of Christ and live at 1004 Charles In Pampa. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary December 17, 1983.


    William Genson Eller was born In Collin County, Texas, on June 10, 1882. His parents were John W. Eller and Elizo Catherine O'Brien. He had six brothers and two sisters: Henry Benjamin, Washington, Drury, John Wade, Melinda, Ed, Evey and Thomas.

Bertha Mae Wigham Eller, 1926

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994

William and Ginson and Lucy Vernon (Michael) Eller, Wedding - 1901

    William (Gink) married Lucy Vernon Michael In 1901 at Cottage Hill near Celina, Texas. Six children were born to them: Kenneth, Noble, Walter, Demas, Clara and Nelda. They came to Miami In 1904. After a few years In the Texas Panhandle, they decided to move to New Mexico. This couple with small children moved by covered wagon to Clayton. The trip took about two weeks. They homesteaded southeast of Clayton. They lived In a half dugout.
    At the end of six years, they moved back to the Texas Panhandle due to drought and hard times. They had a farm northeast of White Deer. The children attended Lakeview School. In 1917, Lucy Vernon caught the measles while expecting a baby and became very Ill. She was taken to Canadian, where the nearest hospital was located. She died from serious complications.
    Gink and his children moved to the Eller farm northeast of Panhandle. The children attended schools In White Deer, Cuyler, and Panhandle. The children learned to cook and help with the farm work. With patience, love and endurance, Gink managed to raise his family of six growing children. They attended church In Kingsmill, White Deer and Panhandle.
    On March 5, 1929, Gink married Bertha Mae Wigham. Bertha was the daughter of George W. and Sarah Bell Wigham of Panhandle. They lived on the farm north of Cuyler for two years. In 1931 they built a home In White Deer. They had three sons: George William born August 16, 1932 and twins, Bobby Ray and Robby Roy born November 23, 1936. The boys attended school In White Deer.
    In the spring of 1959, they bought a home In Pampa. Glnk lived in Pampa only a short time before he died In November, 1960, after several months' illness. Bertha continued living In Pampa until her death April 10, 1972.



Dessie Parker Eller

Dessie Parker Eller, 82, of Sylva, died Friday, Sept. 16, at Harris Regional Hospital. Graveside services were held at 3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 19, at Sharon Memorial Park in Charlotte.
    The Rev. Charles Tyndall officiated.
    A native of Jackson County, she was a former resident of Charlotte. She was the daughter of the late Jesse 0. and Bessie Beek Parker and the wife of the late David Ronald Eller.
    Surviving are one brother, Sam Parker of Tampa, Fla.; two sisters, Essie Watkins and Lou Smart, both of Franklin.
    Moody Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

David Ronald Eller (H. Ernest, William H. John Wesley, John, Joseph, Jacob, Jr., Jacob Eller, Sr.

(Herald, Sylva, Jackson Co., N.C.)

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994

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