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Special Supplements - stapled separately
  EFA Board Meeting, Hiawassee, GA, 3 Sept 1994i-iv.
EFA Research Reportiv-v.
EFA Computer Group Report V.
EFA Archive Report V.
On the Road with John and Lucy and a Happy Time in Georgia 167-170
Dison David Eller and Lassie Wood Eller 171-175
Johnnie D. Eller of Clayton, Georgia 176-181
New Information on Christian Eller line182-193
Origin of name Ellerbeck in England 196
Possible Eller - Hoover Connections 194-200
Alfred D. Eller (South Dakota) - Henry Eller line 201-202
1994 Eller Reunion in South Dakota201
Pictures: First North Georgia Eller Family Reunion 206-215
Katie Eller of Tulsa, Oklahoma 203-204
Raymond EllerFront Cover
Dessie Parker Eller189
Rev. J. F. Eller205

Eds. This 29th issue of the Chronicles since November 1989 brings the total number of pages in the first eight volumes to more than 2000. We are pleased to have been a part of this cooperative and voluntary effort to stimulate interest in Eller family history among all lines of Ellers. We extend our appreciation especially to those members who have shared so freely their compiled family data with us. Without this free sharing of information the Chronicles would have folded long ago. We have been able to publish more genealogy in 1994 than in any previous year, and 1995 promises to be another record-breaker because we have three manuscripts on hand, and we are in contact with four or five other members who expect to submit manuscripts in 1995. We still argue that the Eller Chronicles at $15.00 per year provides more genealogy for less money than any publication known to us. REMEMBER TWO IMPORTANT THINGS: EFA DUES FOR 1995 ARE DUE AS OF NOVEMBER 1, 1994 and DON'T OVERLOOK THE REGISTERATION FORM FOR THE 1995 ASHEVILLE CONFERENCE IN THE INFORMATIONAL SUPPLEMENT.

EFA Board Meeting
September 3, 1994, Hiawassee, Georgia

(This summary, prepared from verbatim minutes submitted by Nancy Eller, Sec./Treas. of the EFA, is approved for publication. Full minutes are available from the Secretary upon request and a SASE.)

On this the 3rd day of September 1994 at 9:30 A.M., a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eller Family Association was convened in the Fieldstone Inn in Hiawassee, Georgia by Lynn Eller, President of the EFA. Others present included: Nancy Eller, Sec'y/Treas., Winnie Eller Green, Bethel Eller Stolte, Walton G. Eller, and J. Gerald Eller. Several additional EFA members and Project Coordinators Ed, John, and Lucy Eller were present for this meeting. After preliminary remarks, the President asked John Eller to offer a prayer. John asked God to give us pure minds and pure thoughts and guide us in every endeavor.

The President reported that Charlotte Eller Marshall had informed him by telephone that she would not be present; that Joe C. Eller had written a letter saying that business would take him out of the country during the first week of September, and no reply had been received from Hank Eller. After determining that a quorum was present, the President read the agenda:
1. By-Laws and Resolutions.
2. Midyear budget revisions for 1994.
3. Additional business.
Lynn asked Sec'y Nancy Eller to read a resolution pertaining to the By-Laws:


WHEREAS: The By-Laws approved in Salisbury, North Carolina in July 1989, Article Vll- Amendments states: "The By-Laws may be amended at any membership meeting by two-thirds of those present and voting. The notice of the proposed amendment be sent to all members in the newsletter just prior to the meeting or at least 30 days prior to the meeting if sent by mail;" and
WHEREAS: At the general meeting held in Portland, Oregon, July 15, 1993, a request was made and given for tentative approval only of a six point comprehensive long-range plan which included extensive By-Laws revisions, and
WHEREAS: It has been determined the provisions of Article VII - Amendments of the 1989 By-Laws, were not complied with- and
WHEREAS: A majority of the members of the Board, present and voting, this 3rd day of September, 1994, at a meeting held at the Fieldstone Inn, Hiawassee, Georgia, for which the call was duly published in accordance with Article V - Board of Directors; and WHEREAS: The Board of Directors on this date finds that the action taken July 15, 1993 giving tentative approval was limited only to submitting the long-range plan to the general membership for comments and suggestions with final action to be taken at the 1995 Eller Family Conference; and
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the actions taken by the Board under the tentatively approved By-Laws of 1993 are hereby declared null and void.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994


WHEREAS: The Board of Directors committed an unintentional error by choosing to initiate operations under the proposed By-Laws changes of 1993 and elected a Chairman of the Board, thus placing the newly elected Chairman in what proved to be an untenable position, all a result of the failure of the Board to discuss adequately the ramifications of the newly created position and its relationship to the position of the President of the Eller Family Association; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board of Directors of the Eller Family Association in session this 3rd day of September, 1994, Fieldstone Inn, Hiawassee, Georgia, herewith extends its apologies to Mr. Hank Eller of Spokane, Washington, for electing him to an unauthorized position, and furthermore, the Board extends to him its appreciation for his efforts to carry out his functions as he interpreted them under the proposed changes to the 1989 By-Laws.

President Lynn Eller asked for motion on the resolution just read: Walton G. Eller made motion to approve resolution as read, motion seconded by Bethel Eller Stolte. Vote was unanimous.


WHEREAS: John David and Lucy Eller of Skiatook, Oklahoma, coordinators of recruitment for the Eller Family Association have expended much effort, interest, and personal resources in conducting a vigorous campaign which has taken them to several states coast to coast to spread the word about the Eller Family Association to many new contacts and branches of the Eller Family and thereby has increased significantly the membership; and
WHEREAS: Lucy Eller is now serving as coordinator of the Arts and Crafts Fair and Sales for the 1995 Eller Family Association; and
WHEREAS: John David Eller has sought to mediate the differences of opinion which involved principally the President, the Vice-President, the Chairman of the Board and the Editor of the Chronicles, and acting upon the specific request of the Chairman of the Board did help arrange for the calling of this meeting of the Board now in session; and
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board of Directors of the Eller Family Association in session this 3rd day of September, 1994, Fieldstone Inn, Hiawassee, Georgia, do hereby extend the Board's appreciation and commendation to John David and Lucy Eller of Skiatook, Oklahoma, for their significant contributions as coordinators of recruitment, and the board extends additional commendation to John David Eller for his role in facilitating the actions which the Board has taken in its earnest efforts to bring an amicable settlement of the recent confusion and misunderstandings within the Board of Directors of the Eller Family Association, for his role as counselor to members of the Board, and for his assistance in helping plan the 1995 Eller Family Conference.

President Lynn Eller called for a motion on the resolution just read. Walton G. Eller made motion to approve the resolution as read, motion seconded by Bethel Eller Stolte. Vote unanimous.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994


WHEREAS: Edward Kermit Eller of Dalton, Georgia, has demonstrated in numerous ways his zeal and interest in genealogy and the work of the Eller Family Association; and
WHEREAS: Edward Kermit Eller initiated the plans and hosted the First Annual North Georgia Eller Family Reunion, and contributed significantly in helping arrange for the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Eller Family Association in conjunction therewith; for counseling with the President and other members of the Board; for initiating the idea for beginning the EFA Computer-user Group and for serving as Coordinator for the Jacob Eller Computer User Project; and for helping to plan the 1995 Eller Family Conference, and
WHEREAS: Edward Kermit Eller has searched the records and cemeteries of North Georgia for the location of the grave of the progenitor of the North Georgia Eller line and did two days before the First North Georgia Eller Family Reunion find the grave of Susannah Eller in the Head of Little Tennessee Baptist Church Cemetery, adjacent to the Dillard House in Dillard, Georgia; and
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Board of Directors of the Eller Family Association in session this 3rd day of September, 1994, Fieldstone Inn, Hiawassee, Georgia, extends its appreciation and commendation to Edward Kermit Eller of Dalton, Georgia, for his significant and positive contributions to and support of the purposes of the Eller Family Association. President Lynn Eller called for motion on the resolution just read. Walton G. Eller made motion to approve the resolution as read, motion seconded by Bethel Eller Stolte. Vote unanimous.


Secretary/Treasurer Nancy Eller discussed with the Board the 1994 Budget. Copies of the November 1993 approved budget with revisions were distributed. Nancy noted that the budget year and the membership payment year are not the same. The budget year is Jan. I - Dec. 31 each year and the membership payment year is from Nov. I of this year to Oct. 31 of next year. Therefore, the money from membership dues is received mostly in the last two months of the year and the first 3 or 4 months of the new year. So when the budget is done each year on January 1, the balance of the unencumbered funds are figured into the overall monies available. Then the projected income and expenses are added and subtracted with an ending balance.

The 1994 projections for membership dues was based on 215 members at $15.00 each, ($3,225.00). With the substantial increase in membership in 1994 the revised estimate is based on 260 members at $15.00 each, ($3900.00). The sales of past issues of the Chronicles was increased from $150.00 to $320.00, (actual at this time). The General Donations was originally budgeted at $50.00, as there have been no donations, this was dropped to $0.00. The expense changes for operations: The $250.00 budgeted for the 1995 conference expense was changed to $0.00; the Chronicles publications expense was raised from $3000.00 to $4000.00. The telephone budget was increased from $400.00 to $425.00. The Benevolence Fund was changed from $20.00 to $0.00.

The Beginning Unencumbered Balance 12/31/93 $2,017.98
Revised projected income 4,226.50
Revised projected expense (5,110.00)
Projected Balance 12/31/94 $1,134.00

President Lynn called for a motion on proposed 1994 budget revisions. Walton G. Eller made motion to approve revised 1994 budget, motion seconded by Bethel Eller Stolte. Vote unanimous.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994


President Lynn reported that the cost of publications of the Chronicles would go up from $.041 per sheet to $.048 per sheet. Therefore, the President raised a question for discussion only about raising the membership dues from the 1987 rate of $15.00, perhaps to $18, $19 or $20 per year. Ed Eller suggested a gold membership of $100.00 be established with the money going toward the Chronicles publications. The President noted that the By-Laws already provide for Donor members at $35.00 annually and Sustaining members at $100.00. Ed suggested this be published as a reminder in the Chronicles because he felt we had several members who could and would pay the $100 each year. He also stated we also needed to make it clearer to the membership that dues are due and payable Nov. I of each year for the next year. No action taken.
     John Eller, EFA Coordinator of Recruitment, was recognized by the President for some remarks. John reported that on his and Lucy's travels throughout America in the past year, the two things of most interest and importance to the Ellers whom they met were first The Eller Chronicles and second, the President of the EFA. In alluding to the recent difficulties within the board, John reminded the Board that like any organization the EFA started out as an infant and had reached adolescence, "Now," John said, "it is time to grow up." He mentioned that he had informed the Chairman of the Board and other Board members that confusion was not needed in the Eller Family Association. He said, "We have had a very bad experience and now we need to disregard the things that have been said and learn from this experience. Some people go off on their own agenda and that doesn't work in any organization. I think this board meeting has brought all this to a point that we can now turn a negative into a positive learning experience. Let us start today and build on the positive note. . . "

The President and the Board expressed appreciation to John Eller for his remarks, and then turned to discussion of the next Board meeting in Asheville, N.C. in 1995. (Note: next Board Meeting scheduled for 3:30 PM, Wednesday, July 19, 1995 at the Hotel Radisson in Asheville, N.C.)

Walton G. Eller moved that the meeting adjourn, motion seconded by Bethel Eller Stoltz. Vote unanimous........... Submitted by Lynn Eller, President of the EFA.

Eller Chronicles Vol. VIll-4 November 1994

EFA Research Project: Mr. Ernest Thode, the professional genealogist commissioned by the EFA to serve as a consultant and researcher, continues to pursue clues to possible places of origin of pre- 1800 Eller immigrants to America. He follows up each clue through his numerous professional contacts in Germany. He has provided much information, most of it new to the EFA, from both German and American Eller records. For example, he provided records from Germany of Eller immigrants to America, not previously known to the EFA. Mr. Thode says, "There are some possibilities that I think are worth pursuing further and I will do so. One is the marriage of a Georg Michael Eller who married an Anna Catharina Linnen on 11 January 1746 in Trippstadt, south of Kaiserslautern in the Palatinate." This is not far from the place of origin of the Buffel and Goettgen girls who married Christian, Jacob, and Melchior Eller of Rowan County, North Carolina. There was also a Michael (Eller) who came in 1753." This new information is being compiled for publication in a future issue of this publication … J.G. Eller, Research Coordinator

EFA Computer-user Group: The technical coordinators of this project (Harvey Powers, Edward Eller, Clarice Stanley, and Leon Korte) continue to compile and exchange information with one another. Significant amounts of new information have been received which will appear in future issues of the Chronicles. So much new data on the Jacob Eller line is reaching Ed Eller that he finds it difficult to keep up with the flood. He has over 5000 descendants in his data-base with more to add… J. G. Eller

EFA Archive: (Eds.) A bound set of the first seven volumes of The Eller Chronicles was placed in the Eller Family Archive in the Rowan Public Library in Salisbury, North Carolina. The eighth volume will be added soon. A bound set was placed by John and Lucy Eller in the Northeastern Oklahoma State University at Tahlequah, Oklahoma; Ed Eller has placed a set in the Regional Library at Young Harris, Georgia. Other books and materials deposited in the Eller Archive in October included two impressive volumes of EFA Conference Historical documents and pictures of the 1989 and 1991 Eller Family Conferences prepared by Bethel Eller Stolte Lynn Eller.

EFA Board Meeting in Hiawassee on September 3, 1994. For weeks prior to the 3 September, 1994, meeting of the EFA Board of Directors much time was spent by members trying to sort out all the elements involved in the confusion that suddenly descended on the Board in February, 1994 and seriously interrupted planning and project activities of the EFA. By the time the Board met, the crux of the problem had been identified, and all directors present voted unanimously to pass the resolutions that are reported herein. Some valuable lessons have been learned by the Board: 1) never fail to study proposed changes in the By-laws or EFA policies carefully before attempting to implement them, and 2) policy-making is a group not an individual responsibility. Unfounded charges in the letter to the membership, dated August 10, 1994, will not be answered by the Board in the Chronicles. The Board knows what happened and have dealt with it in a fair and mature manner. Despite this disturbance on the EFA's Sea of Tranquillity, the future of the EFA has never been brighter, The Chronicles will continue to appear, and the 1995 EFA Conference promises to be the largest and most successful of any held so far… Eds.


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