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Scrapbook Page for 101-110 UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE

101- Halloween 1920's

The only guess I have is that Dewey Chaney of Hartsburg is probably the 2nd from the right in the front.

102- 2 boys in suits

103- 2 toddlers and a baby in a chair

104- 5 girls

One of the girls looks to have a lazy eye and another a birthmark on her forhead.

105- Blonde Girl w bow and baby in carraige

106- Girl white dress necklace and corsage

107- Family of six

108- Three girls holding hands

109- 2 girls 1 boy

110- Woman and uniformed Man -?McMath?

I think the man in uniform may be Earl McMath. I understand that he died in the war. The picture was developed in Peoria in May of 1944. The date of the actual picture could be before that time.