The Browns of County Cavan, Ireland and Cavan Township, Ontario

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The Browns of County Cavan, Ireland
& Cavan Township, Ontario


On Monday, 18 April 1831, my great-great grandfather, James Donnelly Jr. married Margaret Brown in Cavan Township in what was then the District of Newcastle. The marriage was conducted by the Rev. Joseph Thompson - at that time the rector of St. John's Anglican Parish in Cavan Township, and the occasion is recorded in his parish register - a copy of which follows.

Marriage Record - James DONNELLY Jr. & Margaret BROWN

One of the witnesses to this marriage was an Alexander Brown. Alexander, and his wife, Elizabeth McCamus and family were at that time living on Lot 21 of Concession V in Cavan Township.

It is believed that this Alexander Brown was, in fact, the older brother of Margaret Brown, and the rest of this family story has been pieced together by following the linkage suggested by this minister's record of marriage.

The purpose of this Webpage is to assemble the available historical records for the following puposes:

  1. Verify the above-mentioned family linkage.
  2. Establish the origins of this Brown family in Co. Cavan, Ireland through collaborative efforts. Hopefully the following information will line up with that of other researchers, and more of the jigsaw will be able to be pieced together.

What I Think I Know (so far)

The Players

Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown of County Cavan, Ireland, is thought to be a brother of Margaret Brown (my great-great grandmother). Alexander Brown petitioned for land in Ontario and in 1817 he received a location on Lot 10, Concession VII, Cavan Township. He remained on this land until November of 1827 and, having completed his settlement duties, acquired the patent for this land. He immediately sold the 100 acres to James Elliott (also of Co. Cavan, Ireland) for £50 and on 1 March 1828, he purchased the 200 acres of Lot 21, Concession V, for £150.

James Brown

Migration Records (pre-1819)

Data follows:
Date Description of Record Details
31 May 1816 Pastoral Attestation of Good Character (James Brown) PDF (515K)
27 Mar 1817 Land Petition (James Brown of Shercock) PDF (1.58M)

Land and Census Records (1819-1850)

Data follows:
Description of Record Details Notes
1819 Census of Cavan Township Page 1 (200K)  
1820 Census of Cavan Township Page 1 (732K)  
1821 Census of Cavan Township Page 1 (844K)
Page 2 (806K)

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