1630 Muster Roll, County Cavan

1630 Muster Roll
Co. Cavan

Listing of the 1630 Muster Roll for Co. Cavan.
(Data extracted from LDS #1279327, Item 6).

Pg. Name Description Acres Men Page
Sir Stephen Butler his undertaken lands 2000 164 Page 5
Sir Francis Hammilton out of his undertaken lands 3000 113 Page 7
Sir James Cragg out of his undertaken lands 2000 54 Page 9
10  Sir Archibald Atchison out of his undertaken lands 1000 20 Page 10
11  Sir Edward Bagshaw out of his undertaken lands 1500 32 Page 11
11  The Lady Waldrum out of her undertaken lands 2000 54 Page 11
12  Mr. Taylor out of his undertaken lands 1500 85 Page 12
14  Mr. Moynes out of his undertaken lands 2000 28 Page 14
14  Mr. Amis & Mr. Greenham out of their undertaken lands 1500 9 Page 14
15  Sir Henry Pearce out of his undertaken lands 3000 16 Page 15
15  Mr. John Hammilton out of his undertaken lands 1000 54 Page 15
16  Mr. William Bayly out of his undertaken lands 1000 34 Page 16
17  Mrs. Hammilton, Widdow out of her undertaken lands 1000 5 Page 17
17  Sir Edward Fish out of his undertaken lands 2000 48 Page 17
Servitors & Churchlands
18  The Earl of Fyngall 1500 28 Page 18
18  The Bishop of Killmoore, his Churchland 2000 36 Page 18
19  The Towne of Cavan 1000 18 Page 19
The Churchlands of Drumgowne 3000 7 Page 19

Sir Stephen Butler - Knight - undertaker of 2000 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 5
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Samuell FulwoodSwords Only William PeningtonSword & Pike Edward DavisNo Arms
Edward Sherynd" Christopher A?son" William Reynold"
Anthony Aply" Thomas Hunter" Richard Pyman"
William Baker" John Greene" William Gather"
William Searle" Christopher Maynes" George Sharp"
Thomas Waller" William Maynes" William Caute"
John Carr" Alexander CopelandNo Arms Thomas Borkeberry"
William Smyth" Symond Braydin" Nicholas Sharp"
John Haines" George Brookes" Henry Lawader"
William Venables" Mathew Enerrington" William Hanck"
John Hickman" John Ogill" Thomas Clarke"
Thomas Pyman" James Woods" Thomas Woodward"
James Graham" Thomas Rayman" Peter Hilton"
James Greere" Gawyn Ellot" William Taylor"
Nicholas Sympson, younger" William Manson" July[?] Forborne"
Richard Cooling" Henry Warran" Thomas Forborne"
William Cooke" William Astwood" Anthony Forborne"
Micheell Cooke" Nicholas Brooker" Thomas Dawson"
Peter Cooke" William Woods" Richard Narath"
Zachery Warrell" Nathaniell Sharp" Oliver Smyth"
James Woods" Stephen Goodwin" John Smyth"
Edward Davis" Anthony Cooke" Nicholas Smyth"
Anthony Cooke" Thomas Vynables" John Watson"
John HeronSword & Pike Robert Chapman" John Bradshaw"

Sir Stephen Butler - his Men & Arms Page 6
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Ralph CampionNo Arms John NewmanNo Arms John BellNo Arms
Cuthbert Greive" John Vaus" William Austen"
William Heckreck" Anthony Cooke" William Rayner"
John Crawdock" Ralph Browne" Edmond Sherin"
George Chardrock" William Gibbs" Seth Feild"
George Butler" James Reynolds" Izack Ralph"
John Hutchison" Thomas Cloff" Ephraim Ralph
John Ralph
Thomas Goathead" John Wilkinson" Andrew Peter"
Richard Typar" Sampson Smyth" William Bloxholme"
William Parr" Benjamin Taylor" Henry Lawander"
William Graves" Charles Best" George Notter"
Daniell Ebbots" John Warran" John Coxes"
William Bradshaw" Thomas Fenshaw" John Walker"
Robert Underwood" Edward Whitehead" William Butler"
John Marham" Michaell Crawfeild" Izack Butler"
Richard Cahowne" Richard Rowles" George Maynes"
George Elwood" Edward Marston" John Johnes"
Edward Browne" Walter Moore" John Ebbots"
Richard Garuble" Peter Scot" Daniell Ebbots"
William Cooper" Henry Reynold" Benjamin Herrington"
John Morton" John Sawson" Robert Crane"
Ralph Coowling" Edward Davis" Thomas Carter"
Thomas Price" William Reynolds" Theogennes Fynnaty"
John Wood" Robert Chapman" Oliver Bryan"
Richard Thurbarne" Richard Pyman" Anthony Cooke"

Sir Stephen Butler - his Men & Arms Page 7
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Robert ChapmanNo Arms Robert ChapmanNo Arms Thomas GreatheadNo Arms
Thomas Taylor" John Smyth" John Heiron"
John Fourber" Peter Hilton" Richard Witten"
Anthony Frurber" Thomas Sharp" Anthony Aply"
Richard North" Nicholas Clark" John Heiron"
John West"
31 Swords 7 Pykes
Sir Francis Hamilton - Knight & baronet, undertaker of 3000 Acres - his Men & Arms
Barony de Tulknock
Page 7
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Thomas MurrowNo Arms Richard JoanesSword Only Thomas MumbersonNo Arms
John MichellNo Arms William Joanes" John CowenSword & Pike
George NixonSword Only Robert HuntSword & Musket Andrew Wood"
Thomas MaywitieNo Arms Gilbert MurrowesNo Arms George FrissellSword & Snaplance
William BellSword & Pike Patrick Murrowes" John BellSword & Pike
John Ediby" William HuntSword & Snaplance Alexander HumeSword & Snaplance
William Sharp" Robert BerrySword & Pike John KillpatrickSword & Pike
Matthew Gray" John GrahamSword & Coll?? James MoffatNo Arms
John GillispickPike only Henry BaneSnaplance James Kilcrag"
Archibald JohnstonSword & Pike James BassPike only Jeremy BostonSword & Pike
John BellSword & Pike Francis KeeSword & Pike Thomas Finlaw"
Robert Delop" Adam Anderson" Martin JohnstonNo Arms
Thomas Joanes" John Lassy" Bryan ShedySword only

Sir Francis Hamilton - his Men & Arms (continued) Page 8
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John SympsonSword Only Thomas JohnstonNo Arms Alexander FrissellNo Arms
Andrew GilespySword & Snapl. David Wawigh" John Rankyne"
Thomas TwiggSword & Pike Thomas Roger" John Delap"
Gilbert VanceSword & Musket Patrick Johnston" Edward Cory"
James BernesPike only Walter Johnston" John Forker"
Thomas McCorSword & Pike Thomas Michell" William Shelson"
William Richarson" Patrick Mewes" Robert Anderson"
Oliver[?] OwdnyNo Arms John Little" Thomas Leassy"
Nicholas Owdny" Andrew Johnston" John Leassy"
Thomas TwedySword & Snapl. Thomas Mosman" Symon Johnston"
George Hammelton" Robert Shawe" Robert Hammelton"
John DixonSword & Musket Thomas Trotter" John Thomson"
James Morison" James Ewrat" Robert Creichton"
Alexander KincragNo Arms Andrew Herriot" Christopher Sympson"
John JohnstonSword & Pike Adam Elliot" Edward Knight"
James Anderson" John Remy" George Story"
George Anderson" Thomas Remy" William Roger"
Archibald RennySnapl. only Symond Styell" William Coussings"
Thomas RennySword only Robert Nixon" Robert Really"
Hugh RennySword & Snapl. Thomas Mawitie, elder" James Really"
John MorySword & Pike John Mawitie" Moyses Really"
Thomas CooperSword & Snapl. James Mawitie" Richard Lighterfoot"
John CooperSword & Musket Nathaniel Mawitie" John Gellaspy"
James HammeltonSword & Pike William Johnston" Henry Fetterson"

Sir Francis Hammilton - (continued) Page 9
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Bartholomew BockamNo Arms James LawderNo Arms Andrew Glasp???No Arms
William Hammelton" Francis Mophat" William Glasp???"
Francis Coussings" Thomas Graham" Henry Pench"
John Garyner" James Hamelton" Thomas Cooper"
Edward Cooper" William Gillespy" John Cooper"
John Sallowes" John Mophat" Thomas Rem???"
George Lawder" William Young" John Murry"
???? Mophat" Patrick Graham" Thomas Muff??"
William Cadell" Edward Cooper"
These men who made default at the generall muster appeared at the last muster without armes
? 113 men / 24 Swords / 25 Pikes / 6 Muskets / 1 Call. / 9 Snaplances
Sir James Crag - Knight undertaker of 2000 Acres - his Men & Arms
Barony de Tulliknock
Page 9
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Alexander WatsonSword & Pike William RuddellPike Only William SymonsSword & Musket
John BullPike Only George TaylorSword & Pike Richard BakerNo Arms
William JohnstonPike Only Edward Lea?eSword & Pike Ralph TomlisonPike Only
Hugh BullNo Arms Henry BaxterSword & Musket James GalespeckNo Arms
Henry GarryeSword & Musket Christopher HuntSword & Musket Thomas FayneSword & Musket
Andrew CowellNo Arms James FyndlaeSword & Pike William GalespeckPike Only
Archibald GourdnerSword & Pike Robert SymonsSword & Pike David GallespeckSword & Pike
Alexander[?] JohnstonMusket Only Andrew FrizellSword & Pike James AndersonPike Only
Gawin KilpatrickSword & Pike William LeakieSword & Musket William Symonton[?]Pike Only

Sir James Crag - Knight, (continued) Page 10
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John FyndloeNo Arms William Coslop[?]No Arms John DixonNo Arms
David PhillipsPike & Sword Robert Johnston" Roger Clayton"
Lawrance PlantNo Arms Ralph Lowharret" William Morris"
George Sterling" George Best" Hugh Rennck"
Henry Litster" John Baker" Symond Anderson"
Richard Hoopes" Henry Chambers" William Johnston"
Henry Hoopes" William Thomson" John Lawson"
John Pettent" Michaell Miller" John Dickeson"
John Gardner" Robert Hud" Henry Hoopes, younger"
54 men / 16 Swords / 15 Pikes / 6 Muskets / 1 Halbert
Sir Archibald Atchison - Knight undertaker of 1000 Acres - his Men & Arms
Barony de Tulliknock
Page 10
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
      William GibsonSword & Pike
William WoodSword Only Jeremy SynierSword & Pike John GlenSword Only
Alexander WoodSword & Snapl. William RannySword & Snapl. Ralph WilsonSword & Snapl.
John AtchesonSword Only George LairmouthSword & Pike Ralph LotchwarretNo Arms
William WilsonPike Only Richard SexesSword & Pike George BeseNo Arms
Thomas TodrickSword & Pike Edmond DissHalb. Only George TullyNo Arms
James MillSword & Snapl. Patrick BrewshanksSword & Pike
John GilpatrickSword & Pike Georg ShewernamSword & Pike

Sir Edward Bagshaw - Knight - undertaker of 1500 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 11
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Edward CopelandNo Arms Robert PlootesNo Arms Thomas CaringtonNo Arms
Bendict Catnam" Thomas Styles" Christopher Carington"
Samuell Catnam" Francis LugSnapl. Only Walter CaringtonMusket Only
Samuell Sharp" Griffin EranciPike Only John WardPike Only
Henry Allen" Robert NorriceSword Only Roger Killhare [?]Sword Only
Richard Dawson" Oh??? BrianNo Arms Thomas RobisonNo Arms
John Goodbody" Mathew RalphSword & Snapl. Phillip Ward"
Thomas Carington" Thomas WentworthSword & Snapl. Francis Long"
John Ward" Francis RobisonSnapl. Only Richard Cox"
Edward Butler" Richard BennetSword Only Robert Plots"
Richard Couch" Richard Carington Snr.Pike Only
32 men / 8 Swords / 3 Pikes / 1 Muskets / 4 Snaplances
The Lady Waldrum - undertaker of 2000 Acres - the names of Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 11
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Thomas LedSword & Pike William CasseldenSword & Snapl. John CrossNo Arms
William HamberbySword & Pike Anthony BirsidPike Only Thomas Woodyeare"
John WissonNo Arms William RattallNo Arms William Stortwant"
George ChapmanSword & Pike David Collet" Anthony Stortwant"
Richard CasseldonSword Only George Stosberry" Thomas Lynd"
John TwigPike Only William Robison" John Parker"
Steaphan SlighSword & Pike Peter Cross" Arthur Clark"

The Lady Waldrum - undertaker of 2000 acres, her Men & Arms Page 12
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Dominick ParkerNo Arms John Greene the elderNo Arms Walter HumesNo Arms
John Towend" John Greene the younger" Nicholas Parker"
Christopher Bowser" Thomas Greene" Robert Twig"
Thomas Crowne" William Knowels" Jeffrey Twig"
Henry Throne" Gawyn Ellot" Thomas Round"
William Goodman" Rynyon Ellot" Edward Throne"
Edward Newman" Peter Clarke" Walter Holmes"
Jeremy Twig" William Wadane" Henry Roe"
John Brodhorse" Gabriell Kirby" Edward Throne"
John Samble" William Swanson" William Rastoll"
John Cuoston" Thomas Carter" Thomas Rastoll"
54 men / 5 Swords / 4 Pikes / 1 Snaplance
Brockell Taylor Esq. - undertaker of 1500 Acres - the names of his Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 12
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Austen PageHalbert Only John LokingtonNo Arms Daniell HibbotsSword & Pike
Richard WebsterNo Arms Phebe BignallSword & Snapl. John HibbotsSword & Snapl.
Thomas StanioneMusket Only John AyerSword & Pike John HumphreyesPike Only
Thomas BarthowSword & Pike Thomas HillSword & Snapl. Thomas OxorthSword & Pike
Nathaniel TeatSword & Pike John ParnellMusket Only Vincent OxorthSnapl. Only
Adam DewsberryDrume Thomas PerkinsonSnapl. Only Thomas PorterSnapl. Only
William PalmerSnapl. Only Henry Brookes" William QuinsySword & Pike
George MoreSword Only Moyses HibbotsSword & Snapl. John RobinsonSword & Pike

Brockell Taylor Esq. - undertaker of 1500 acres, his Men & Arms Page 13
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John ReaderPike Only William ParNo Arms Phillip PepperNo Arms
James StanyonSnapl. Only Benjamin Kinnington" William Gardner"
John StamfordSword & Pike Brian Barnes" George Hecklefeild"
Richard Fison" Myles Par" Henry Hecklefeild"
Robert TaylorPike Only Myles Par younger" George Nayllor"
William P??kinsSword & Pike William North" John Rowkins"
John ThorpNo Arms Thomas North
George Butler
" John Dewsberry"
William Thorp" George Chadick" Thomas Grecare"
John Dewsberry" Jeffrey Wilcox" John Lockington"
James Graham" William Heckeriff" William Fulk"
John Grecare" Christopher Maynes" William Millington"
Cuthbert Grecare
Thomas Little
" John Brookes"
James Grecare" John Crawdock"
John Wilson" Robert Crosse"
Robert Allen" Richard Witten"
John Russell" William Maynes"
Thomas Brag" William Kellum"
Thomas Newman" Richard Peale"
William Henderson" Thomas Gouthwet"
Jessie Wiggins" Richar Cheston"
John Wilson" Richard Pepper"
Symond Wisname" John Gardner"
William Hill" Robert Reader"
William Grane[?]" James Reader"
85 men / 15 Swords / 11 Pikes / 10 Snaplances / 1 Halbert / 1 Musket

Mr. Moynes Esq. - undertaker of 1500 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 14
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John DowglasNo Arms Ralph AsbrookeColl. Only John GoodbodyNo Arms
Allen DoweColl. Only Nicholas HeathNo Arms Richard Benedict"
John ButlerSword Only Mathew Hitchcock" Roger Killer"
John GuySword & Coll. John Wheler" John Ward"
George GrayColl. Only Gregory Flecker" Georg Bullock"
Robert NewtonNo Arms Rynyon Ellot" Griffin Erance"
Thomas DarlinMusket Only John Taylor"
William NewtonPike Only Bendict Cotnam"
Thomas OliverSword & Pike Mathew Ross"
Hamlet SteeleSword & Snapl. Richard Corrington"
William OwnesPike Only William Bristow"
28 men / 4 Swords / 1 Pike / 1 Musket / 3 Coll. / 1 Snaplance
Mr. Amis & Mr. Greeneham - undertakers of 1500 acres, their Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 14
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
William DowkesSword & Pike George WhittakersSword & Snapl. James WilliamsNo Arms
Henry CallendynSword & Pike Edward HawyNo Arms William Johnston"
John SympsonSword & Musket Edward SamcockPike Only
George EvanceSword & Pike
9 men / 5 Swords / 4 Pike / 1 Musket

Sir Henry Pearce - Baronet - undertaker of 3000 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Clankey
Page 15
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Ralph RobinsonSword & ??? John LochPike Only James StewardNo Arms
George SteillSword & Pike Robert HammeltonSword & Pike Thomas BelshasNo Arms
John LighterfooteSword & Pike Thomoas LeakinSword & Pike Thomas WallitNo Arms
John OswellPike Only Thomoas Leakin youngerPike Only Robert WelshNo Arms
Thomas RagdallSword & Pike John RobinsonCollwir[?] Only
William PriceSword & Coll. Ralph BrianNo Arms
16 men / 7 Swords / 6 Pike / 2 Coll.
John Hammelton Esq. - undertaker of 1000 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Clankey
Page 15
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Alexander AndersonSword & Snapl. George CaratheresNo Arms John LawsonNo Arms
Alexander Davidson" John Gourden" John Hammelton"
John Hammelton" James Johnston" Thomas Hammelton"
George CarrudhouseNo Arms John MacGir" George Irwin"
James GlenSword & Snapl Matthew Gemmell" John Gillespi"
William MirdochPike Only James Gemmell" John Willy"
John JohnstonSword & Pike William Murdo" Thomas Fraser"
William JohnstonSword & Pike Thomas Belstes" John Hope"
John GibsonNo Arms John Johnston" William Hope"
Patrick GourdenPike Only Alexander Anderson" Robert Rea"
John SteyneSword & Snapl. John McGir" John Carrudhouse"
Hugh McConnacheySword & Snapl. John Gourden" John Hammelton, younger"
John HammeltonSword & Musket David Calbreath" James Gleene"
John LawsonPike Only Francis Graham" John Bell"
John MitchellSword & Snapl. Mathew Genvill" John Wright"

John Hammelton Esq. - continued
Barony de Clankey
Page 16
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
James JohnstonNo Arms John GennivillNo Arms William WallasNo Arms
William Johnston" William Gennivill" Allen Armstrong"
John Johnston" James Gennivill" John Young"
44 men (54 men) / 10 Swords / 3 Pikes / 1 Musket / 1 Coll / 6 Snaplances
William Balye Esq. - undertaker of 1000 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Clanky
Page 16
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
James BaylySword & Pike James SteaphensonSword & Cal?? John OwinNo Arms
Thomas BalyNo Arms David BarborSword & Pike William Ray"
Edward BaylySword & Pike Alexander TyndallSword & Pike John Skeward"
Alexander BaylySword Only Adam BaylySword & Pike John Johnston"
Robert RosseSword Only John HammeltonSword & Musket James Tate"
John EcclesMusket Only John BalieSword & Pike George McChurch[?]"
Andrew BlackSword Only George CambellNo Arms John Maxwell"
Walter MillerSword & Pike Alexander McIllhouchSword Only John Bayly"
John MoscomminSword & Pike John WillySword & Snapl.
John HerronSword & Musket Robert WoodSword & Pike
William LittleSword & Pike
James TindallSword & Pike
Alexander PatersonNo Arms
John CrookesSword & Musket
Robert CuthbersonSword & Pike
James CuthbersonSword & Pike
John CuthbersonSword & Pike
34 men ? (35 men) / 5 Swords / 3 Pikes / 2 Snaplances

Mrs. Hammelton - Widow of William Hammelton - undertaker of 1000 acres, her Men & Arms
Barony de Clankey
Page 17
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John MichellSword & Pike William ReeSword & Pike John SteaphenSword & Snapl.
John GibsonSword & Pike James HammeltonSword & Snapl.
5 men / 5 Swords / 3 Pikes / 2 Snaplances
Sir Edward Fish - Baronet - undertaker of 2000 acres, his Men & Arms
Barony de Loughty
Page 17
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John SowgdonNo Arms Richard SmithNo Arms Andrew ProwdlawNo Arms
Thomas Sowgdon" Edward Bishop" James Creighton"
John Baker" George Brocker" Thomas JaniseSword & Snapl.
John Powell" William Talbot" Peter JaniseSword Only
Edward Johnston" John Taylor" John AllenSnapl. Only
Samuell Howdsworth" Thomas Goodwin" George BrockerSword & Snapl.
Thomas Glasier" Thomas Sudgeston" William HowSword Only
John Taylor" John Baker" Phillip WhitmanSword & Snapl.
Henry Fetherstone" John Powell" Oliver PinderSword & Snapl.
John Ward" Edward Johnston" Thomas GrensPike Only
Alexander Wallas" Samuell Houldsworth" Richard DeereSnapl. Only
John Chapman" Thomas Smith" Robert BurrusSword & Pike
Andrew Prowdlaw" George Smith"
James Creighton" Tymothy Glaser"
Rynyon Creighton" Henry Fetherstone"
Richard Powell" Alexander Walsh"
Thomas Skaton" Robert Crosby"
Robert Girlie" John Chapman"
48 men / 7 Swords / 2 Pikes / 5 Snaplances

The names of the Scottish Tenants and their armes residing in the
Servitor lands of the Earle of Fingall
Page 18
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
John NixSword Only Edward RichardNo Arms Henry NixNo Arms
Henry NixHalbert Leonard Beckwith" John Nix"
Thomas LockeSword Only Richard Cade" Joseph Earth"
Thomas SprecklySword Only William Belfeild" William Grimshaw"
Joseph EarthSword Only William Grimshaw" Thomas Locke"
James GrayNo Arms Thomas Bignall" Edward Richardson"
William Robison" Richard Loe" Lawrence Beckworth"
Henry Nix" James Gray" Richard Cade"
Lawrence Nix" William Robison" Thomas Bignall"
      Thomas Sprocks"
28 men / 4 Swords / 1 Halbert
The names of the Tenants of the Bishop of Kilmoore and their arms on his church lands.
Barony de Castlewaine
Page 18
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Thomas DowckesSword Only William FryNo Arms John DickerNo Arms
John DowckesSword & Coll. John Symson" Thomas Gamble"
Christopher EllotNo Arms Alexander Symson" Thomas Hexter"
Richard DichereSword & Pike Dominick Parker" John Hexter"
Edward LockingtonHalbert Only Anthony Slortenant" Peter Cross"
John SuttonPike Only Thomas Taylor" John Cross"
John HenidsSnapl. Only William Slortenant" Thomas House"
Edward CrosseSword & Snapl. Thomas Lynald" Thomas Symson"
William TaylorNo Arms John Parker" John Grozer"
George Tuchberry" Edward Singcock" William Johnes"
Edward Clarke" Thomas Woodyeare" Steaphen Symson"
Anthony Culum" David Killet" William Parker"
36 men / 4 Swords / 2 Pikes / 1 Call. / 1 Halbert

The names of the Townsmen of Cavan and their arms Page 19
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Elathain[?] BrookeSword & ?? Robert HuntNo Arms Robert WoorthNo Arms
Lawrence DardsSword & Snapl. Robert Dawlin" Robert Dannet"
William AnesSword & Pike Thomas Dawlin" Henry Hunt"
John OuldsbrooneNo Arms William Woorthington" Peter Usher"
John Whitman" John Browne" Robert Awnes"
James Atkins" Lawrence Moore" John Dowdall"
Luke Whirwoods" John Mores" Nathaniel Dardes"
Thomas Awnes" William Clifford" John Hill"
Richard Shepy" Allen Cooke" Robert Wright"
18 men / 3 Swords / 1 Musket / 1 Pike
The names of the Brittish and their arms in the Churchlands of Drumgowne Page 19
Name Arms Name Arms Name Arms
Francis GrahamSword & Pike John YoungNo Arms
Symond Graham" Robert RayNo Arms
Francis Graham, youngerNo Arms John HopeNo Arms
John Willie"
7 men / 2 Swords / 2 Pikes

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