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Updated 3 September, 2007

(1901 Census Records Updated)

Welcome to the Ontario Donnellys Research site.

This site grew out of the research into my Donnelly ancestors who emigrated from Co. Cavan to Upper Canada in 1823 and settled in Smith Township (Peterborough) the following year. In the process I have been transcribing many of the Ontario Vital Statistics birth, death and marriage records that vaguely resemble the surname "Donnelly".

The goal of this site is to provide a "research tool" to assist people researching the name Donnelly in Ontario. It is intended to be a "self-help" website, so if anyone has any additions to make, email them to me and I will update the relevant pages.

To date, I have posted all Donnelly (and variant) birth registration listings for the period 1869 to 1895 (extracted from MS 931 Reel 2), marriage registration listings for the period 1870 to 1915 (extracted from MS 934), death registration listings for the period 1869 to 1919 (extracted from MS 937 Reel 3) and all Donnelly Head and Stray records from the 1871 Ontario Census.

In response to suggestions (plus family trees) submitted by fellow researchers, I have added separate Family Trees and Family Twigs sections. The goal of these pages is to provide further tools for "assembling the jigsaw".

Listings currently available online, or under construction, include:

MARRIAGES (pre 1858)
(51 Individual Records)
(Updated 29 Sept, 2001)

MARRIAGES (1858-1869)
(32 Individual Records)
(Updated 6 December, 2001)

BIRTHS (1869-1895)
(396 Individual Records - 154K)
(Updated 7 October, 2001)

MARRIAGES (1870-1915)
(646 Individual Records - 150K)
(Updated 10 February, 2002)

DEATHS (1869-1919)
(636 Individual Records - 149K)
(Updated 10 June, 2001)

[With links to images at Archives of Canada]
(34 Family Groups - 148K)
(Updated 31 Aug, 2007)

(247 Head and Stray Records - 104K)
(22 Family Records - 78K)
(Updated 26 August, 2001)

[With links to images at Archives of Canada]
(59 Family Groups - 146K)
(Updated 3 Sep, 2007)

(203 Individual Records - 91K)
(Added 7 May, 2001)

(10 Family Groups)
(Updated 25 Mar, 2002)

(Incomplete Family Groups)
(Updated 16 Sept, 2001)

Check back from time to time, as the rest of these lists are completed or updated.

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