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Charles Taylor and Hulda Bull marry March 17, 1852 at the Particular Baptist Church in Sussex County, Delaware.

1860 Federal Census

Tunnells Store, Baltimore Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware, p. 581, 705-691, July 27, 1860

On January 8, 1894, James Alfred Taylor and Elizabeth Theresa Higgins are married by Father Mickle in Northampton County, Virginia.

The county records read:

1900 Federal Census

Northampton County, Virginia, 571-587

1910 Federal Census

Cape Charles, Northampton County, Virginia, 81-86, April 19, 1910

James A. Taylor is shot and dies November 29, 1918 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.

1920 Federal Census

529 Mason Street, Capeville District, Cape Charles Town, Northampton County, Virginia, S.D. 347, E.D. 121, 529-488-530, pp. 174-175, January 17, 1920

Medora Manley and Charles Taylor marry November 30, 1921 in St. Charles Church, Cape Charles, Virginia.

Elizabeth Taylor dies January 29, 1936 in Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and is buried in Immaculate Heart Cemetery.

Her death certificate gives her birthdate as January 8, 1881, her birthplace as Delaware. Her parents' names are blank.

Charles Taylor dies January 9, 1970 in Volusia County, Florida.

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