Forest of Trees

Forest of Trees

Loyalist Descendants of New Brunswick and Maine plus others

Welcome to my Web. This is just an introductory page that will tell you something about my goals and objectives for this web and my associated genealogy database at Rootsweb/WorldConnect. The web is used to support the database and the database uses the web for images, maps, and further explanations. In that way they are intertwined like the double helix of DNA.

If you are searching for my database at Rootsweb/WorldConnect, it has been removed from WC and is now only available from my homepage when you select item #1, 'Genealogy". The new database consists of downloading a privatized database in the form of a GED file that you then import into your genealogy program to create the database on your computer. This link is at my homepage. If you want to view what remains at WorldConnect then go to the following link: WC-Database and enter "aek740a" as the Gedcom Name. When the new page opens read the notes as they contain important information about the problems that exist at at present. There are only 12 individuals in the present file so you can click on Index to search for the person(s) you are looking for. is still working on their program and many of the people are assumed as living if the don't have a date of death, even if they were born in the 1700-1800's. If you find this then contact my by email. Please enter the following text into the Subject area after any text already shown "WCMN"

If you are looking for information any family line that is Krause/Kraus/Krauss/Crouse/Krausz/etc then my first question to you is? Do you know what Haplogroup does that line have? I track close to 100 different Krause lines/Branches and the next link shows a Branch Table. The information that DNA testing gives a person is limitless when the male Y-Chromosome is tested. I am Haplogroup I2a shown in RED on the Branch Table, Click on the next links to see what our Branch-1 Krause knows about my DNA-Cousins and why our Krause line has a DNA profile very close to the people of the British Isles. The two lines split 3500-7000 years ago. My info is in the white box on the right where the German flag is located. The Y-Chromosome DNA test is not the test to find who you are related to from any of your ancestors, that is an Autosomal DNA test. If you want more info on DNA Genealogy go to that section on my regular homepage.

The following link shows the Goals and Purpose of my Web. This will open as a new tab, just close the tab to return to this page.

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Last modified: 04 November, 2020