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Welcome to my web. If you are not sure how a web works then you are invited to a short explanation of Webs


  1.  Genealogy
  2.  PDF eBooks
  3.  Purpose of Data Base includes a link to St. Croix Valley Families.
  4.  Useful Links
  5.  General Information & Genealogy Notes
  6.  Saskatoon Genealogy Society Home Page
  7.  Photos and Scanned Documents : Contains both known and unknown photographs. Help to identify who the people are.
  8. Saskatchewan Land Survey: If your ancestors homesteaded in Saskatchewan and you know the land location then you may find this useful.
  9. DNA based genealogy research.
  10. Krause Newsletter:  Newsletter of different Krause branches.
  11. Search Engine: Search for names found in my database or a global search.
  12. Searching Your Roots: A must for those who need an orderly approach to genealogy research.
  13. Sudoku Mind Exerciser: Use a step by step approach to this game
  14. Next Generations: The stories and photos of our children and grandchildren. You have to belong to this group as the file is password protected.

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Search Engine: Search this site for possible connections to your Roots. Database is at WorldConnect, see St. Croix Valley Families

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A more extensive Search Engine for the names in my database at WorldConnect or use the Global Search Engine for the total WorldConnect Database 


Visit my Genealogy database at WorldConnect. The webpages at RootsWeb are still maintained to allow these sites to link to WorldConnect. The World Connect site contains sources and notes while the RootsWeb site now redirects since the data on living persons could not be removed. The Book "Forest of Trees" that was available at FTM could not be updated so has been removed and is now available from the PDF Books section of this page.

WorldConnect reports available: Descendancy, Ancestral Tree, Register format -- see select bar at bottom of each page.

Presently some of the reports are:

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PDF eBooks

In the interest of making more data available that has full documentation and sources, PDF format eBooks that are privatized are being made available. The link is the section shown in YELLOW that says PDF format eBooks. These books with full detail are available with the use of a password. Only proven descendants of a family line will be given the password after they have contributed information to the database.

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General Information & Genealogy Notes

Many people interested in tracing their ROOTS find it difficult to know where to start. As an aid to those in need of help the following link on tracing your Ancestors and Cousins is provided. The main item for the beginner is the section on "Getting Started".

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Austin Photos

If your Austin relatives look like either one of these two members of the Austin line, you are asked to  email me

The Austin gentlemen shown in the two images are descendants of two brothers, one born in 1791 and the other in 1792. See the following link for more information on their ancestral line.

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Purpose of this Data Base

Forest of Trees

The title shown at WorldConnect is: Loyalist Descendants of New Brunswick and Maine Plus Others. Since I receive many emails from people saying their ancestors were not Loyalists then why do I have them in my database. Well the title tries to cover all of this by the last part that says "Plus Others". Some families had both Loyalist and Patriots in the same family. That Revolutionary War was ended long ago and our ancestors fought on whatever side they thought best and some even ended up on both sides as evidence is now showing. Forest of Trees is a more appropriate title but it tells nothing of the area, or time-frame.

Newest information: Scanned version of "Hodgins...Kindred Forever". See topics area and select "Useful Links"

NEW: See the NEW Additions.

The complete data base contains the ancestral trees of our children  and also many others that are not related in any way to our family. If anyone is related through blood or marriage, then I enter the data into my data base. This gives a total tree that is similar to the graphic program called "Life" were branches continue to grow from any main branch just like any genealogy relationship. The ancestors of my grandson are found in Tyler Krause's Ancestors.

Family Trees: Krause, Knickrehm, Zielke, Andrews, Coe, Lange, Corning, and many others. Forest of Hodgins (Clan1 - Clan21 from HODGINS ... KINDRED FOREVER). More Forest Trees -- Persons that lived or are living in the Parkbeg, Mortlach, Eskbank, Lake Valley, Caron, and Boharm area of Saskatchewan, Canada. Data taken from Community History Books.
Trees for New Brunswick families: Austin, Jackson, Young, Sturgeon, Thompson, Pomeroy, Getchell, Vye, and many others from the St. Croix Valley of Charlotte Co., NB and Washington Co., ME. The goal of the Charlotte Co., NB, families is to provide descendant and ancestral trees of the Loyalists that came to this area in the 1780's and also those that immigrated to the area at a later date. You can do a search of these families by using the following link to St. Croix Valley Families. Bill Garcelon from St. Stephen, NB and myself are working on the genealogies of all families that were in Charlotte Co., NB and that is how my "Forest of Trees" keeps growing.

The trees keep growing! Much of the work lately has been on attempting to produce the trees of any and all the people of Charlotte Co., NB and much of Washington Co., ME. Since many of the families from this area are descendants of the Loyalists who came to the Canadian side of the St. Croix River in 1783 and had come from the New England area of the USA then the Roots of these trees reach across the border. Family ties know no bounds.
This data base is under development and is updated frequently, you are warned that all data must be checked against primary sources as many errors and omissions may be present in the database. Your help in adding to/or correcting the data would be very much appreciated. Help to clear the FOG from family histories of Charlotte Co., NB, and other areas.

Maybe you have that vital piece of information for a family line that will allow the proper connections to be made and make the tree(s) more compete. This just happened a few days ago (Jan 19, 2004) when a person saw that I had the children of a family that contained some additional names. They had a document that had been produced prior to 1902 that gave the children of the son who had the same name as the father. Subsequent checking of Church, Cemetery, and other records together with the names from this vital document allowed the corrections to be made to this family line (dates of birth for these members were in the late 1700's to early 1800's).

A special Pseudo-Family called 00ReadMeFirst is included in the database and the notes show some of the pseudo-family naming that I use to allow multiple families to be included that are not related in any know relationship at the present time. Don't be confused by this naming pattern, it is only for my benefit when dealing with  a very large database with many families.

See information in General Information for assistance in tracing your Ancestors and Cousins. PDF books are also available for some families.

(Note: Credits to all of those that have contributed and done the research that went into the the genealogy of those in the database. If all were listed, it would be in the thousands.)

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