Ferley, Siebe, and related family genealogy

Welcome to my "Roots" Page! You're welcome to explore where my family is from and where is it
now. I started this project just about 6 months ago. In that time, I have found out a lot about my
family and about myself! I have met so many people that have helped me so much! I have also met
a great many that I consider my friends, even though I will probably never meet them. In return for
all the help I have been given, I want to give something back, to help others scale their "brick wall".
I am theDubois County Coordinator for the Indiana division of the US GenExchange .

I also volunteer for RAOGK in Dubois County ,
the Obituary Look-Up Page,

And the Genie Angels

This is an ongoing effort, all genealogy is. If you see an error, or find a connection, please
email me . If there is anything I can help you with in Dubois County, please don't hesitate to ask.
I will do my best to aid your research. All I ask is that you return the favor for someone else.

I am in the process of uploading my GEDCOM to Worldconnect.
I will link to this information shortly. Thank you for your patience.


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