FERNANDES family from Thonse-Codialbai

FERNANDES family from Thonse-Codialbai


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1. Angelo Antonio Nicholas FERNANDES was born in 1672 in Divarde, Goa, India.

General Notes: For many generations before Angelo was born the Fernandes Prabhu family resided in the locality of the Church of Our Lady of Piety, known as Nossa Senhora de Piedade of Divarde which is an island in Goa. Angelo's ancestors were Brahmins that were converted to the Roman Catholic Faith by the Franciscan and Dominican missionaries early in the 15th century long before the arrival of Vasco da Gama
- Source: An article in the Mangalore March 2000 issue: Some Thoughts On The Diego Fernandes Prabhu Family History by Fernandes, Austin, V.J. [The author has given his thoughts on the book written by one of his ancestors, Fernandes, Albert E.D.]

Angelo married Maria Marcellina MENEZES. Maria was born in 1690 in Divarde, Goa, India.

Children from this marriage were:

   2    i. Monica FERNANDES .

Monica married John Manuel COELHO.

   3    ii. Regina FERNANDES .

Regina married Antonio LEMOS. Antonio was born in Divarde, Goa, India.

   4    iii. Fr. Simon FERNANDES .

   5    iv. Dr. David FERNANDES .

+ 6    v. Diego FERNANDES was born in 1715 in Divarde, Goa, India, died in 1782 at age 67, and was buried in Upper Church, Kallianpur, Karnataka, India.

   7    vi. Caithan FERNANDES .

   8    vii. Fr. Phillip FERNANDES .

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