PEREIRA family of Cannanore

PEREIRA family of Cannanore

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These pages contains the PEREIRA family of Cannanore, descendants of Francis Xavier PEREIRA.

To this day the Pereiras of Cannanore are remembered as one of the first Catholic families of the Cantonment area in Cannanore and pillars of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church. It is believed that the family was originally in the timber business and may have migrated to Cannanore, Kerala from Mangalore. Dr. Marie Muthanna says her mother Merlin Pereira had told her about this.

John Pereira b.1851. who was Sub Engineer in the P.W.D., donated a cast iron bell, a large Cross and the Painting of Our Lady while undertaking to build the oratory in the church.. He was a philanthrophist who adopted and paid for the education of at least 7 children, many of whom where Hindu. In gratitude one of them, a Nair by birth, took the name of Peter Lima and was baptised a Catholic. The fruit trees and Jackfruit trees in the compound of Sea View, the house he bought in the late 1880s, were often given to the poor.

His sister, Mary Scholastica (Sr Veronica of the Passion A.C.) and later his eldest daughter Mary Agnes (Sr Mercedes Clare of the Good Shepherd, A.C.) became Apostolic Carmel nuns. Sr. Mercedes was an excellent administrator and teacher who was also very gifted musically. She was the founder of the A. C. convent in Ahmedabad and the first Superior of the convents in Margao, Nuvem Goa, Calicut and Gampaha in Srilanka.

John Pereira educated his three sons in England. His eldest son John Michael studied Medicine in Dublin and his sons Robert and Cecil went to the Crystal Palace Engineering College in London, U.K.

This family has produced a number of engineers, adminstators, outstanding doctors, judges and military men who have achieved distinction - 2 Admirals of the Indian Navy, an Air Commodore in the Indian Air Force and Army Colonels in the Indian Army.

Special mention should be made of Brinda Abreo and Chris Rego who went to Cannanore and obtained a lot of information, also of Sr. Ambrosia A.C. who found out details of the Pereira family from residents of Cannanore Cantonment who remembered the Pereiras of old.

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