The information on this website is so exhaustive because besides my own research I have received a huge amount of information from many relatives and friends. I have acknowledged many below. If I have forgotten you it was not intentional. I have also received information by email from many individuals, too many to acknowledge here. The web edition is fluid and will be updated on a regular basis whenever I make changes to the information I have.

Abreo, Brinda (née Srihari) [who has gone out of her way to provide me with information on different families, provide me with introductions to many people and has also brought me copies of articles and pictures from India]

Albuquerque, Vincent

Britto, Cynthia (née Colaco)

Copnell, Dr. Jonathan

D'Souza, Premila (née Alvares)

Fernandes, Errol and Anna-Marie (née Saldanha)

Ferris, Dr. Anne (née Rego) [My wife who puts up with me]

Ferris, Captain George. J. [My Grandfather whose memoirs were instrumental in starting this book]

Ferris, George L. and Yvonne (née Saldanha) [My late parents who provided a lot of information abot family members and also met people to get information for me.]

Fernandez, Michael [who has given a lot of authentic information on the Fernandez family tree and written some very good articles]

Lobo, Dr. Michael [who provided information from his forthcoming book and pointed out the errors in my original tree and now as editor of The Mangalore has brought up that magazine from relative obscurity to a must read]

Lopes, Major (Dr.) Alphonse [My late grand-father-in-law]

Mascarenhas, Dr. Leo

Mathias, Benedict

Mediratta, Mohua (née Shome)

Menezes, Mario and Dr. Geetha (née Britto)

Noronha, Olga (née Saldanha) [Who provided a copy of Joseph Saldanha's manuscript and George Vas' book published in the 1850s].

Pais, Shirin (née Ferris) [My sister]

Pinto, Claribelle (née Saldanha) [My late mother's sister]

Rego. Air Commodore Melville and Jean (née Lopes) [My parents-in-law]

Rego, Belinda (née D'Souza) [My co-sister].

Rego, Christopher J. [Who provided me with the Ancestral table of his children prepared by Dr. Michael Lobo]

Rego, Colonel Christopher J. [My brother-in-law]

Rego, George A.C. [who provided me with data electronically via a file in .ged format]

Rego, Leena Fernandes [Who has sent me voluminous data including a book published on the Fernandes family of Moodubelle]

Saldanha, Irwin and Debbie (née D'Souza)

Saldanha, Sylvia (née Pinto)

Vasnaik, Hero A.M.L.


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