I started out to find my ancestry in the summer of 1998 when my father, George L.Ferris was visiting me in the US and gave me a copy of the memoirs his father had started writing. This book sort of evolved from there and now contains genealogical information of all families from which some member has touched the family of Anil and Anne Ferris. I also started getting a lot of information on families that did not relate to ours in any way and also families that were not Mangalorean which I have also included. The earliest known member of each family that can be identified starts each section. Currently I have over 17800 individuals in my database spanning 21 generations and are 1200+ different last names. If anyone finds their name and would like a copy of their ancestry please give me your name/parent's name and email address.

Since churches in Mangalore only started recording Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths around 1810 there is not much data available for Births and Marriages before then (Deaths of people born before then were recorded and so their birth dates could be approximated). There were some family historians in the early 19th century that have provided a lot of information. Not living in India and visiting occasionally only for short vacations makes visiting ancestral places, churches and graveyards difficult.

This website has been started with the 3rd edition of my book which has grown to 10000+ pages with almost 50,000 individuals and is too unwieldly to keep printing. If you would like a printed copy let me know which branch(es) you would like. If you have email and can print yourself I will send a pdf edition which will be free of cost. If you want an actual printed copy I will give you an estimate on what it would cost.

If there are any additions/subtractions/corrections, please let me know and I will incorporate them.

This compilation has been done as a hobby. I do not vouch for the accuracy of the information.


Anil S. Ferris
No part of this publication may be used without prior consent except for personal research with a reference to this website