It is with great pleasure that I responded to Anil Ferris’ request that I write the Introduction or Preface to his book “Ferris Family Connections” which is the result of many years of painstaking work.

The detailed history of Christian families in the south of India still needs to be chronicled in detail keeping in mind their immense contribution to the nation. They have both excelled and held positions in fields as diverse as government , the judiciary, education, armed forces, medicine and business enterprise to name a few professions.

His book has focused mainly on Mangalorean families and includes some families like the Fernandez’s and Pereira’s who are partly Mangalorean and settled in different areas of the erstwhile Madras Preisidency. My late wife Beryl, belonged to a family that settled in Canannore and my daughter has married into the Abreo family of Bolar so my connection to this renowned community is through them.

Family genealogical history is an area which has recently received an awakening of interest. It can only be undertaken by persons who have a deep pride in the pioneering efforts of their ancestors and have the perseverance to collate and format details of generations of men and women who achieved so much in times when higher education was the preserve of the elite.

But this work can have its own rewards. It allows people to discover their family’s past history and achievements and can connect cousins and relatives who may not have met before due to distances and continents that separate them. It also makes fascinating reading to the uninitiated.

I commend Anil Ferris for his painstaking work and his endeavour to create a website of the families he has researched. I am confident that his work will be much appreciated.

Air Vice Marshal Victor Sri Hari A.V.S.M.(Retd)


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