Generation 1

Johnson Family Tree:
Generation 1

Husband: Stephen Johnson
(we figure Stephen died in between 1861 and 1871 as he isn't on the 1871 census. Although there is a theory that he could have also gone back to the states after the 'civil war')
Wife: Mary or Charlotte
(Mary/Charlotte is not on the 1861 census, we pulled the name from the Death extracts of Isaac and Charles)

Children: Retchal (probably Rachel; born circa 1840), Stephen (born circa 1842), Charlotte (born circa 1845), Isaac (born 25 January 1847), and Charles Alfred (6 June 1849). (possibly a daughter Mary (born circa 1851) as well as she is living with the young Stephen on the 1861 Census but we are unsure why or what the connection is to the family)

Lived: North Dumfries and Galt, Ontario Canada

INFO: To find our family of Johnson's we've had to dig into numerous resources and we are still not quite 100% sure that this Generation is completely correct as we still need more evidence linking each together.

We pulled this information from the 1861 Census of

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