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Berwick-upon-Tweed - Northumberland

Aerial view of the town
Town Walls
Historic Buildings
Lamberton Toll

England's northern most town, guarding the mouth of the River Tweed, has a long and varied history. Once a Royal Borough of Scotland, it was constantly fought over, changing hands between England and Scotland fourteen times. The need to secure the town resulted in the construction of the incredible Elizabethan Ramparts which completely encircle the centre of the town.

Built between 1553 and 1566 to combat artillery, they are regarded as the best preserved in Europe and are walked by many thousands of visitors every year. The River Tweed is spanned by three marvellous bridges and the architectural features gracing many town buildings are a delight. Berwick-upon-Tweed has a thriving shopping area, Arts are fully represented at the Maltings and sporting opportunities are offered at Bonarsteads Leisure Centre and Shieldfield Football Stadium, home of Berwick Rangers FC, the only English soccer club playing in the Scottish League. Shieldfield is also home of the Berwick Bandits motorcycle speedway team.

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