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This website is devoted to the family heritage of Howard and Ruth Brandon of Murray, Calloway County, Kentucky. There is quite a bit of Mid-South History associated with this family.

Howard Brandon was born and raised in the Van Cleave area of Calloway County. He was the youngest of six children. His two older sisters raised Howard while he was growing up on the farm.

Howard loved to trade guns and worked very hard on the farm. He and his family lived in an old farm house in the county. They did all types of farming. This was their only income. Howard attended Murray schools beginning in the 1930's and eventually attended Murray State University in Murray,Kentucky where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Howard Brandon bought his first airplane when he was just 18 and has been flying eversince. He has many airplanes he keeps in hangers on his farm along with over 400 antique cars and many,many old farm machines. He loves to play the guitar and banjo as well.

Ruth Armstrong Brandon was born in Hinkelville, Ballard County, Kentucky and was brought up on a farm also. Ruth attended Ballard County schools and during her high school years was voted basketball queen and was a member of the cheer-leading squad.

She attended Murray State University in the early fifties and that is where she met Howard. Ruth graduated Murray State with a nursing degree in only three years.

Howard and Ruth have two wonderful children, Randy and Lori and 4 grand-children.

Most of this line of Brandon's settled in Kentucky and Tennessee when migrating from North Carolina. I have several old pictures I will share with you with the stories behind them. Hope you enjoy your visit to this site.

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