The Fleenor Family

The Fleenor Family


Johannes Flinner and wife Anna embarked at Amsterdam on the ship "John and Elizabeth" carrying passengers from Hanover, Wurttemberg, and the Palatinate. It stopped at Portsmouth, England and crossing the Atlantic, arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1754. From there it is likely that they settled in the eastern part of Pennsylvania around Bucks County where their children were born. They then moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, later moving to Frederick County, Maryland. Their children moved to Washington County, Virginia where they settled. Fleenor is one of the most prominent names in that County today as it was in the late 1700's. From this location the Fleenor family began traveling at the beginning of the 1800's and today you can find them in about every state in the Union.

Descendants of Johannes Flinner

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