The Gick Family

The Gick Family


The Gick family in the United States is believed to have come from two disparate groups - one group from the Isle of Man, and the other group from Germany. While there is a family tradition that the German Gicks may have originated from the Isle of Man, this tradition is just conjecture and for the moment this Web site will deal only with the group from Germany.

There appears to have been two Gick families who emigrated from Germany to the United States - the Peter Gick family and the Casper Gick family. Little is known about either family in Germany; so while it is likely that both families are related, research remains to be done to prove so.

Peter Gick, my great-great grandfather, emigrated from Zapfendorf, Bavaria in 1846 to Johnstown, PA. He and his family embarked from Bremen, Germany on the Bohl Bohlen, and arrived on 8/1/1846 in Philadelphia, PA. Luggage consisted of 2 boxes, clothes, 1 bag, beds and 1 shotgun. Peter was accompanied by his wife Margarethe nee Kropp, sons Henry, Albert, and Andrew Gick, as well as step-children John, Peter and Margaret Morganrothe. Mary Gick, a sister, was born in Pennsylvania. Henry Gick and his two brothers then emigrated to Benton County, IN where descendants continue to live.

Casper Gick is believed to have left Germany in 1854 to settle in Allen County, IN with his wife Catherine Leidolph, sons Henry and John, and daughter Elizabeth. Other children were Mary, George, Caroline, Whelheminia, Conradt, and Louis.  Casper's father Jacob Gick was born near Altenkunstad, Bavaria which is not far from Zapfendorf, Bavaria.  So it is possible that both the Peter Gick and the Casper Gick lines are related.

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