The Ogborn Family from Ohio and Indiana

The Ogborn Family from
Ohio and Indiana


This page is being developed to enable the sharing of information about Ogborns who lived in the Ohio and Indiana locales. By my sharing what information I have with other Ogborn cousins, hopefully I can help myself and my cousins discover our common Ogborn ancestors.

This page is also part of an Ogborn genealogical association which is presently being setup in England and the USA.


My wife's Ogborn ancestors, brothers John and Samuel, are believed to have emigrated from England to Burlington County, NJ about 1684. Several generations later, William Ogborn and his brothers moved with other Quakers to Clermont/Warren/Clinton County, OH about 1810. His brothers later moved to Wayne County, IN. Amos Ogborn moved with his brothers to Warren County, IN about 1840 where his descendants continue to live.

Descendants of John Ogborne

To view the outline descendant tree of John Ogborne press here.
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Index of Information

I have accumulated Ogborn source materials from New Jersey, Ohio, and Indiana. To view an index of these materials press here. If you have any questions about these materials, feel free to E-mail . Note that some of these materials are PC files which can easily be shared via E-mail.

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