This site is dedicated to the genealogy of Adam Hawkes, 1605-1672, Sagus MA.; John Hawks, Hadley, MA.; Matthew Hawke, Hingham, MA, and their descendents in America. All information regarding ancestors of these progenitors is welcome. The information contained in the pages of this site and in the pages of the Descendants of Adam Hawkes and John Hawks is provided free of charge. Visitors are encouraged to contact the AHFA with suggestions, comments, or corrections.

Like many Family Association/History Sites this one is always under construction. with additions requested by our visitors. Thank you for visiting the Adam Hawkes Family Association, Inc. Home Page. If you have suggestions for additions to these pages please sign our  and leave us a note about you suggestion.

If you would like additional information of have Hawkes/Hawks/Hawke family information you would like to share please e-mail m.mais@sbcglobal.net

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