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Kent Ahlf  NEW EMAIL [email protected] 
(note - new PDF Family trees )

July 2017 (new data)

2017    Osten Visit    2017


1. I have been working on Ahlf Genealogy for 25 years and have gathered a lot of information. It has been a fun project and I have been in contact with well over 100 Ahlf family members. There are many stories along the way, I did find out that I was not near alone as I thought. Here  in the United States we have a much smaller family spread out across a large country.

However, by choice, or by accident, I have met 50 of those people. tThat is a lot when you realize my first attempt at contacting family members was handwritten envelop and letter. I had managed to find around 20 names at the public library. These names were in huge telephone directories. The library carried enough large city and small town names that probably 2/3 of the country was covered. But a high number  of the settlers from the Land Kehdingen area were farmers and chose  rural areas. In any event the numbers were small and have grown steadily. I did not imagine the reach of the internet. Good News and bad. So much easier to find data and contact people, but so much data it is overwhelming. Enough of that.

My Visit to Land Kehdingen and Hamburg.

#2. I have a long time Friend living in Hamburg and he has offered to be a travel agent for my son and I on a visit to Land Kehdingen.. I am greatly looking forward to the visit.

I plan to spend three day and 2 nights in Osten and nearby. I am curious to see the farns at Bruck and Isensee where my family lived. 

I also would like to meet any Ahlf or related that can take a few minutes out of there day. We will be staying 2 nights at the Farkrug - Ahlf Hotel by the River in Osten (Wednesday - Friday). We will be traveling and touring on Aug 9 and the first half August 10. Then I will be at the hotel the afternoon of August 10 and flexible until evening on the 11. I am sure our Ahlf host at the hotel can arrange a beer and some snacks.


August 9 - Arrive Osten area - overnight at Farkrug Hotel / Ahlf Hotel in Osten by the bridge

August 10- AM in area

August 10 PM  - available at hotel (snacks and beverage, You will be notify if a change is made to a local tavern or other locationj

Aug 11 - available at Hotel until midday or other arrangement are made

Please (Bitte!) come by. Also if you can, send an email so I will know how many to expect.. 

If it is easier for you to meet in Hamburg, I would expect we could meet there some evening also. I will be staying on the of town at Hiedeknacj 34E.

Kind regards/


#3 Take the hyperlink to the Page I am calling "Family Link" or "Families Linked". It may prove a useful tool to utilize the data better and extract more from it.

I am sending this as an email also. Please feel free to pass it on since I have a limited number of email addresses.  [email protected] 


Other as I asked a couple years ago.

I am making a special request: I am looking for data on some missing members of my family. I would appreciate if you would check your data bases for German_pages/MY Missing Ahlf family Members.pdf   as below: Thank you.

This intended to be a site where significant amounts of information on the Ahlf family can be found. I have spent a number of years gathering the data and trying to organize it. Please see the attached letter for a background on the information available. Hopefully it will help other Ahlfs find data on their roots. In addition, I am continuing to try to fill in the blanks in an effort to unite all of us into one family. I am very convinced that this is true when you get back to the 1700s. Please contact me with any additional information you can add and I will quickly post it here. (Dates, new births, photos, links, etc)

Please note the following regarding clarity of family tree slides:  NEW - Family Trees now available in PDF file format. 

 The data collected has been assembled primarily on PowerPoint slides for ease of viewing and organizing. However it has been difficult to transfer to the web site. I am trying different formats to improve clarity. If interested, I would be happy to send the PowerPoint program slides to you directly.  I also have all of the data entered in a  GEDCOM file.  (This data can be found on the RootsWeb GedCOM pages) http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi . Also at http://www.gencircles.com/register/ .

(Further note regarding accuracy of data: The information is based on several sources: 1. LDS microfiche - limited by my ability to interpret the German script and may reflect baptism date and  not birth date. 2. Letters, emails and conversations with descendants - limited by memory and accuracy of their records. 3. Social Security records 4. Census records. 5. Some family connections are based on identical names and identical birth dates but actual linkage record may not be available. This is especially true for connecting families from the US back to Germany.  I would welcome any corrections.  

Please note in my GEDCOM file I have at times used a naming convention in order to try to find duplicates. For instance all Jacob and Jakob became Jacob., Alef became Ahlf, etc.  The original spelling was kept as a variation in the reference data.

My family came from Bruch / Isensee. At various there are records of my ancestors in the churches in Osten, Oedequardt and Oberndorf. The 2 farms were pretty much in the geographic center of the 3 villages.   I am particularly interested in contacting any Ahlf descendant that is from these two places. 

I am looking for data in particular regarding Descendants of  

Claus Ahlf May 1698 born in Isensee or Bruck/Oedequardt & Trin Staats born about 1720 in Bruck/Oedequardt. See attchted PDF file entire family and second with highlights of lost family members. Entire listing  1680 to  1850 German_pages/Descendants of Claus Ahlf May 1698 descendants.pdf.  

German_pages/MY Missing Ahlf family Members.pdf


 Thank you.


History of the Ahlf Family (as I know it)

Information Letter (copy of letter sent to gather information)

Directory of US Ahlfs

US and German Families Trees
    (PowerPoint Slides presented as Jpeg & Gif files)

Kent Ahlf Family & Photos

"Kentner" Family information

Please contact [email protected]  for information or updates.