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A Directory of all US Ahlf's is available as a word doc on request. I also have a good start on a German Directory pulled from the internet. Please contact me at my email address below.  On other pages in my web site over 2000 Ahlfs have placed  in family trees by state and village in Germany.   This page is part of my web site and may come up on a web search of "Ahlf". See below for the "Ahlf Home Page".  

 Kent Ahlf

"Ahlf" Home Page:  

Ahlf GEDCOM access page:   or contact me for copy  of GEDCOM file

Kent Ahlf email.

German Map - Searchable for cities.

Ahlf Links on the Internet: see also photos

Osten link - 1955 to 2000

Oederquart - City information

AKZENT-Hotel Photo, Osten 

Ahlf Jr. High School Photo Arkansas

Adolph Ahlf Photo, California Farm Bureau President in 1920'

Chenoweth Family tree: Oregon "Burg" family

Ahlf, August - Hawaii, Schüttdamm Family

Ahlf Business in Bakersfield:

Ahlf, Ben   Illinois Veteran

Ahlf, Clint   Centralia, Illinois

Ahlf, Carsten - Germany Photo

Ahlf, Gunter -  German, Photo

Ahlf, Garrett - Photos

Ahlf, Gerhard - German, Photo

Ahlf, Horst - German, Photo - Osten

Ahlf, Jonnys garage  - German, Photo 

Ahlf, Jurgen - photo

Ahlf, Karla - Osten Photo

Ahlf, Kyle - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Photo

Colusa County Records

Elmer George Ahlf    , Nashville, Illinois

Guest House near Cuxhaven 

Ahlf, Jorge  - Stade

Ahlf, Julia,  Armageddon theme

Ahlf, K,  Medical Publication

Ahlf, Kyle - Idaho 

Ahlf, Nicolas - German, Photo

Ahlf, Nina   Web Page

Ahlf, Peter - German, Photo

Ahlf, Peter - NASA (Osten family)

Ahlf, Christel, Germany

Ahlf, Bernd, Hamburg Port

Ahlf ElektroTechnik - Hamburg

Ahlf, Gabriele - Photo - Cuxhaven

Ahlf, Marc - California

Ahlf, Marcus - German, Photo

Ahlf, Nina - Photo - Germany

Ahlf, Richard , Florida - Bakersfield Family

Ahlf, Robert E - Indiana 

Ahlf, Renee - Photo - Illinois

Ahlf, Peter - Osten Photo

Ahlf Posters  - from Colorado 

Ahlf, Petra - Photo  - Germany

Ahlf, Sarah - Gymnastics

Stefan Ahlf - Soccer

St. Pauli Football 

Ahlf, Sue - Photo

Ahlf, Sven - German Photo

Ahlf, Thorsten - German, Photo

Ahlf, Thorten - German, Photo

Ahlf, Ulrike - Photo - Hamburg

Dr. Wolfgang Ahlf Home page:

Delaney and Ahlf Diesel -  web page

Football Club St. Pauli, Ahlf 

Gerd Ahlfs/Alfs of Wiesede (west of Bremen)

Misc:    genealogy site

Social security look up: