Wigtownshire Pages, Births/Marriages/Deaths (BMDs)

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Wigtownshire BMDs
(Birth, Marriages & Deaths)

What does BMD mean ?

BMD is an acronym for Birth, Marriage or Death records.
If you are new to research,you might want to first read our Tutorial,
to acquaint yourself with the various records available for Wigtownshire.
On these pages, there are two main sources, the index shown below,
and also the many years of entries transcribed from the columns of the
Wigtownshire Free Press , which have been more recently updated.

We are happy to acknowledge that the following BMD index was compiled and coordinated by Grace Stevens. Grace may be contacted at   poppyfield@hotmail.com   : further updates of these files are possible, but none are presently planned. The collection of records below is specific to Wigtownshire, sorted by record type and alphabetically.

BMD records donated to this list have been qualified as coming from an OPR or civil record. IGI references were not accepted. We would like to point out the parallel existence of Sue Lund's very useful, larger site devoted to Scottish BMDs, called the Scotland BDM Exchange, which we urge you to visit. It would be helpful to other genealogists if you would consider donating your records to Sue's site.