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Death Notices from the Wigtownshire Free Press

Transcribed by Diana Henry and Compiled by Randy Chapple
Web Update: February 2006

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WADDELL, William - D--/2/1875 - At B(orland) Road, Wigtown, on the -- inst., Mr William Waddell, aged (36) years.

WADDINGTON, John - D15/4/1878 - At Dashwood Square, Newton-Stewart, on the 15th inst., Mr John Waddington, quarryman, aged 50 years.

WADE, John - in WFP D7/3/1874 - At Arthur Street, Newton-Stewart, John Wade, skinner, aged 21 years.

WAGNER, Mrs. Jane - D12/3/1863 - At Limekilns, Inch, on the 12th inst., Mrs Wagner, aged 79 years. (Jane husband of George Wagner as per Meg)

WAGNER, Georgina - D28/5/1852 - Here, at Glenwell Street, on the 28th ultimo, Georgina, daughter of Mr George Wagner joiner, aged 6 years.

WAGNER, Mary - D5/6/1860 - Here, at Glenwell Road, on the 5th inst., Mary, aged 19 years, daughter of Mr George Wagner, joiner.

WAKEMAN/MAXWELL, Theresa Apollonia - D 8/11/1846 - At Thorparch, Yorkshire, on the 8th instant, Mrs Constable Maxwell, relict of Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, Esq., of Nithsdale and Everingham. (Theresa Apollonia Wakeman to Marmaduke Constable Maxwell on November 26, 1800 and died on November 8, 1846 as per thepeerage.com)

WALDIE, Still-born Male - B15/3/1845 - At Millisle, on the 15th inst., Mrs Waldie, of twin sons, one of them still born.

WALDIE/MILLIGAN, A. - D18/6/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 18th inst., A. Milligan, wife of Mr Waldie, Millisle, parish of Sorbie.

WALES, Agnes Rose - D16/11/1883 - Here, at 21 Bridge street, on the 16th inst. Agnes Rose, youngest daughter of the late Mr Robert Wales, painter, - deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.

WALLACE/CAMPBELL, Lady Helen - D7/6/1844 - At Garscube House, Dumbartonshire, on Friday, the 7th inst., Lady Campbell, wife of Sir Archibald Campbell of Succoth, Bart.. (Helen Wallace was the current Lady Campbell prior to her husband’s death in 1846 as per theglasgowstory.com/image.php?inum=TGSB00274)

WALKER, Miss - D16/3/1847 - At Auchencairn, on the 16th curt., Miss Walker, eldest daughter of the late Alexander Walker, Esq..

WALKER, Mrs - D18/3/1846 - At Wigtown, on the 18th inst., Mrs Walker, widow of Mr Henry Walker, late of Garliestown.

WALKER, Agnes - D16/2/1846 - At Muncraig, Borgue, on the 16th inst., after a brief illness, Agnes Walker, aged 2 years and 10 months, daughter of Mr James Walker, farmer, Auchenhay.

WALKER, Andrew - D6/8/1860 - At Whithorn, on the 6th instant, Mr Andrew Walker, bookseller - much and justly respected.

WALKER/DONALDSON, Ann - D1/8/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 1st inst., Ann Donaldson, relict of William Walker, Esq., mathematician.

SPENS, James - D31/7/1844 - At Craigsanquhar, on the 31st ult., James, eldest son of Nathaniel Spens, Esq., of Craigsanquhar.

WALKER, Catherine - D12/1/1845 - At Newabbey, on the 12th inst., Catherine Walker, relict of Robert Walker, late of Dumfries, at the advanced age of 86.

WALKER, Catherine - D10/7/1845 - At Hanover Street, here, on the 10th instant, Catherine Walker, aged 74 years.

WALKER/M'INTYRE, Douglas - D12/10/1844 - At Maxwelltown, on the 12th curt., Douglas M'Intyre, relict of Mr David Walker, aged 88 years.

WALKER, Ebenezer - D25/6/1845 - At Heathfield, on the 25th ult., Ebenezer, fifth son of the late Alexander Walker of Sunnyhill, aged 26.

WALKER/STEWART, Elizabeth - D21/11/1846 - At Twynholm Village, on the 21st ult., aged 28, Elizabeth Stewart, wife of Mr Samuel Walker, tailor there.

WALKER/WATT, Ellenora Thom Dundas - in WFP D4/11/1897 - AT 83, Hanover Street, Stranraer, (the residence of her son. R.P. Watt,) Ellenora Thom Dundas Walker, relict of John Watt, Dunfermline, aged 90 years.

WALKER, Mrs James - D3/5/1871 -At the Isle of Whithorn, on the 3rd inst., Mrs Walker, widow of the late Mr James Walker, tailor.

WALKER/SHORTRIDGE, Janet - D5/2/1844 - At Maxwelltown, on the 5th inst., Mrs Janet Shortridge, relict of Mr Walker, grocer.

WALKER, Jessie - D26/5/1845 - At Nursery, near Ayr, on the 26th inst., Jessie Walker, aged 16 years, grand-daughter of Mr Imrie, nurseryman.

WALKER/MACKIE, Jessie - D30/11/1891 - At 11, Albert Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 30th ult., Jessie Walker, wife of Peter Mackie, joiner.

WALKER, Lillias - D30/3/1845 - At Auchencairn, on the 30th ult., Lillias Walker, seventh daughter of the late Alexander Walker, Esq..

WALKER/M'MONNIES, Margaret - D23/11/1845 - At Auchenhay, Borgue, on the 23d ultimo, Mrs Margaret M'Monnies, aged 35, wife of Mr James Walker.

WALKER/PATERSON, Margaret - D14/3/1846 - At Gateside Manse, Wamphray, on the 14th ult., Margaret Walker, wife of the Rev. Henry Paterson.

WALKER/MARTIN, Margart - D9/7/1844 - At Annan, on the 9th instant, Mrs Margart Walker or Martin, at the advanced age of 86, - much regretted.

WALKER/MILLIGAN, Marion - D30/7/1846 - At Hamilton Street, Girvan, on the 30th ult., Marion Walker, wife of Mr James Milligan, Barr.

WALKER/EDGAR, Mary - D20/6/1845 - At Maxwelltown, on the 20th ult., Mary Walker, widow of the late Mr Thomas Edgar, builder, Maxelltown.

WALKER, Mary - D23/4/1847 - At Kirkinner Village, on the 23d instant, Mary, second daughter of the late Henry Walker, Garliestown.

WALKER, Peter - D29/3/1846 - At Kirkinner, on the 29th ult., Peter Walker, aged 21 years, eldest son of the late Henry Walker, Garliestown.

WALKER, Robert - D22/6/1843 - At Edinburgh, on the 22d inst., Mr Robert Walker, of Messrs Oliver & Boyd's Establishment, aged 67 years.

WALKER, Thomas - D8/12/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 8th inst., Mr Thomas Walker, mason, advanced in life. His life and death were consistent, - both bore the evidence of belonging to a Christian.

WALKER, William - D2/5/1844 - At Stratford - on - Avon, on Thursday, last, after a short but severe illness, William, second son of Mr Robt. Walker, hop-factor, of that town.

WALKER, William - D28/6/1846 - At Gatehouse, on the 28th ult., after a long illness, aged 43 years, William Walker, shoemaker there.

WALLACE, Mrs. - D9/2/1861 - At Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire, on the 9th inst., Mrs Wallace, aged 84 years, late of Cruise, Newl...Friends will please accept of this intimation.

WALLACE/M’GAW, Agnes - D15/1/1846 - At Cairngarroch, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 15th inst., Agnes M'Gaw, relict of the late David Wallace, there aged 80 years.

WALLACE/MORRISON, Agnes - D1/4/1891 - At Main Street, Glenluce, on the 1st inst., Agnes Wallace, relict of John Morrison, farmer, Craigeach.

WALLACE, Alexander - D31/10/1843 - Suddenly, at Cruise, parish of New Luce, on Tuesday last, Alexander Wallace, Esq., of apoplexy. He was universally respected for his urbane and generous disposition, and his decease is widely regretted. Mr Wallace, we may add, was the eldest brother of the Rev. Robert Wallace, D.D., Dumfries.

WALLACE, Alexander - D15/9/1867 - At Sorbie Village, on the 15th instant, Alexander, son of Mr John Wallace, in the prime of life.

WALLACE, Anne - D24/3/1845 - At Whithorn, on the 24th ult., at an early age, and much and justly regretted, Anne, only surviving daughter of Mr Thomas Wallace, weaver.

WALLACE/M’CALL, Bessie - D13/12/1873 - Here at Bellevilla House, on the 13th inst. (Bessie) Wallace, relict of James M'Call Esq., Lewis Street.

WALLACE, David - D13(?18?)/10/1860 - Here, at North Strand Street, on the 13th(18th) inst., Mr David Wallace, spirit merchant, aged 35 years - much regretted.

WALLACE, Elizabeth - D14/2/1850 - At St. Michael's Manse, Dumfries, on the 14th instant, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. Robt. Wallace, D.D., in the 20th year of her age.

WALLACE/AGNEW, Ellen Norah - D23/11/1883 - At Castle Kenney station, on the 23rd inst., Ellen Norah Agnew, relict of John Wallace, formerly farmer, Sandmill, Parish of Inch, and only daughter of the late Dr John Agnew, Stranraer, and Surgeon on board of the ----- Navy for many years, aged 96 years. - Friends will please accept of this intimation. America and Australia papers please copy.

WALLACE/BRAND, Esther - D14/7/1844 - At Hangingshaw, on the 14th current, Esther Wallace, widow of the late Mr Robert Brand, farmer there, aged 70 years.

WALLACE, Mr. Francis - D8/4/1845 - At Stewarton, on the 8th current, Mr Francis Wallace, innkeeper there.

WALLACE, Francis - D28/7/1846 - At Nithsdale, New South Wales, on the 28th July (last) in his seventh year, Francis, third son of Mr H. Wa(???) formerly of Dumfries. (Hugh Wallace had a son born at Nithsdale on August 16, 1842 and is is the only reference to Nithsdale in the BMD transcriptions to Sept 1, 2005)

WALLACE, Hugh - D4/1/1844 - At Crichan, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 4th inst., Mr Hugh Wallace, farmer, in the 61st year of his age. During his long residence in Kirkmaiden, Mr Wallace endeared himself to every one by his social hospitality and urbanity, and to the poor he was ever a generous friend. The character he universally bore, and the general regret for his loss, justify us in saying that he was one of the class of men whom we could heartily wish to see multiplying more and more.

WALLACE, Hamilton J. - D9/2/1850 - At Davenport, North America, on the 9th February, Hamilton J. Wallace, Esq., eldest son of the late A. Wallace, Esq., Russell Place, Newtonards, Ireland.

WALLACE/TORRANCE, Ja-- - D26/8/1865 - At Sheuchan Street, on the 26th instant, Ja--- Wallace, aged 84 years, widow of Mr David Torrance, wright.

WALLACE, Jane - D24/5/1847 - At Dumfries, on the 24th inst., Jane, second daughter of Mr William Wallace, boot closer.

WALLACE/M'CULLOCH, Jane - D5/8/1847 - At Port-William, on the 5th inst., Jane Wallace, wife of Mr James M'Culloch, grocer, aged 25.

WALLACE/ANDREW, Janet - D8/3/1844 - At New Galloway, on the 8th inst., Janet Wallace, widow of the late Robert Andrew, mason there.

WALLACE, Jean - D31/1/1847 - At Cairngarroch, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 31st ult., after about 11 hours illness, Mrs Jean Wallace, aged 46 years, wife of Mr William Wallace, farmer there. In her the poor have lost a benefactress, her husband an agreeable companion, and her relatives and neighbours a sincere friend.

WALLACE/DAVIES, Jemima - D18/12/1883 - At Liverpool, on the 18th inst., Jemima Davies, aged 36 years, wife of the late Wm Wallace of Wigtown.

WALLACE, John - D21/1/1843 - At Drumore, Kirkmaiden, on the 21st ult., aged (4?) years, Mr John Wallace, merchant there.

WALLACE, John - D20/12/1843 - Suddenly, at Kirkconnel, Tongland, on the 20th ult., John Wallace, Esq., farmer there, whose death has cast a gloom over a large circle of relations, friends, and neighbours, who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, especially the poor.

WALLACE, John - D15/7/1846 - At Clayhole, here, on the 15th instant, John, son of Mr Wallace, shoemaker, aged four years and six months.

WALLACE, Sergeant John - D3/8/1846 - At Whithorn, on the 3d inst., Sergeant John Wallace, aged 63, one of the few surviving veterans of Waterloo. A brave soldier, and an honest man, and highly respected by all who knew him.

WALLACE, John - D1/5/1850 - At Merslaugh, on the 1st instant. Mr John Wallace, at the advanced age of 96 - his death is much lamented by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

WALLACE, Louisa Mary - D4/2/1846 - At Gort, county Galway, on Wednesday, the 4th inst., Louisa Mary, infant daughter of Mr Andrew Wallace.

WALLACE, Margaret - 22/1/1843 - Here, on the 22d inst., Margaret, only daughter or Mr James Wallace, teacher.

WALLACE, Margaret - in the WFP D27/8/1846 - At Ain, Parish of Kirkmaiden, Margaret Wallace, aged 85 years.

WALLACE/VERNON, Margaret - D13/3/1852 - Here, at Hanover Street, on the13th inst., Margaret Vernon, relict of Mr Charles Wallace, late farmer, Lochans, aged 92 years.

WALLACE/ANDERSON, Mary - D1/6/1843 - At Crossehall, Lancashire, on Thurday, 1st June, 1943, Mary Wallace, relict of Robert Anderson, Surveyor of Customs, Dumfries, in the 84th year of her age.

WALLACE/M’MELKAN, Mary - D2/3/1845 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm on the 2d inst., Mary M'Melkan, relict of Mr William Wallace, mason there.

WALLACE, Mary - D13/2/1846 - At Cairngarroch, parish of Kirkmaiden, on the 13th inst., Mary Wallace, aged 53 years.

WALLACE/M’CREA, Mary - D1/6/1860 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 1st instant, Mary Wallace, wife of Mr John M'Crea, joiner, and daughter of the late Mr Wallace, parochial schoolmaster of Inch.

WALLACE/ALLISON, Mary -D4/12/1883 - At Wellhouse, Kirkcolm,on the 4th inst, Mary Wallace, relict of William Allison, aged 89 years.

WALLACE/HILL, Mary - D2/5/1844 - At Girvillan, parish of New-Luce, on the 2d inst., after a painful illness, borne with great patience and resignation, Mary Hill, relict of Mr Wallace, farmer.

WALLACE, Michael Andrew - D30/1/1878 - At Stewarton, Kirkcolm, on the 30th ult., Michael Andrew, infant son of Mr Wallace, aged 3 1/2 months.

WALLACE, Robert - D18/3/1846 - At Low Clauchan, Tongland, on the 18th inst., after a brief illness, Mr Robert Wallace, farmer and grazier, who, in the sphere of his acquaintance, is universally regretted.

WALLACE, Robert Andrew - D9/3/1863 - Here, at Crosskeys, Hanover Street, on the 9th inst., Robert Andrew, aged 2 years, son of Mr John Wallace.

WALLACE, Robert Andrew - D7/5/1869 - At Glasgow, on the 7th inst., aged 3 years, Robert Andrew, youngest son of Mr John Wallace, late of Cross-keys Inn, Stranraer. - Friends please accept of this intimation.

WALLACE, Samuel Gordon - D27/11/1883 - At Ibrail Ror..r, on the 27th ult., on board the s.s. Arranmore, Samuel Gordon Wallace, chief-engineer Deeply regretted.

WALLACE, Sarah - in WFP D2/3/1843 - At Rigg, near Creina, on Thursday, after a protracted illness, Sarah, daughter of Mr John Wallace, aged 19 years.

WALLACE, Thomas - D1/5/1845 - At Whithorn, on the 1st inst., Thomas, only son of Mr Thomas Wallace, weaver, aged 21 years.

WALLACE, Thomas - D10/5/1860 - At Knockglass, Portpatrick, on the 10th inst., Mr Thomas Wallace, aged 24 years.

WALLACE, Thomas - D7/8/1878 - At Duraen, Old-Luce, on the 7th inst., Mr Thomas Wallace, farmer there, aged 70 years.

WALLACE, Private Tom - D1/1/1916 - Died of wounds at the Dardanelles on January 1st, 1916, Private Tom Wallace, 1/5/ R.S.F., aged 24 years, dearly beloved son of Mr and Mrs Hugh Wallace, High Street, Stranraer. "The grave may hide a loved one dear, Upon that foreign shore, But we will always cherish thee, For ever and evermore. He little thought, when leaving home, That he would ne'er return: Now he lies in a soldier's grave, And we are left to mourn."

WALLACE, William - D3/11/1843 - At his house, High Street, Ayr, on the 3d instant, Mr William Wallace, grain-dealer.

WALLACE, William - D24/11/1845 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 24th ult., William Wallace, aged 86. 

WALLACE, William - D13/2/1851 - At his house Kilmarnock, on the 13th instant, William Wallace, Esq., of Hawket Park, aged 73.

WALLACE, Rev. William - D24/10/1854 - At Traquair House, Peebleshire, on the 24th ult., the Rev. William Wallace, in the 87th year of his age and 57th of his ministry.

WALLACE, Will(iam) - D27/12/1870 - At Drumore, Kirkmaiden, on the 27th ult., Mr Will(iam) Wallace, late farmer in Cairngarroch, aged 81 years.

WALLER, Sir Wathan - D1/1/1853 - At New Cavendish Street, Portman Place, London, on the 1st instant, Sir Wathan Waller, Bart. G.C.H. aged 84.

WALLOCH, Charles Davidson - D17/8/1884 - At Alpine Terrece, Dalbeattie, on the17th ult., Charles Davidson, infant son of Robert Walloch.

WALLS/M’GEOCH, Jane - D21/7/1891 - At Greenbank, Ontario, on the 10th ult. Mary M'Keand, relict of Anthony M'Geoch, aged 85 years. also on the 21st July, Jane M'Geoch, relict of William (Walls), aged 84 years. - Natives of Kirkcowan.

WALLS, Thomas - D21/4/1846 - On the 21st ult., in the prime of life, Mr Thomas Walls, tenant of Little Barskeoch, Kells - much lamented.

WALSH, Johanna - D14/11/1852 - At Passage, Waterford, on the 14th ult., Johanna Walsh, in the 105th year of her age. Previous to her death she had been only one week confined to bed. She was a tall venerable-looking woman, and retained her mental faculties till within a few days of her decease. She has left a daughter who is at present upwards of 80 years of age.

WARD, Maggie - D16/8/1900 - At 95, Sheuchan Street, Stranraer, on the 16th inst. Maggie, eldest daughter of Mr Ward, publisher, Free Press.

WARDROPE, David - D23/11/1844 - At Artnoch, parish of Colmonell, on the 23d inst., David aged 11 months, son of David Wardrope, forester to Rigby Wason, Esq., of Corwar.

WARRACK, Harry Hugh - D28/6/1887 - At the Free Church Manse, Leswalt, suddenly, on the 28th inst., Harry Hugh, infant son of the Rev. Alexander Warrack, M.A.

WARREN/M’KIE, Euphemia - D22/11/1883 - Here, at 8 South Strand Street, on the 22nd inst., Euphemia M'Kie, wife of Mr David Warren upholsterer.

WARWICK, James - D17/4/1844 - At Langholm, on the 16th instant, William Carruthers, aged 23 years; also, on the 17th James Warwick, aged 24 years.

WARWICK, Janet - D6/2/1843 - At Langholm, on the 6th inst., Janet, spouse of Mr John Warwick, horse-dealer, was delivered of twin sons, both dead, about 9 in the morning, and at 12 she herself departed this life, in the 23rd year of her age.

WARWICK, Twin Males - B6/2/1843 - At Langholm, on the 6th inst., Janet, spouse of Mr John Warwick, horse-dealer, was delivered of twin sons, both dead, about 9 in the morning, and at 12 she herself departed this life, in the 23rd year of her age.

WARWICK/YOUNG, Mary Binney - D15/12/1883 - At Orchardton, Sorbie, on the 15th inst., Mary Binney Warwick, wife of Robert Young, aged 82 years.

WARWICK, Wm. - 21/4/1844 - At Langholm, on the 21st ult., Mr Wm Warwick, horse-dealer, aged 84 years.

WASSON, Janet - D22/11/1844 - At Bank of Bishopton, near Kirkcudbright, on Friday week, after a brief illness, aged 19, Janet Wasson, eldest daughter of Mr Wm. Wasson, blacksmith - deeply regretted.

WATERSON, Joseph - D5/1/1844 - At Dumfries, on Friday last, Joseph Waterson, mason, aged 60.

WATSON, Mrs - D15/2/1847 - Here, at Greenvale Street, on the 15th inst., Mrs Watson.

(WATSON), Mrs Alex - D14/1/1843 - At Cairnryan, on the 14th inst., Mrs Alex (Watson).

WATSON, David Henry - D27/5/1870 - At Cairnweil, Stoneykirk, on the 27th ult., David Henry, son of Mr John Watson, aged 24 years.

WATSON/PATON, Elizabeth - D7/3/1845 - At Haugh Mill, Mauchline, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth Watson, wife of Mr James Paton, smith.

WATSON/KINNAIRD, Elizabeth - D6/2/1878 - At Cairnryan, on the 6th inst., Elizabeth Kinnaird, relict of Hugh Watson.

WATSON, J. - D5/10/1845 - At Wallacetown, Ayr, on the 5th inst., Mr J. Watson, printer, much regretted.

WATSON, Jas. - D24/11/1844 - On the 24th ult., Mr Jas. Watson, of the Hotel, Blackburn, Lancashire, in the 54th year of his age, second son of the late Mr Robert Watson, Kirkpatrick-Durham, - much and justly regretted.

WATSON/MONTEITH Jean - D14/7/1863 - Suddenly, at St. John Street, here, on the 14th (inst) aged 60 years, JeanWatson, relict of Mr Wm. ------- shoemaker. (Very likely Monteith as Jean Watson married William Monteith Nov 15 1824 in Stranraer as per IGI)

WATSON, Dr. John - D19/4/1844 - On the 19th April last, on board the ship "Fire Fly", Captain Kerr, at New Calabar, Africa, in the 26th year of his age, after 35 day's illness, from fever, caught in the discharge of his professional duties, John Watson, C.M., lately surgeon in Newton-Stewart, and son of James Watson, Esq., surgeon, Gatehouse.

WATSON, Rev. John - D5/8/1844 - At Pinkieburn, on the 5th inst., the Rev. John Watson, for many years pastor of the Congregational Church, Musselburgh, and Secretary to the Congregational Union of Scotland.

WATSON, Joseph Leslie - D28/12/1882 - At Port Logan, Kirkmaiden, on the 28th ult., Joseph Leslie Watson, son of Mr George Nelson, aged 10 months.

WATSON/GRIERSON, Margaret - D18/12/1843 - At Dumfries, same day, Margaret Grierson, wife of Mr John Watson, sheriff-officer.

WATSON/HOPE, Margaret - D4/3/1844 - At Langholm, on the 4th inst, Margaret Watson, relict of Charles Hope, portioner there, aged 97 years.

WATSON, Robert - D4/4/1845 - At Ayr, on the 4th instant, Mr Robert Watson, late cabinetmaker, aged 70 years.

WATSON, Mrs. Thomas Junr - D6/1/1867 - At 12 St.John Street, on the 6th instant, the wife of Mr Thomas Watson Junr. Dumbarton.

WATSON/JOHNSTONE, Willhelmina - D21/4/1843 - At English Street, Dumfries, on the 21st ult., Mrs Willhelmina Watson, aged 62 years, wife of Mr John Johnstone, landing surveyor of Customs, and last member of the late Deacon Andrew Watson's family.

WATSON, William - D7/9/1844 - At his father's house, Wanlockhead, on the 7th inst., William, son of William Watson, Esq., surgeon there.

WATT, Alexander - D23/5/1843 - At Leith, on the 23d ult., Alexander Watt, bookbinder, son of David Watt, bookbinder, Annan, aged 27.

WATT/WALKER, Ellenora Thom Dundas - in WFP D4/11/1897 - AT 83, Hanover Street, Stranraer, (the residence of her son. R.P. Watt,) Ellenora Thom Dundas Walker, relict of John Watt, Dunfermline, aged 90 years.

WATT, Elizabeth - D24/4/1868 - At Finnart, Greenock, on the 24th inst., Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late James Watt, Esq..

WATT/FERGUSON, Joanna - D25/8/1887 - At 39 Tower Street, Glasgow, on th 25th ult., Joanna Ferguson, wife of James Watt, plasterer, aged 75 years.

WATT, John - D18/6/1887 - Here, at Dalrymple Street, on the 18th inst., John Watt, aged 85 years.

WATT, Joseph - D1/3/1845 - At Morant Bay, Jamaica, on the 1st March, Joseph, fourth son of Mr Robert Watt, Ironmonger, Dumfries.

WATT, William Henry - D17/3/1844 - Drowned at sea on the 17th curt., William Henry, third son of Mr Watt, ironmonger, Dumfries.

WATTS, Thomas James - D26/4/1845 - At Craigs, on the 26th ult., in his 12th year, Thomas James, son of William Watts, Esq..

WAUGH, Catherine - D9/12/1844 - At Kirkinner, on the 9th inst., after a short illness, Catherine Waugh.

WAUGH, George - M23/7/1844 - At Atchinson Bank, parish of Gretna, on the 23d ult., aged 18 years, George, only son of G. Waugh, Carlisle.

WAUGH, James - D15/7/1845 - At Gatehouse, on the 15th instant, after a long illness, borne with exemplary patience and Christian resignation, Mr James Waugh, roadmaker, aged 55 years.

WAUGH/CARRUTHERS, Margaret - D5/1/1844 - At Langholm, on the 5th curt., Margaret Waugh, relict of the late Mr Carruthers, farmer, Mossknow, Cannobie, aged 86.

WE... , Margaret - D14/2/1861 - Here, at Hillhead, on the 14th inst., Margaret M'Q...aged 82 years, relict of Mr Robert We...(possibly Weams or Weems).

WEALL, Robert - D23/10/1843 - At Annan, on the 23d ult., in his 78th year, James Weall, Esq., highly esteemed and greatly regretted by his numerous friends.

WEBSTER, Mr - D16/3/1850 - At Craignair Cottage, on the 16th instant, Mr Webster, for 56 years in the service of the Messrs Maxwell, of Munches, at the advanced aged of 82 years.

WEBSTER, Alexander - D14/10/1844 - At Aird of Kells, on the 14th instant, aged 26, Alexander, eldest son of Mr Webster, Airds.

WEBSTER, Charlotte Effingham - D20/12/1844 - At Thornhill, on the 20th ult., Charlotte Effingham, infant daughter of Mr John Webster, draper.

WEBSTER/KENNEDY, Elizabeth - D7/4/1845 - At Thornhill, on the 7th inst., Elizabeth Kennedy, the beloved wife of Mr John Webster, draper.

WEBSTER, Helen - D21/7/1845 - At Airds of Kells, on the 21st inst., aged 18 years, Helen, youngest daughter of Mr Webster, farmer there.

WEBSTER/HENDERSON, Isabella - D3/7/1887 - At Whithorn, on the 3rd inst, Isabella Henderson, relict of Andrew Webster, aged 75 years.

WEBSTER, Major-General Thomas - D10/11/1843 - At Restalrig House, Edinburgh, on the 10th inst.,Major-General Thomas Webster, H.E.I.C.S..

WEDDERBURN/BROWN, Margaret - D14/2/1845 - At Rosebank, on the 14th inst., Lady Wedderburn, wife of Sir David Wedderburn, Bart..

WEEMS/LANDSBURGH, Mary - D11/1/1844 - at Maxwelltown, on the 11th inst., Mrs Mary Weems, relict of Mr Thomas Landsburgh - much respected.

WEEMS, Mrs Wm. - D14/7/1854 - At Kirkennan, on the 14th instant, Mrs Wm. Weems, in the 82nd year of her age.

WEMYSS, David - D10/12/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 10th ult., Mr David Wemyss, late of the Royal Artillery, aged 77 years.

WEMYSS, Margaret - D9/1/1861 - At Hillhead, here, on the 9th inst.,Margaret Wemyss aged 76 years.

WEIR, Mrs. - D3/7/1845 - At Dunragit, Glenluce, on the 3d inst., Mrs Weir, advanced in years.

WEIR, Mrs James - D28/2/1845 - At Lovedale, Caffraria, on the 28th Feb. Mrs Weir, wife of Mr James Weir, missionary in connection with the late Glasgow Missionary Society.

WEIR, John - D7/5/1869 - At the Hotel de La Pemmedor, Jersey, on the 7th inst. John Weir, Esq., aged 45 years, eldest son of the late Mr James Weir,farmer, Braehead, Auchinleck.

WEIR/AGNEW, Margaret - D24/3/1860 - At Castlemaine, near Melbourne, Australia, on the 24th March last, Margaret Agnew, wife of John S. Weir, Esq., and second daughter of the late George Agnew, Sheriff clerk of Wigtownshire, aged 24 years.

WEIR, S. James - D15/4/1846 - At Plumdon, near Annan, on the 15th inst., S. James Weir, Esq., formerly one of the magistrates of Greenock.

WEIR, William - D25/6/1846 - At Bridge Street, Girvan, on the 25th ult., Mr William Weir, flesher.

WELLS, Mrs - D10/6/1843 - At Hightae, on the 10th inst., Mrs Wells.

WELLS, Richard - D9/4/1844 - At Lochmaben, on the 9th inst., Mr Richard Wells, aged 80 years.

WELSH/M’NAIRN, Agnes - D28/11/1891 - At 89 King Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 28th ult. Agnes Welsh, wife of John M'Nairn, aged 44 years, late of Kirkcowan - American papers please copy.

WELSH, Alex. - D12/12/1844 - At M'Naughton, parish of Irongray, on the 12th inst., Alex.Welsh, Esq., of Skarr.

WELSH, Barbara -D1/12/1891 - At Wood, Newton-Stewart, on the 1st inst. Barbara, second daughter of Robert Welsh, aged 16 years.

WELSH, Rev. David - 22/11/1869 - At the Manse, Carsphairn, on the 22nd ultimo, the Rev. David Welsh, in the 83rd year of his age, and 48th of his ministry.

WELSH, George Robert - D3/2/1844 - At Edinburgh, on the 3d inst., George Robert, aged 23 months, youngest son of the Rev. David Welsh.

WELSH/M’KELVIE/BAILIE, Helen - D19/3/1861 - At Glenluce, on the 19th instant, Helen M'Kelvie, wife of Patrick Welsh, aged 73 years. (Widow as well of John Bailie as per Meg)

WELSH/IRVINE, He(len) - D30/6/1887 - At Blair Street, Portpatrick, on the 30th ult., He(len) Irvine, relict of David Welsh.

WELSH, James - D1/5/1843 - At his residence, Liverpool, on the 1st ult., Mr James Welsh, late of Meikle Furthead, in the parish or Urr.

WELSH, James - D14/11/1845 - At Janefield, on the 14th inst., James Welsh, Esq., advocate, Stewart substitute of Kirkcudbrightshire.

WELSH, John - D29/3/1843 - At Kirktown, Kirkmahoe, on the 29th ult., of consumption, John Welsh, a young man in the prime of life.

WELSH, John - D18/10/1846 - At Town of Urr, on the 18th ult., in the prime of Life, and after a lingering illness, borne with Christian patience and fortitude, John Welsh, Esq..

WELSH/ARNOTT, Margaret - D26/4/1853 - At Newton Stewart, on the 26th inst, Margaret Arnott aged -6 years - wife of Mr Welsh, cattle dealer.

WELSH, Mary - D17/9/1844 - At Liverpool, on the 17th ultimo, aged 16 years, Mary, eldest daughter or Mr James Welsh, late of Firthead.

WELSH, Robert - D19/5/1844 - At Moffat, on the morning of the 19th inst., in consequence of a fall from his horse, on the road from Moffat to Erickstane, Mr Robert Welsh, eldest son of James Welsh, Esq., of Earlshaugh.

WELSH, Robert - D30/9/1846 - At Norfolk Street, Laurieston, Glasgow, on the morning of Wednesday last, the 30th ult., after a short illness, Mr Robert Welsh, spirit dealer.

WELSH, Mrs. Wm. - D21/4/1844 - At Annan, on the 21st ult., the wife of Mr Wm Welsh, burgh-officer, - advanced in years.

WEST, Rev. John - D15/2/1845 - Suddenly, at the Manse of Poundland, parish of Colmonell, on the 15th inst., the Rev. John West, minister of the Reformed Presbyterian congregation there. He had travelled full two miles from his own house to meet the funeral of Mr M'Geoch, and accompanied it until he arrived opposite his own house, where he left it, owing to the indisposition of Mrs West. He was then in his usual state of health, took dinner, and a little after found himself rather uneasy; he complained of thirst, had a glass of porter brought to him, and took a little of it, but still he became more uneasy; he then went to bed, but could find no ease; he rose, took his chair, and in a short time breathed his last without a struggle. So short was the time, that before the foremost of the people had returned from the churchyard - a distance of about two miles - this respected servant of the Lord was no more.

WEST, Mrs. John - D22/2/1845 - At Poundland, parish of Colmonell, on the 22d inst., Mrs West, widow of the Rev. John West, minister there.

WESTERN, Charles Callis - D4/11/1844 - At Felix-hall, Essex, on the 4th inst., the Right Hon. Lord Western, in his 78th year. The deceased was unmarried, and has died, it is said, without a male heir. The title, which was conferred by Lord Melbourne, is therefore extinct. (Charles Callis Western son of Charles Western and Frances Shirley Bollan from Dr. A.E. Western’s “Outline of the Western Pedigree” 14th June 1921)

WHALEY/FITZGIBBON, Anne - D13/1/1844 - On the 13th inst., at her house, in Belgrave Square, London, the Countess Dowager of Clare. (Anne Whaley married John FitzGibbon in 1786 who was made 1st Earl of Clare in 1795. No mention of her birth or death could be found. Her two sons John (2nd Earl) and Robert Hobart (3rd Earl) had wives that lived to 1879 and 1865 respectively)

WHANNEL/DICKIE, Agnes - D14/4/1863 - At Balsmith, Whithorn, on the 14th inst., Agnes Dickie, wife of Mr William Whannel, labourer.

WHANNEL/SHEARER, Mary - D25/3/1847 - At Poundland, parish of Colmonell, on the 25th ult., Mary Whannel, relict of Andrew Shearer, late smith of that place, aged 93 years.

WHARRIE, Rev. T.S. - D27/2/1844 - At Symington Manse, on the 27th ult., the Rev. T.S. Wharrie, minister of Symington. Mr Wharrie was ordained minister of this parish in April, in 1809, and spent nearly 35 years in its pastoral superintendence.

WHARTON, Daniel - D27/11/1844 - At Glasgow, on the 27th ult., Daniel Wharton, Esq., writer, eldest son of the late John Wharton, Esq., collector of Excise, Greenock.

WHIGHAM/OSBORNE, Jean - D6/10/1846 - At Sanquhar, on the 6th instant, aged 87, Mrs Jean Osborne, relict of the late Edward Whigham, Esq., Provost of Sanquhar. Deceased has been between 40 and 50 years in the Queensberry Arms Inn, and was a personal friend of the poet Burns.

WHILLANS, Catherine - D8/2/1847 - At Langholm, on the 8th inst., Catherine, aged 6 years, daughter of Mr Robert Whillans, shoemaker there.

WHIRK/KINGING, Mary - D23/7/1843 - At Gatehouse, on the 23d inst., Mary Kinging, aged 84 years, spouse of the late Gilbert Whirk, merchant there.

WHITE, Dunbar - D27/12/1877 - At Whithorn, on the 27th ult., D-------- W(ilde?), Esq., M.D., aged 73 years, Friends will please accept of this intimation. (Dunbar WHITE, 73 died Whithorn #3. There were no WILDEs which matched at all as per Meg)

WHITE, Harriett - D21/9/1844 - At St. Andrew Street, Dumfries, on the 21st ult., Miss Harriett White, daughter of the late Mr White, mathematician.

WHITE, James - D26/10/1846 - At Kirkconnel Mains, Troqueer, on the 26th ult., Mr James White, wood-forester there, aged 53 years; and, on the 30th ult,. Mary Broadfoot, his wife, aged 55. Mr White attended church on the Friday preceding his death; and his wife was so much affected by his unexpected departure, that in four days afterwards she died of grief.

WHITE/M’GOWAN, Marg(aret) - D3/9/1865 - At Creech Mills, near Sorbie, on the 3rd inst., Marg(aret) M'Gowan, relict of Mr William White, farmer there, at the advanced aged of 85 years.

WHITE/BROADFOOT, Mary - D30/10/1846 - At Kirkconnel Mains, Troqueer, on the 26th ult., Mr James White, wood-forester there, aged 53 years; and, on the 30th ult., Mary Broadfoot, his wife aged 55 . Mr White attended church on the Friday preceding his death; and his wife was so much affected by his unexpected departure, that in four days afterwards she died of grief.

WHITE, William - D20/6/1843 - At Dalkeith, on the 20th inst., Mr William White, woollen manufacturer.

WHITE, Sergeant William - D29/10/1844 - at Dumfries, on the 29th ult., Sergeant William White, of the Permanent Staff, Dumfriesshire Militia.

WHITE, Wm. - D12/1/1851 - At Culzean Home Farm, on the 12th instant, Mr Wm White, land steward to the Most Noble the Marquis of Ailsa - much regretted.

WHITEHOUSE, Infant Child - D23/3/1874 - At Wigtown, on the 23rd inst. the infant child of Mr Edward Whitehouse, shoemaker.

WHITEHOUSE, Edward - D23/3/1874 - At Wigtown on the 23rd ult, the infant child of Mr Edward Whitehouse.

WHITESIDE, Janet - D4/3/1873 - Here, at 14 Greenvale Street, on the 4th inst., Janet, daughter of Mr Thomas Whiteside, mason.

WHITHER/DOUGLAS, Eliza - D9/12/1891 - Here at 47 Hanover Street, Stranraer on the 9th inst. Eliza Douglas, relict of John Wither.

WHYTE, Mrs Thomas - D5/2/1847 - At Glenluce, on the 5th instant, Mrs Whyte, relict of Thomas Whyte, Balyett. She was very much respected by all who knew her for her kind and charitable disposition, which she cherished to the last. A large circle lament her departure, and none more so than the poor of Glenluce.

WIER, Dugald - D12/11/1843 - At Wigtown, on the 12th inst., Dugald Wier, son of Mr John Wier, late in Little Airies.

WIGHT, Duncan - D15/7/1844 - At Dalmellington, on the 15th inst., Mr Duncan Wight, of the Black Bull Inn, in the 36th year of his age.

WIGHTMAN, Rev. Dr. - D14/7/1847 - At the (Manse) of Kirkmahoe, on the morning of the 14th instant, in his 87th year, the Rev. Dr. Wightman, in the 50th year of his ministry in that parish, and one of the oldest members of the Synod of Dumfries.

WIGHTMAN, Adam - D11/1/1845 - Very suddenly on the 11th January last, in New South Wales, Mr Adam Wightman, formerly in South Mains, Sanquhar.

WIGHTMAN/BLACKADDER, Helen - D29/1/1844 - At Port Street, Annan, on the 29th ult., Mrs Helen Wightman or Blackadder, wife of Mr Robt. Wightman, coal merchant - advanced in years.

WIGHTMAN/NIVISON, James - D1/8/1843 - At Ohio, New England, New South Wales, on the 1st August last, James, infant son of Abraham Nivison and Mary Wightman, - Friends will please accept the above notification. (Ohio, "The Ohio Run", is an estate of at least 20,000 acres in New South Wales, Australia in an Area known as "New England" around Walcha. It is still farmed by Nivisons, Hugh and Tim. See www.mirani.org. A book was written about it by Jillian Oppenheimer, "Abraham's Tribe" as per Tim Weedon.)

WIGHTMAN, Robert - in WDP D6/4/1843 - At Old Street, St.Luke's, London, Robert, son of Mr R.J. Wightman, aged 21 months.

WILD/CARSON, Agnes - D17/6/1850 - At Culscadden, on the 17th instant, Agnes Carson, aged 81 years, relict of the late Mr James Wild, farmer, Arrow.

WILDE, Sir Thomas - D11/11/1855 - Lord Truro, better known to the great mass of the public at Sir Thomas Wilde Died on Sunday evening at the age of 73. He was the son of a London attorney, and passed through all the grades of his profession. He had practised as a solicitor. He had sat on the bench as Chief Justice of the Common P------- and he had held the Great Seal as Lord Chancellor. but his future fame will rest chiefly on his great ability as an advocate.

WILKES/JEFFREY, Charlotte - D18/5/1850 - At Hailebury College, Hertford, on the 18th instant, Mrs Charlotte Wilkes, widow of the Hon Lord Jeffrey.

WILKIN, John - in the WFP D7/9/1843 - At Annan, last week, Mr John Wilkin, Greencroft, suddenly, at an advanced age.

WILKIN/LAURIE, Rachel Douglas - D10/12/1845 - At Tinwald Downs, on the 10th inst., Rachel Douglas Laurie, wife of Mr James Wilkin.

WILKIN, Robert - D26/3/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 26th ult, Mr Robert Wilkin, George Inn, aged 41 years.

WILKINS/ALLISON, Elizabeth - D24/8/1874 - At Portwilliam on the 24th ult, Elizabeth Wilkins, wife of Mr Allison, boot & shoemaker, Glenluce, aged 69 years.

WILKINSON/M'MATH, Agnes - D16/11/1843 - At Miln of Senwick, Borgue, on the 16th inst., advanced in life, Mrs Agnes M'Math, widow of Mr James Wilkinson, Nun-Miln, Twynholm - much regretted.

WILKINSON, James - D??/11/1842 - Lost, in November, last, on Lake Ontario, James Wilkinson, of the schooner Detroit of Oswego, aged 37 years - formerly of Dumfries.

WILKINSON, James - D23/12/1843 - At Kirkbean, on the 23d ult., Mr James Wilkinson, shoemaker, aged 28 - after a long and distressing illness, which he bore with much patience and resignation - much regretted.

WILKINSON, James - D(24)/8/1844 - At English Street, on the (24) th inst., in his fifth year, James, eldest son of Mr Andrew Wilkinson, hair-dresser.

WILKINSON/RENNIE, Mrs Thomas - D22/3/1844 - At Leeds, on the 22d ult., Mrs Thomas Wilkinson, daughter of James Rennie, Esq., merchant, Bradford - much respected and deeply regretted.

WILL, Alexander - D30/5/1852 - At Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, on the 30th ult., Alexander Will, Esq., late Examiner or H.M Customs for Scotland.

WILLET/DALRYMPLE, Martha - D5/6/1869 - At Ellison, Roxburghshire, on the 5th inst., Martha Willet, Dowager Countess of Stair, relict of North Hamilton Dalrymple, ninth Earl of Stair, aged 80 years.

WILLIAMS/LAWSON, Mary Helen Mary - D(13)/6/1887 - At Woodlee, Newton-Stewart, N.B. on the (13)th inst, Mary Helen Mary Lawson, youngest daughter of the late Edward and Annie Williams, in her 22nd year.

WILLIAMSON, David - D22/3/1874 - At his son's house, Knowe Village, on the 22nd inst Mr David Williamson, aged 82 years.

WILLIAMSON, Fergus - D2/5/1846 - At Craigenholly, parish of Old Luce, on the 2d instant, Mr Fergus Williamson, farmer there, in the 86th year of his age - much and justly regretted.

WILLIAMSON, Jessie - D8/12/1873 - At Spittal Bridge, Bladnoch, on the 8th inst. Jessie, infant daughter of Mr Robert Williamson, blacksmith.

WILLIAMSON, John - D21/5/1843 - At Wanlockhead, on the 21st ult., John, only son of Mr John Williamson.

WILLIAMSON, John - D7/5/1855 - At Upper Senwick, Borgue, on the 7th inst., Mr John Williamson.

WILLIAMSON, John - D1/11/1860 - At Greenock, on the 1st inst., Mr John Williamson, traveller to Mr John Hunter, fish merchant there, much regretted.

WILLIAMSON, Samuel - D17/11/1844 - At Mirzapore, on the 17th Nov. last, Mr Samuel Williamson fourth son of the late Mr David Williamson, merchant, Dumfries.

WILLIS, Male infant - D9/3/1846 - At Kirkpatrick-Durham, on the 9th instant, the infant son of Rev. J. Willis, aged 6 days.

WILSON, Mrs - in the WFP 27/7/1843 - At Annan, last week, Mrs Wilson, High Street, in her 92d year.

WILSON, Mrs - D24/9/1843 - At Castle-Douglas, on the 24th ult., Mrs Wilson, at an advanced age.

WILSON, Mrs. - in WFP 17/5/1855 - At Garchew, parish of Penningham, on the ---- Mrs Wilson aged 84 years.

WILSON, Infant son - D24/11/1883 - At Balker, Inch, on the 24th inst., the infant son of John Wilson.

WILSON, Agnes - D13/6/1845 - At Gatehouse, on the 13th instant, after a long affliction, Agnes, daughter of the late David Wilson of that place.

WILSON/M'KNIGHT, Agnes - D29/4/1846 - At Palnackie, on the 29th ult., Agnes Wilson, wife of Captain George M'Knight, and youngest daughter of the late Captain Thomas Wilson, there.

WILSON, Alex - in WFP D31/7/1845 - At Retreat Cottage, in the Island of Grenada, in his 37th year, Alex. Wilson, Esq., Formerly of Stranraer.

WILSON, Allan - D5/6/1870 - At West Freugh, Stoneykirk, on the 5th inst., aged 62 years, Mr Allan Wilson, farmer there.

WILSON, Allan Murray - D29/4/1870 - At 16 Wilh------- Street, Limerick, on the 29th ult., Allan Murray Wilson, M.R.C.V.S. Veterinary Surgeon, youngest son of Mr Wilson, West Freugh, aged 24 years.

WILSON, Ann - D10/3/1844 - At Sanquhar, on the 10th inst. Ann Wilson.

WILSON, Archibald - D4/6/1844 - At Capetown, Cape of Good Hope, on the 4th June last, Archibald Wilson, youngest son of Mr John Wilson, late farmer in Troas, Ayrshire.

WILSON, Blair - D19/1/1871 - At Juniper Green on the 19th instant, Blair Wilson, second son of the late John Wilson, Professor of Mora-- Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh.

WILSON/GRAINGER, Catherine - D6/6/1887 - At the Stanley Hospital, Liverpool, on the 6th inst, Catherine Grainger, the beloved wife of Robert Wilson, late of Newton-Stewart, N.B. aged 64 years.

WILSON, Charles - D15/8/18944 - At Plymouth, on the 15th inst., Charles, youngest son of James Wilson, draper, aged 21 months.

WILSON, Charles - D29/2/1864 - At Glenluce, on the 29th ultimo, Charles Wilson.

WILSON, David - D27/9/1844 - Here, on the 27th ult., David Wilson, aged 84 years.

WILSON, Rev. David - D17/10/1845 - Here, on the 17th inst., the Rev. David Wilson, minister of the burgh and parish of Stranraer, in the 66th (86th ) year of his age and the 38th of his incumbency.

WILSON, David - D11/6/1850 - At Victoria Park, Ayr, on the 11th instant, David Wilson, Esq., writer, and Procurator Fiscal for the burgh of Ayr.

WILSON/SMITH, E. - D22/11/1855 - At Newton Stewart, on the 22nd inst., E. Smith, wife of Mr Alex. Wilson, joiner.

WILSON/MacBRYDE, Elizabeth - D3/7/1843 - At Newton-Stewart, on the 3d inst., advanced in years, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian patience and resignation, Elizabeth, wife of Mr J. Macbryde, wine and spirit merchant, and daughter of the late Mrs Wilson of Calside and Nether-Kirkcudbright.

WILSON/DONALDSON, Elizabeth - D5/8/1844 - At Valleyfield, parish of Crossmichael, on the 5th inst., Elizabeth Wilson, relict of James Donaldson, Esq..

WILSON/NELSON, Elizabeth - D17/3/1874 - At Arthur Street, Newton-Stewart, on the 17th inst. Elizabeth Nelson, wife of Mr Joseph Wilson, aged 76 years.

WILSON, Elizabeth - D31/8/1887 - At Ivy Bank, Creebridge, on the 31st ult., Miss Elizabeth Wilson, late of Barncaughlaw, aged 76 years.

WILSON/THOMSON, Elizabeth - D28/10/1888 - Here, at 4 North Strand Street, on the 28th ult., Elizabeth Thomson, relict of William Wilson, dairyman, aged 71 years.

WILSON, Elizabeth Gordon - D16/9/1884 - At New-Luce, on the16th inst., Elizabeth Gordon, youngest daughter of William Wilson, aged 16 months.

WILSON, Elizabeth Pringle - D14/11/1844 - At Hawick, on the 14th inst., Ellizabeth Pringle, second daughter of Peter Wilson, Esq., manufacturer.

WILSON/M'MEIKING, Ellen - D28/1/1878 - At Bridgend, New-Luce, on the 28th ult., Ellen M'Meiking, aged 87 years, widow of the late John Wilson, farmer, Waterfoot, New-Luce.

WILSON/DICKSON, Hamilton - in the WFP D29/8/1844 - At Garshew, parish of Penninghame, whither she had gone for the benefit of health, Hamilton Wilson, wife of Mr Dickson of Wigan.

WILSON/HERON, Helen - D10/11/1845 - At New Galloway, on the 10th inst., aged 94 years, Helen Heron, relict of John Wilson, late of Trochiehouse, parish of Kells, and mother to the present minister of Balmaclellan. What her rank in the society of mind was, may be inferred from the appellative "Lady Wilson," by which title she was deservedly and generally known.

WILSON, Helen - D16/2/1869 - At Cairngarroch, Stoneykirk, on the 16th instant, Helen Wilson, aged 62 years.

WILSON/M’CULLOCH, Hellen - D25/11/1861 - At Bargrennan Toll, the residence of her father, on the 25th ult., Hellen M'Culloch, wife of Alexander Wilson, aged 24 years. She was - but words are wanted to say what: - think what a dutiful obedient child and a loving wife should be - and she was all that!

WILSON, Hugh - D15/10/1844 - At Kilwinning, on the 15th inst., Mr Hugh Wilson, aged 61.

WILSON, James - D10/12/1842 - At Bungay, on the 10th ult., James Wilson, tea dealer, a native of Parton, Kirkcudbrightshire - much lamented.

WILSON, James - D2/5/1871 - At the King's Arms, Dalry, Ayrshire, on the 2d inst., Mr James Wilson, aged 32 years - formerly of the King's Arms Hotel, Glenluce.

WILSON, James - D26/12/1891 - At Carscreugh, Old Luce, on the 26th inst. James Wilson son of John Wilson shepherd, aged 16 months.

WILSON, Jane M’Master - D29/10/1897 - At 38, Sheuchan Street, Stranraer, on the 29th ult., Jane M'Master Wilson, daughter of Alex Wilson.

WILSON/M’WHIRTER, Janet - D12/5/1844 - At Shellknowe, Ballantrae, on the 12th instant, Janet Wilson, wife of Mr James M'Whirter, tailor there, and daughter of the late Mr William Wilson, late of Portencallie, Wigtownshire.

WILSON, John - D20/10/1844 - At Glenluce, on the 20th inst., John Wilson. (Inserted 31/10/44)

WILSON, John - D21/10/1844 - At Glenluce, on the 21st inst., John Wilson, after a short but painful illness.

WILSON, John - D1/4/1845 - At Dalbeattie, on the 1st inst., Mr John Wilson, mason, aged 81 years.

WILSON, John - D30/4/1845 - At Ayr, on the 30th ult., Mr John Wilson, aged 77.

WILSON, John - D7/5/1869 - At Queen Street, on the 7th instant, John, aged 18 years, son of Mr John Wilson, burgh officer.

WILSON, John - D1/4/1878 - At the Southern Counties, Asylum, Dumfries, on the 1st inst., John Wilson, late burgh-officer, Stranraer, aged 68 years.

WILSON, Joseph Cape - D24/4/1843 - In New Market Street, Dumfries, on Monday week, Joseph Cape, aged 2 years and 5 months, son of Mr John Wilson, blacksmith.

WILSON/ANDERSON, Margaret - in the WFP D28/12/1843 - At Hillhead, near Langholm, Margaret Wilson, spouse of John Anderson, shepherd.

WILSON, Margaret - D3/3/1844 - At Lochfoot, Lochrutton, on the 3d inst., Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr David Wilson, parochial schoolmaster of Lochrutton.

WILSON/STEWART, Margaret - D26/2/1845 - Here, very suddenly, on the 26th ult., Margaret Stewart, wife of the Rev. David Wilson, Minister of Stranraer.

WILSON, Margaret - D7/2/1867 - At 10 Princes Street, on the 7th instant, Margaret Wilson, aged 82 years.

WILSON/M’WILLIAM, Margaret - D21/12/1891 - At Balgreggan Mains, Sandhead, on the 21st inst. Margaret Wilson, relict of David M'William, mason, aged 76 years.

WILSON/ANDERSON, Marian - D20/12/1891 - At Port o'Spittal, Stoneykirk on the (20)th inst. Marian Anderson, relict of James Wilson, ploughman, aged (8)6 years.

WILSON/THOMSON, Mary - D14/2/1844 - At Dumfries, on Tuesday, the 14th inst., Mrs Mary Wilson, relict of Mr James Thomson, Plainstones, in her 92d year.

WILSON/MAXWELL, Mary - D16/3/1846 - At Dalbeattie, on the 16th inst., aged 71 years, Mary Wilson, relict of Mr Maxwell, architect there, deeply regretted by an extensive circle of friends and relations.

WILSON, Mary - D15/8/1846 - At Colmonell, on the 15th inst., Mary, aged 7 years, eldest daughter of Mr Wm. Wilson, surgeon there.

WILSON/M’MILLAN, Mary - D10/7/1855 - At Brigton, on the 10th inst., Mary M'Millan, wife of Mr William Wilson, farmer, Brigton.

WILSON, Robert - D17/10/1847 - At Crocketford, Urr, on the 17th instant, Mr Robert Wilson, innkeeper, lately farmer in Shambelly, Newabbey, aged 56 years, much regretted by all who knew him.

WILSON, Robert - D6/8/1860 - On the 6th inst., at Terally, Kirkmaiden, of ............ after a short illness, Robert Wilson, Esq., M.D..

WILSON/BLACK, Sarah - D13/8/1846 - At Craigencrosh, Stoneykirk, on the 13th inst., Sarah Wilson, wife of Mr William Black, farmer there, after a short illness.

WILSON, Thomas - D15/6/1843 - At (Daron) ironworks, on the 15th ult., Mr Thomas Wilson, aged 67 years.

WILSON, Thos. - D8/7/1843 - In the Island of Antigua, on the 8th July last, Thos., eldest son of the late Rev. James Wilson, minister of Tynron.

WILSON, Thomas - D5/9/1846 - At Colmonell, on the 5th inst., in his 3d year, Thomas, only son of Mr William Wilson, surgeon there.

WILSON, Thomas Adam - D13/1/1878 - At South Balfern, on the 13th instant, Thomas Adam, youngest son of William Wilson, aged 2 months.

WILSON, William - D20/6/1844 - At Craig of Balmaghie, on the 20th ult., aged 19 years, William, eldest son of Mr Robert Wilson. He was a young man of amiable dispositions.

WILSON, William - D27/6/1845 - At Innerfield, parish of Lochmaben, on the 27th ult., William Wilson, aged 93 years. Born in 1752, he was baptised by the Rev. Ralph Erskine, minister of Dunfermline, one of the fathers of the Secession Church. As Mr Erskine died in 1752, the deceased was, in all probability, among the last to whom that distinguished minister dispensed the ordinance of baptism. (FYI the Rev Ralph Erskine died in Nov 1752 as per Randy)

WILSON, William - D14/3/1853 - At Colmonell, on the 14th instant, William, aged 5 years and 5 months, only surviving son of William Wilson, Esq., surgeon.

WILSON, William - D12/1/1878 - At Mains of Cairnbrock, Kirkcolm, on the 12th inst., Mr William Wilson, farmer there - much respected and deeply regretted.

WILSON, William - D13/8/1878 - At Cairngarroch, Stoneykirk, on the 13th inst., Mr William Wilson, aged 67 years.

WINGATE/MONTEITH, Margaret Orr - At 154 Scotland Street, Glasgow, on the 20th inst., Margaret Orr Monteith, widow of W(al)ter Wingate.

WISHART, Thomas - in the WFP D29/5/1845 - At Rigg Morr of Gretna, Thomas Wishart, farmer, advanced in years, much and deservedly respected.

WITHAM, Male - D1/5/1845 - At Kirkconnell, near Newabbey, on the 1st inst., the lady of Robert Maxwell Witham, Esq., of a son, who died on the 5th.

WITHER, Mrs - D9/11/1843 - At Nook, parish of Portpatrick, on the 9th inst., Mrs Wither, aged 73.

WITHER, Agnes - D8/11/1843 - At South Port-o-Spittal, on the 8th inst., aged 73 years, Agnes, relict of John Wither, farmer there.

WITHER, Agnes Neilson - D15/3/1847 - At Barmore, on the 15th inst., Agnes Neilson, aged two years, daughter of Mr James Wither, farmer there.

WITHER/McGILL, Elizabeth - D28/3/1843 - At High Barmore, parish of Stoneykirk, on the 28th ult. Mrs Elizabeth M'Gill, aged 78 years, spouse of Mr Peter Wither, farmer, there - much regretted by a wide circle of friends.

WITHER, Elizabeth Margaret - (in WFP D28/3/1861) D4/???/1861 - At Black Creek, Amherst, Australia, on the 4th .........1861, Elizabeth Margaret, only daughter of Mr...Wither, aged 17 months, late of Wigtownshire, Scotland.

WITHER, James - D15/1/1844 - At Eldrick-hill, on the 15th instant, James Wither, in the 22d year of his age. His illness was short; but when suffering acute pain, he exhibited great patience and resignation to the Divine will. Although cut off suddenly and unexpectedly in the bloom of youth, yet the amiableness of his disposition and suavity of his manners had gained him the esteem and friendship of all with whom he was acquainted, and seldom has the death of so young a person in his station been more generally and sincerely lamented.

WITHER, James - D28/8/1884 - At Portree, Portpatrick, on the 28th ult., James, second son of the late John Wither, farmer, Neuk, aged 17 years.

WITHER/EDGAR, Janet - D23/8/1860 - At High Tibbert, Portpatrick, on the 23d inst., Janet Wither, aged 82 years, relict of Mr James Edgar, late in Craigmoodie.

WITHER, Jane - D22/3/1863 - At Lochans, on the (22nd ult) Miss Jane Wither, aged 84 years, This venerable lady, leaving only one near relative, a sister justly beloved, was the daughter of Mr John Wither, farmer, three Mark, who was distinguished as well as his excellent wife for religious and moral worth. And herself for her own strictly Christian character, habits of fervent devotion, enlightened attachment to the principles of the Reformed Presbyterian church, to which she belonged, was held in the highest esteem by many Christian friends; and of her generosity in granting kindly aid to each as required it, her delight in cultivating the friendship of a large and most respectable circle of acquaintances, her appreciation of the society of ministers and members of other denominations as well as her own, was deservedly regarded by all as an ornament to the society in which she moved; and having bequeathed the residue of all her property remaining after a life interest therein -------- to her sister, to the aid of various schemes of religious enterprise, and having borne with Christian resignation her protracted last illness, and died in the good hope of eternal life, is now mourned as a beautiful model of character that connected the present age with the great worth (of remote) times. The interment was in the family grave in Stoneykirk, to which a most respectable company followed the earthly remains.

WITHER, John - D3/5/1850 - On the 3d instant, at Portpatrick, (whither he had gone on a visit to his daughter) John Wither, aged 78 years. The deceased had been church officer in the parish of Stoneykirk for 42 years. He kept a correct register of the interments performed by himself, enumerating an amount considerably exceeding 2,700. During his life he maintained an unimpeachable character, for sterling honesty, and been frequently delegated on missions of important trust.

WITHER, John - D22/7/1851 - Died on the 22nd inst. after a short, but painful illness, which he was enabled to bear with the patience and Christian resignation, John Wither, farmer, Bine, parish of Portpatrick, aged 55 years. He was much respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances - has left a mourning widow to lament the loss of a kind and loving husband, and a family of children to deplore the loss of an affectionate and indulgent father.

WITHER, John - D11/3/1863 - Here, at Sheuchan Street, on the 11th inst., Mr John Wither, advanced in years.

WITHER, John - D22/9/1867 - At Aird, parish of Inch, on the 22nd instant, Mr John Wither, formerly draper in Stranraer, aged 87 years.

WITHER/ROSS, Marion - D5/6/1869 - At Broadstone Cottage, Leswalt, on the 5th inst., at the residence of her son-in-law, Marion Wither, aged 74 years, the beloved wife of John Ross, Esq., of Knocknassie, Kirkcolm, She bore her illness with Christian resignation; and her death is deeply regrettedby a wide circle of relatives and acquaintances.

WITHERS, Ann - D20/12/1846 - At Glenluce, on the 20th inst., Ann Withers - much respected.

WITHERS, James - D4/12/1844 - At Glenluce, on the 4th inst., Mr James Withers, aged 85 years.

WITHERS, Janet - D9/12/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 9th inst., Mrs Janet Withers, aged 82 years. She was for many years a faithful servant as housekeeper to Lady Dalrymple Hay of Dunraggit, mother of the present respected Baronet. Her death is much lamented, as she was truly a friend to the poor, and an ornament to religion.

WITHERS, William - D14/1/1843 - At Glenluce, on the 14th inst., Mr William Withers, aged 77.

WODROW, Miss - D4/3/1845 - At Saltcoats, on the 4th inst., Miss Wodrow, daughter of the late Dr Wodrow, minister of Stevenston, and grand daughter of the historian.

WODROW, Robert - D5/1/1845 - At Viewfield, near Mauchline, on the 5th inst., Robert Wodrow, Esq., in the 87th year of his age.

WOLSELEY, Sir Charles - D8/10/1846 - At Wolseley Hall, on the 8th inst., Sir Charles Wolseley, Bart., aged 78.

WOOD, Cutler - D2/7/1844 - At Dalry, on the 2d inst., Cutlar Wood, merchant, at an advanced age. He was a man of sterling integrity, and greatly respected by all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance. His demise has cast a gloom over the village in which he has been long a resident.

WOOD/MILLIGAN, Elizabeth - D12/9/1845 - At Buccleuch Street, Dumfries, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth Wood, wife of Mr William Milligan, hosier - much and justly regretted by a wide circle of friends.

WOOD/CUNNINGHAM, Janet - D19/8/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 19th curt., Janet Wood, relict of Mr Joseph Cunningham, clog-maker.

WOOD/COCHRANE Jessie - At 7 East Campbell, Street, Glasgow, on the 14th inst., aged 75 years, Jessie Cochrane, relict of Mr Robert Wood, tailor, Dalkeith.

WOOD, John George Stewart - D21/3/1847 - At Garliestown, on the 21st ult., John George Stewart Wood, infant son of the late Mr William Wood, merchant, Garliestown.

WOOD, Richard - in the WFP D 5/1/1843 - Richard Wood, Supervisor of Excise, Langholm, in his 50th year - respected by all who knew him. (inserted Jan 5, 1843)

WOOD, Richard - D 31/12/1842 - At Langholm, on the 31st ult., in his 50th year, Richard Wood, supervisor of excise, greatly regretted. (inserted Jan 12, 1843)

WOOD, William - D22/11/1845 - At Garliestown, on the 22d inst,. Mr William Wood, grocer and spirit dealer, aged 35 years.

WOODHALL/LAURIE, Sophia - D26/7/1853 - At Barwhinnock, on the 26th ultimo, Sophia Woodhall, relict of the late Patrick Laurie, Esq., of Barwhinnock.

WOODHOUSE, Sarah - D8/11/1843 - At Dumfries, on the 8th curt., Sarah, only surviving daughter of Mr T. Woodhouse, one of the guards of the mill of Portpatrick.

WOODS, Henry - D23/10/1867 - At Glenluce, on the 23rd instant, Mr Henry Woods, advanced in years.

WRIGHT, Agnes - D5/7/1844 - At Dumfries, on Friday last, aged 5 years, Agnes, eldest daughter or Mr William Wright, provision dealer - deeply regretted.

WRIGHT, Agnes Ann (Awn) - D2/9/1874 - At the Police Station, Newton-Stewart, on the 2nd inst., Agnes Ann (Awn), youngest daughter of Mr William Wright, constable.

WRIGHT/BLOUNT, Ann - D16/3/1844 - At Lochfoot on the 16th curt., Ann Wright, wife of Mr George Blount, innkeeper there.

WRIGHT, David - D20/1/1861 - At Ervie, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 20th inst., in the 23d year of his age, Mr David Wright, boot and shoemaker, much regretted.

WRIGHT, Elisabeth - D15/1/1878 - Here, at 9 Agnew Crescent, on the 15th inst., Elisabeth Wright, aged 79 years.

WRIGHT, Eliza - D22/4/1853 - Here, at Charlotte Street, on the 22d instant, Eliza, third daughter of Mr Wright, plumber - aged 5 years and 10 months.

WRIGHT/MARTIN, Esther - D23/3/1844 - At Dumfries, on the 23rd ult, Esther Martin, spouse of Sergeant-Major Wright, of the Dumfries-shire Militia.

WRIGHT, Rev. Jacob - D4/11/1845 - At London, on the 4th inst., at an advanced age, the Rev. Jacob Wright, minister of Hutton. He was ordained in 1799.

WRIGHT/BELL, Jane - D17/5/1870 - At Garleyhawes, parish of Kirkcolm, on the 17th inst., after a short but painful illness, borne with Christian resignation, Jane Bell, wife of Mr Samuel Wright, (joiner) much respected and deeply regretted.

WRIGHT, Janet - D30/8/1887 - At Culroy, Old-Luce, on the 30th ult., Janet Wright, aged 74 years.

WRIGHT/CONNELL, Jean - D13/12/1891 - At High Street, Dumbarton, on the 13th inst. Jean Connell, relict of William Wright, officer, coastguard, late of Portpatrick, in her 78th year.

WRIGHT, John - D5/7/1843 - At Longtown, on the 5th inst., John, infant son of Mr William Wright, master tailor.

WRIGHT, John - D25/8/1847 - At Wigtown, on the 25th ult., John Wright, aged 9 years second son of Mr Wright, lately gamekeeper to Earl of Galloway.

WRIGHT/HEWITSON, Mary - D17/4/1846 - At Dalmellington, on the 17th instant, Mary Wright, wife of Mr James Hewitson, aged 70.

WRIGHT, Thomas - D7/1/1867 - At English Street, Dumfries, on the 7th instant, Thomas, son of Mr Thomas Wright, engine driver, aged 9 months.

WRIGHT, Thomas - D23/11/1883 - Here, at (-)0 Agnew Crescent, on the 23rd inst.,Thomas Wright, aged 92 years.

WRIGHT, William - D6/8/1844 - At Liverpool, on the 6th inst., William Wright, eldest son of the late Joseph Wright, East Glen, Newabbey.

WRIGHT, William - D3/2/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 3d inst., William, infant son of Mr Wm. Wright, provision dealer.

WRIGHT, William - D8/7/1845 - At Dumfries, on the 8th instant, of apoplexy in the prime of life, Mr William Wright provision dealer, High Street.

WRIGHT, William - D4/3/1847 - At Dalrymple Street, Girvan, on the 4th instant, Mr William Wright, mason.

WALKER, Catherine - D10/7/1845 - At Hanover Street, here, on the 10th instant, Catherine Walker, aged 74 years.

WYATTE, William - D8/10/1845 - In Sun Street, here, on the 8th inst., after a long and serious illness, Mr William Wyatte, mariner, aged 47.

WYBER, John - D31/8/1845 - At Castle Street, Edinburgh, on the 31st ult., Mr John Wyber, preacher, in connection with the Relief Church.

WYLIE, Infant Male - D17/3/1874 - At Dashwood square, Newton-Stewart, on the 17th inst. the infant son of Mr Wm. Wylie.

WYLIE, Hugh - D17/9/1884 - At 25, Causland Road, South Hackney, London, E. on the 17th inst., Hugh, youngest son of the late William Wylie, Galloway House, Garliestown, aged 43 years. - Deeply regretted.

WYLIE, Hugh King - D1/4/1891 - At Stewarton, Ayhrshire, on the 1st inst. Hugh King youngest son of Joseph Wylie, Castle Street, Stranraer, aged 32 years.

WYLIE/CLUMPHA, Isabella - D7/2/1843 - At Westmains, parish of Kirkcowan, on the 7th inst., Isabella Wylie, wife of Alex Clumpha, servant to Mr Broadfoot, leaving ten children to lament her loss.

WYLIE/SMITH, Isabella - D14/8/1887 - At 38 Shakespere Street, Dumfries, on the 14th ult., Isabella Wylie, wife of William E. Smith, aged 38 years.

WYLIE/TELFER, Jane - D29/9/1865 - At Newstead, Castlemain, Australia on 29 september last, Jane, wife of Mr James Telfer, daughter of the late Mr William Wyllie ???? near Stranraer. (Hard to read but the Mt Alexander Mail (30/9/1865 issue) from Newstead Australia filled in the blanks as per Trish Adams - inserted in the WFP D21/12/1865)

WYLLIE, Charles - D28/5/1845 - At Whitehill, Old Cumnock, on the 28th ultimo, Mr Charles Wyllie, in the 45th year of his age.

WYLLIE/BRYDON, Elizabeth - D5/4/1844 - At Whitehill, Cumnock, on the 5th inst., Elizabeth Brydon, relict of Mr Charles Wyllie, farmer, at an advanced age.

WYNN, Commander J. - D30/4/1844 - At Portpatrick, on the 30th ult., Commander J. Wynn, R.N. agent for her Majesty's packets.