Reddick-Benbow-Means Family Reunion

reunion history


The First Benbow-Reddick-Means Family Reunion

Rebirda “Birt” Reddick Means Johnson, daughter of Abraham Reddick and Laura Wilson Benbow Reddick, always told the children that she had three brothers somewhere but didn’t know where. In 1956, George Benbow’s first wife Laveta passed and he returned to Gainesville. It was at this time Birt met her brother for the first time in almost 40 years. Afer this meeting, George returned home to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and could not wait to tell his brothers, Isaiah and Jesse the good news! In June, 1957, George and Isaiah came to Archer to meet ttheir sister Birt, accompanied by their wives, Erie and Willie Ree. After a short stay, they returned to their homes and letters of happiness followed thereafter.

In 1959, Rebirda traveled to Philadelphia and New Jersey to rejoin them one more time. In 1966, Rebirda traveled to Salem, Virginia to visit the last brother, Jesse Benbow, who was hospitalized in a government hospital. She had not seen him in 45 years. This was a happy reunion and from then on there was communication between the Benbow Brothers and their sister, Birt, until the death of Isaiah in 1961. In July, 1975, Jesse Benbow departed this life and was returned to Archer, Florida, where he is buried. In January, 1976, George Benbow passed, leaving behind their lovable sister Rebirda Means Johnson.

Rebirda made sure that her children and grandchildren remembered the family. Most of her descendants remain in the Gainesville area and have kept the communication open between the Reddick-Benbow-Means and extended families. Through this connection, the Family Reunions were created and they continue to this day.

  • 2001 – Reddick-Benbow-Means Reunion Banquet
  • 2002 – Benbow-Reddick-Means Family Reunion, So. PLF, NJ
  • 2003 – Means-Reddick-Benbow Family Extravaganza, Archer, FL
  • 2004 – Benbow-Reddick-Means Family Picnic, Brunswick, GA
  • 2005 – Benbow-Reddick-Means Family Reunion, High Springs, FL
  • 2006 – Benbow-Reddick-Means Family Reunion, Tampa, FL
  • 2008 - Reddick-Benbow-Means Family Reunion
  • 2010 - Reddick-Benbow-Means Family Reunion
  • 2012 - Reddick-Benbow-Means Family Reunion - Anne Arundel County, MD
  • 2014 - Reddick-Benbow-Means Family Reunion - Atlanta, GA