Davis: Lewis Y.

LEWIS Y. DAVIS (abt 1809-18933)

(Nancy Fite and Susan Driver)

John Davis Sr. and Abigail Duncan - Their Descendants
By John's direct descendants: Ann (Jobe) Brown and Cheryl (Davis) Holman
Last modified 25 Feb 2011


When it comes to Lewis Y. Davis, we actually have more questions than we do answers. In some records, his name is spelled as Louis and in others as Lewis. The middle initial "Y" seems to always appear - though at this time, we do not know what it stands for. It is known that he married Nancy Fite, the d/o Leonard Fite, Jr. and Elizabeth Duncan.


1832/33 - Dr. Wright's Day Book

"lists LOUIS Y. DAVIS, Aaron DAVIS and Solomon DAVIS"

May Term 1844 - LDS FILM #1,010,990 DEKALB CO COURT CLERKS OFFICE MIN BOOK APR 1842-SEP 1849, p. 108

"LEWIS Y. DAVIS furnished the certificate of his election as Justice of the Peace in District #1 and was duly qualified & sworn"

1850 DeKalb Co., TN Census

October 23, 1899 - Liberty Herald Newspaper - Forks of the Pine Section

"Uncle LEWIS Y. DAVIS of Cottage Home was here Friday on his return home from a visit in Nashville"

Children by Nancy Fite

  1. Diggie ? Davis

    --b. 1832

  2. Emily H. (Davis)Burns

    --b. 1834 Tennessee
    --m. James B. BURNS
    --February 18, 1855 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b. 1823 Tennessee

  3. Mary E. (Davis) David

    --b. 1836 Tennessee
    --m. Mr. DAVIS

  4. Tennessee Davis

    --b. 1838 DeKalb Co., TN

  5. Lavinia (Davis) Hays

    --b. 1841 DeKalb Co., TN
    --m. Alexander HAYS
    --July 6, 1861 Wilson Co., TN

  6. Angeline 'Angie' (Davis) Ware

    --b. 1843 DeKalb Co., TN
    --m. Mr. WARE

  7. Thomas Fite Davis

    --b. 1845 DeKalb Co., TN

  8. Leonard Fite Davis

    --b. 1846/47 DeKalb Co., TN
    --d. -
    --m. Elizabeth 'Bessie' SAWRIE

  9. Lewis N. Davis

    --b. 1848 DeKalb Co., TN
    --d. -
    --m. Mary Lee TURNER

  10. Zachariah T. 'Zack' Davis

    --b. February 3, 1850 DeKalb Co., TN
    --d. -
    --m. Mary Emoline CURTIS
    --June 30, 1868 DeKalb Co., TN
    ----b.April 1852
    ----d. abt 1922 DeKalb Co., TN
    ------d/o John H. Curtis and Mary Belle McFARLAND

    Lemuel Davis

  11. Lemuel H. 'Bud' Davis

    --b. May 19, 1852 Alexandria, DeKalb Co., TN
    --d. August 24, 1936 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
    --m/1 Cumiss CHILDRESS
    --abt 1879
    ----b. 1858 Tennessee
    ----d. May 30, 1893 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
    --m/2 Anna Christine BRUCE
    --September 14, 1894 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
    ----b. August 11, 1867 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
    ----d. 1929 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
    ------d/o George Washington Bruce and Frances GREEN

    Anna Christine (Bruce) Davis with daughter, Mackie
    Taken About 1896
    Photo: Courtesy of Debbie Carvill

    Anna Christine (Bruce) Davis with daughter Mackie

    Children of Lemuel H. 'Bud' Davis and Anna Christine Bruce

    1. Lemuel Davis

    2. Mackie (Davis) Branfette Towar

      --b. 1895 Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
      --m/1 John Braffett
      --abt 1918
      --m/2 Albert J. TOWAR
      --abt 1921
      ----b. June 26, 1889 Michigan
      ----d. March 1969 New Baltimore, Macomb, Michigan

      Mackie (Davis) and husband, Albert J. Towar
      Taken November 21, 1951
      Photo: Courtesy of Debbie Carvill

      Mackie (Davis) and husband, Albert J. Toward (1951)

      * * * * *

      Towar Family
      Taken November 21, 1951
      Photo: Courtesy of Debbie Carvill

      Towar Family(1951)

      Debbie writes:

      Seated is my grandfather, A.J. Towar, with my mother, Betty Ann (Towar) Mulkey on his lap. Standing behind them from left to right is: Albert J. “Bud” Towar, Jr., my grandmother, Mackie (Davis) Towar, and my uncle, Bruce Towar.

        Children of Mackie Davis and John Braffette

      1. Betty Ann (Towar) Mulkey

        --b. December 4, 1919
        --d. February 13, 2011

        AFter Mackie's divorce from John Braffette, she married Albert J. Towar, who adopted Betty Ann.

        Children of Mackie Davis and Albert J. Towar

      2. Albert Jelly Towar, Jr.

        --b. November 28, 1922 Michgian
        --d. December 30, 1993 Grosse Pte Farms, Wayne, Michigan
        --m. Margaret Nell NICKENS
        ----b. January 23, 1927
        ----d. October 21, 1971

        Mackie (Davis) and son, Albert J. Towar, Jr.
        Taken November 21, 1951
        Photo: Courtesy of Debbie Carvill

        Mackie (Davis) and son, Albert J. Towar Jr (1951)

      3. Bruce Towar

    Children by Susan Driver

  12. William Monroe Davis

    --b. June 12, 1864 Smithville, DeKalb Co., TN
    --d. -
    --m. Amelia Mariah JONES
    --November 20, 1890 Davidson Co., TN
    ----b. June 10, 1872 Wartrace, Bedford Co., TN

  13. Albert Lee Davis

    --b. 1865 DeKalb Co., TN

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