Anne Elizabeth 'Bettie' McKay and Benjamin F. Hicks


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In Their Memory

Anne Elizabeth 'Bettie' McKay and Benjamin F. Hicks

She has 2 Job(e) Connections

** Andrew Jr, Patience (Job) MacKay, Jacob MacKay, Jacob McKay Jr., Jacob McKay III, Nancy Antrim (McKay) McKay, Anne Elizabeth (McKay) Hicks **

** Andrew Jr, Patience (Job) MacKay, Andrew, Moses McKay, Robert S. McKay, Anne Elizabeth (McKay) Hicks **

Bettie's Album

This album is maintained by Ann Brown

  1. Anne Elizaeth 'Bettie' McKay (headstone) - (buried Nineveh, Warren Co., VA) d/o Robert S. McKay and Nancy Antrim McKay. Robert S. McKay is s/o Moses McKay and Abigail Shinn, gs/o Andrew Mackay and Jane Ridgeway, gt gs/o Patience JOBE and Robert MacKay Jr. Nancy is d/o Jacob McKay III and Elizabeth Antrim, gd/o Jacob McKay Jr. and Elizabeth Wright, gt gd/o Jacob McKay Sr. and Rachel Ridgeway. Submitted by Vivian Donahue

  2. Anne Elizaeth 'Bettie' McKay (footstone) - see above

  3. ----Children of Anne Elizaeth 'Bettie' McKay and Benjamin F. Hicks - see lineage above! Submitted by Vivian Donahue

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