Records: Epsy Jobe and Craven Peyton and John Williams


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Epsy Jobe and 2 Husbands

Craven Peyton - John Williams

** Andrew Jr, Caleb, Samuel, Isaac, Eli B., Epsey (Jobe) Hall **

Epsy was born about 1818 Arkansas Territory and died after 1850. She m/1 Craven Peyton on June 6, 1830 Lawrence Co., Arkansas. Craven died between 1850/56 Ripley Co., Missouri. She then married John Williams May 18, 1856 Ripley Co., Missouri.

Epsy's Album

This album is maintained by Ann (Jobe) Brown

This album is maintained by Ann (Jobe) Brown

  1. 1830 Lawrence Co., AR, Craven Peyton

  2. 1850 Ripley Co., Missouri, Craven Peyton

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