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Mary Job and John White
Daughter of Andrew Job Jr and Elizabeth Vernon

Mary was born March 23, 1697 Chester Co., Pennsylvania. She married John White on October 31, 1717 at New Garden Monthly Meeting, Chester Co., Pennsylvania. It is now know when Mary died, but John did m/2 Agnes (unknown) about 1733.

Mary's Album

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  1. Executor's Testimonty Concerning John White's Will
    ----Cecil County, Maryland County Book 14, page 197 (October 15, 1776)
    ----Executors were John White and Archibald Job

    ----submitted by Randy Jobe
    This document shows Archibald Job and John White Jr., as the Executors of John White Sr.'s will, upholding a descision for his widow Agnes to retain 1/3 of his estate as stated in John's will. But it removes the stiplation that she would return any portion to the heirs, should she die or remarry as stated in his original will. We have John's will, this final descision, but not the beginning court proceedings concerning this matter. We also don't have a record of this marriage yet. If we did we could come close to a death date for Mary Job White.

    Transcription by Margaret Jobe

    Cecil County, Maryland Court Book 14, page 197

    We the Subscribers Executors of the last will of John White late of East Nottingham Deceased having with the concurence of the heirs of said Deceased agreed with Agness White widow of said Deceased that she shall retain in her hands the third of the personal Estate of said Deceased and that she may hold and Occupy The Land left to her by said deceased as is directed by him in his last will & the thirds of the personal Estate amounting to one hundred & fourteen pounds one shilling & three pence to be her own property to be sold & given away by will or othersise to whom she pleases or removed off the premises by herself or any other person or persons by her orders or by the Executors of her last will or their orders without any claim before hindrance or molestation of the Subscribers or any person or persons by their order or procurement

    In Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hand At this 25th day of January 1776

    NB The Executors to take care that I suffer no inconvience about the Said as Directed by the will

    John White
    Archd Job

    Benja Chandlee
    Ellis Chandlee

    Recorded the 15th day of October 1776 & Seco by Baruch Williams

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