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Andrew Job Jr Life - Records and Pictures

(1650 asea - 1722 Chester Co., PA) and his descendants
-married Elizabeth VERNON, d/o Thomas Vernon, on 7 Day 9 MO 1692 Chester Co., PA-

Andrew Job Jr and Elizabeth Vernon's Album

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  1. Andrew Job Signature - as written on his will (see below for complete will)

  2. Friends Meeting House, Chester County Pennsylvania 1693 - This is the meeting house that Andrew JOB donated money to be built and the meeting that he would have been attending when his first eight children were born. Thanks to Nadine for allowing me to pull from her site and add to ours.


  3. Benjamin Job Birth Record (13th of the 6th month 1693) - as shown on the Quaker records of the Chester Monthly Meeting. This Benjamin died as an infant. ------ Submitted by Eleanor Orthun

  4. Mary Jobe Birth Record (23 day of 1st month 1697) - as shown on the Quaker records of the Chester Monthly Meeting ------ Submitted by Eleanor Orthun

  5. Enoch Job Birth Record (2nd day of the 3rd month 1699) - as shown on the Quaker records of the Chester Monthly Meeting. This Enoch died as an infant and another son was later named Enoch. ------ Submitted by Eleanor Orthun

    For births of the other children - see their 'own' albums!
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  6. Blue Ball Tavern Cecil County Maryland - Established about 1710 on Lot No. 35 of the "Nottingham Lots" by Andrew Job, who secured it from William Penn. Job's son Thomas married Elizabeth Maxwell, niece of Daniel Defoe who wrote Robinson Crusoe. This story taken from the sign that sets across the street from the tavern. Andrew Job owned and operated this for many years. This building is now a private residence. - Submitted by Evylene A. Canup

  7. Blue Ball Tavern Historical Marker - Explanatory Sign near the Blue Ball Tavern in Cecil Co., MD. ------ Submitted by Evylene A. Canup

  8. Payment Record (Wolves Bounty), "Job, Andrew & Another to Roger Larrimore & Francis Maulding" - Cecil County Land Records, 1673-1709, Vol 2, Fiolo 306. Elkton Court House 306 (Translation of the written Agreement cited below from LDS Film 13821:) - Submitted by Eleanor Orthun

  9. Cecil County, Maryland Court Book 2, page 306
    ---submitted by Randy Jobe
    ---transcribed by Nancy Thompson

    This is the only record found to date of Andrew Job Jr. in Cecil County, Maryland.

    "Note that there is an abbreviation after Browne's and Beeson's names - Con - which stands for "condition". This record has to do with the issue of whether they lived in Pennsylvania or Maryland. In 1732 the Governor of Maryland and William Penn's sons drew a line in between the two "states". The issue wasn't permanently resolved until the Mason-Dixon line was drawn about 1765."

    Cecil County Court Records, Book 2, page 306

    Att ye request of Mr Roger Larramore was thus Recorded Vizt. Friends Roger Lawrimore & Francis Marulding as to thy question to us whither wee would pay our Coty Leavy or no we cannot wth honor or safty answer directly but do abide by that agreemt made betwixt William Browne & Edward Beeson, ye Con wch was that if upon ye runing of ye line wee should Fall to belong to your Coty that then wee would pay all ye levies that shall apeare against us conditional that wee should be paid for ye Wolves heads killed in ye same time

    Which is all att present from thy Friends Andrew Job. Willm Browne

    Signed by Ordr , ye behalfe of ye Inhabitants of ye said place
    Nottingham ye 30th of 8th 1714

    1 Recorded Feby ye 28th 1714 Jno. Dowdall Clk

  10. Early Nottingham Homes - They are called Bee Hive Houses and they are the style of houses our Jobe ancestors lived in when they were in Chester Couny Pennsylvania ,now Cecil County Maryland. - Submitted by Evylene A. Canup

  11. Early Chester Co., PA - Nottingham Map showing where Andrew Job, Jr. lived when he was there.

  12. Calvert Village Historical Marker - Descriptive Sign in memory of 40 acre tract granted in 1701 to William Penn (where Andrew Job Jr lived) - Submitted by Evylene A. Canup
  13. Andrew's Death Date from Quaker Burials --The death record page represented below is conclusive evidence that Andrew Job, Jr., died on June 5, 1722. The page is from the Los Angeles LDS Family History Library Film 020466, "Quaker Monthly Meeting, New Garden & Haddenfield, New Garden Monthly Meeting, Pa, Births & Deaths 1705-1883" Well into the film roll are two pages titled "The Burialls of Friends" and faintly numbered 1a and 2a, respectively, in the upper right corner. The sixth entry on page 1a is an official Quaker record of the death date for Andrew Job, Jr. The will for Andrew Job, Jr., says: " witness Whereof I have Hereunto Set My hand & Seal Dated ye 30th of ye 3rd month Called May in ye year of our Lord 1722...." (Note: The Gregorian calendar was adopted by England, and the Quakers, in 1752.)

  14. Andrew's Will - 1 --written 30 Third Mo 1722 Chester Co., PA
  15. Andrew's Will - 2 --written 30 Third Mo 1722 Chester Co., PA
  16. Andrew's Will - 3 --written 30 Third Mo 1722 Chester Co., PA
  17. Andrew's Will - 4 --written 30 Third Mo 1722 Chester Co., PA
  18. Andrew's Will - 5 --written 30 Third Mo 1722 Chester Co., PA
  19. Andrew's Will - 6 --written 30 Third Mo 1722 Chester Co., PA
  20. Brick Meeting House, Cecil CO. Maryland - The following is taken from the sign in front of the Meeting House. William Penn set aside Lot No. 30 (500 acres) of the "Nottingham Lots" in 1702 for a"Common" and site of a "meeting House" as a bold move in the soundary line dispute with Lord Baltimore. It has been in continuously used since the first Log Meeting House was errected in 1709. The exact location is 4 miles west of Rising Sun, Cecil County Maryland. It is also the burial place of Andrew Job, Jr. - Submitted by Evylene A. Canup

  21. Brick Meeting House, Cecil CO. Maryland - This view across the front shows the divider between the original "brick" side and the addition of The Brick Meeting House just East of Rising Sun, Cecil County, Maryland - Submitted by Randy Jobe

  22. Original Brick from Brick Meeting House - During a visit to The Brick Meeting House in 1999, there was a pile of debris off to one side that looked like it had been cleaned from the crawlspace. In it I found this brick left from the original construction of 1724. I have seen it written that the bricks were imported from England, but also that they were hand-made on-site. Upon close inspection you can see it was hand-made and note where straw was incorporated in the mix. - Submitted by Randy Jobe

  23. Brick Meeting House Historical Marker - Explanatory Sign outside the Meeting House/Cemetery in Cecil Co., MD. - Submitted by Evylene A. Canup

  24. Andrew Job, Jr. - Bio Biography of early settlers & eminent men of Delaware County, PA. pg 475. Submitted by Randy Jobe.

  25. Andrew Job, Jr. - List of Members of Assembly Pg 1 of 2 Biography of early settlers & eminent men of Delaware County. PA. pg 524. Submitted by Randy Jobe.

  26. Andrew Job, Jr. 1702-1703 Pg 2 of 2 Biography of early settlers & eminent men of Delaware County, PA. pg 525. Submitted by Randy Jobe.

  27. Andrew Job, Jr. - Sheriff 1697 Biography of early settlers & eminent men of Delaware County, PA. pg 529. Submitted by Randy Jobe.

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