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John F. 'Sorrell' Jobe and his 5 wives

Sarah Farmer - Nancy Lawson - Nancy Massey - Roberta ? - Willie ?

** Andrew Jr, Caleb, Samuel, Daniel, John 'Sorrell', **

Sorrell, as he was known was born June 6, 1801 Indian Lands, present-day Lawrence Co, Tennessee. He died April 27, 1889 Alcorn Co., Mississippi and is buried at Shady Grove Cemetery, Alcorn Co., Mississippi. He married first Sarah Adaline Farmer September 21, 1818 Lawrence Co., TN. Sarah died about 1840 and John married second Nancy Lawson about 1842 probably Tishomingo Co., MS area. She died in the mid 1850's. All of John's children were by these two women. John later married Nancy Massey, Robert ? and Willie ?.

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  1. Painting of John F. 'Sorrel' Jobe - b. 6-6-1801 in present-day Lawrence Co., TN and died April 27, 1889 Alcorn Co., MS. His parents were Daniel Jobe (b. 1760 d. 1866) and Mourning Pryor (b. 1764 d. 1802). John F. Jobe married 5 different ladies and had 20 children Submitted by Stanley Jobe

  2. 1820 Lawrence Co., TN, John Jobe

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