Brick Meeting House and Cemetery

Brick Meeting House and Cemetery

It has become a 'dream' for many Job(e) researchers to visit Chester and Cecil Co., Pennsylvania where the early Andrew Job family once lived and where the Thomas Vernon Job group remained for several more years. As our cousins visit these places, many take photographs and sent them to me. I would like to share these with you.

The photos below were all taken in recent years.

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Meeting House Sign Historical Marker

Brick Meeting House -sign

Donna (Cox) Briggs - Next to new historical Marker
February 2008

William Penn set asideLot No. 30 (500 acres) of the "Nottingham Lots" in 1702 for a"Common" and site of a "meeting House" as a bold move in the soundary line dispute with Lord Baltimore. It has been in continuously used since the first Log Meeting House was errected in 1709. The exact location is 4 miles west of Rising Sun, Cecil County Maryland.

Memorial Marker - Unknown Soldiers - Died During Revolutionary War
Taken February 2008 by Donna Briggs

Brick  Memorial to soldiers Brick  Memorial to soldiers - Close-up of inscription

Brick DAR Memorial

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The Brick Meeting House - Taken by Randy Jobe

Brick Meeting House - Cemetery

This 2nd photo was taken in February 2008 by Donna Briggs.

Brick Meeting House - February 2008

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Close-Up of of Original Brick
Taken by Randy Jobe in 1999


Actual Brick - During a visit to The Brick Meeting House in 1999, there was a pile of debris off to one side that looked like it had been cleaned from the crawlspace. In it I found this brick left from the original construction of 1724. I have seen it written that the bricks were imported from England, but also that they were hand-made on-site. Upon close inspection you can see it was hand-made and note where straw was incorporated in the mix.

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Interior of the Brick Meeting House
Taken by Randy Jobe

Brick Meeting House - Interior

This view across the front shows the divider between the original "brick" side and the addition of The Brick Meeting House just East of Rising Sun, Cecil County, Maryland. Submitted by Randy Jobe

Brick Meeting House - Interior

Brick Meeting House - Interior

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Cemetery and Gravesites

Brick Meeting House - Cemetery showing Jobe Tombstones

Jobe Tombstones Leaning on Back Wall

Randy standing near Job Tombstones
Randy Jobe next to Job Tombstones

* * * * *

Overall View of Cemetery
Cold Day in February 2008

Overall View of Cemetery - February 2008

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Jacob Job and Rachel Kirk

Brick Meeting House - Cemetery showing Jobe Tombstones

Married February 10, 1864

Jacob and Rachel Job Tombstones

Son of Daniel 'Dan' Job, Jr. and Rachel Haines
Grandson of Daniel Job and Mary Brown
Great Grandson of Thomas Vernon Job and Elizabeth Maxell

* * * * *

Job Haines Kirk

Job Haines Kirk Tombstone

Son of Job Haines Kirk Sr. and Lydia Wilson
Grandson of Samuel Wilson and Phebe Brown
Great grandson of Benjamin Wilson, Sr. and Lydia Job
2nd great grandson of Thomas Vernon Job and Elizbeth Maxwell

* * * * *

More Job Descendants

Ann Job Tombstone Babe Job Tombstone

Ann Job - d/o Daniel Job and Mary Brown

Infant Job Tombstone Mary Job Tombstone

Mary Job - d/o Daniel Job Jr and Rachel Haines

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