Missouri 'Sue' (Jobe) Ledford

Missouri 'Sue' Jobe - John M. Ledford

My Own Jobe Branch

1st cousin to my gt grandfather - Caleb Jobe

Daughter of Thomas J. Jobe and Mary Jane Allison

My Picture My Jobe Ancestors (Ann Jobe Brown--me)
Andrew Sr - Andrew Jr - Caleb - Samuel - Isaac - Eli B. - Jesse - Caleb - Jessie William - Earl Frederick
Vernon - MacKay - McIntire - Brewer - Mears - Davis

Missouri 'Sue' (Jobe) Ledford

--b. abt November 1862 Jobe Township, Oregon Co., Missouri
--d. 1902-1910 vicinity of Johnson-Pope Co., Arkansas
----believed to have been buried Carden Bottom, Yell Co., Arkansas
--m. John M. LEDFORD
--April 23, 1882 Pope Co., Arkansas
----b. abt January 1860 Probably Cowsauga, Murray Co., Georgia
----John m/2 Dovie WILSON 1922 Pope Co., AR
----d. after May 1936
------buried Brush Hill Cemetery McIntosh Co Ok
------s/o Thomas Jefferson Leadford and Mary/Margaret FREEMAN
--------gs/o Absolom Leadford and Anna H. LOYD
----------gt gs/o William Ledford and Ann TUCKER
------------2nd gt gs/o John Ledford Sr. and Lucy THOMPSON
--------------3rd gt gs/o William Ledford and Susan PIERCE

From Kathy Ledford

"I believe that Missouri might have died either giving birth to Ethel 'Ollie' or shortly after. (MY NOTE: we have since proven that Missouri did die betwen the birth of Ethel about 1902 and the 1910 census as John is listed as a widower at this time) Ethel was last child born in 1902. John put Ethel up for adoption at the age of 15 and the same people wanted Jake, but he didnt like the wife and went on his own. I also believe that John was married more then once. Some talk of a half brother named Jeff. . . .As I said Jakes death certificate staes Jobe and the information was given by his wife of 50 years, Doshie. They were married in Seminole Ok 4 may 1927. it also appears that John stayed pretty close to where ever Jake was. . . .It is also my understanding that Missouri is buried in Carden Bottom, Yell Co. Ar."

Brush Hill Cemetery John Ledford Tombstone



  1. Elizabeth Ledford

    --b. abt May 1885 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. 1900-1910

  2. George W. Ledford

    --b. abt January 1887 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. 1900-1910

  3. Sarah 'Sallie' (Ledford) Harris Smith Ford Killingsworth

    --b. September 5, 1889 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. March 17, 1970 Lamont, Kern Co., California
    ----buried Arvin District Cemetery, Bakersfield, California
    --m/1 Mr. HARRIS
    --abt 1908
    --m/2 Thomas Manuel 'Tom' SMITH
    --December 3, 1909
    ----b. 1886/87 Oklahoma
    ----d. October 2, 1976 Midwest City, Oklahoma
    --m/3 Mr. FORD
    --BEFORE 1930
    --m/4 Morris Yancey KILLINGSWORTH
    --December 27, 1930 McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
    ----b. July 21, 1861 Alabama
    ----d. February 26, 1950 Checotah, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
    ------buried Green Lawn Cemetery, Checotah, OK

      Children by Mr. Harris

    1. Thomas 'Tommie' Harris

      --b. February 14, 1909 Muskogee Co., Oklahoma
      --d. July 15, 1992 Kern Co., California

      Children by Thomas Smith

    2. Ernest B. 'Earnest' Smith

      --b. July 25, 1914 Oklahoma
      --d. September 17, 1999 Bakersfield, Kern Co., California

  4. Robert Jefferson 'Bob' Ledford

    --b. December 2, 1893 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. January 24, 1964 Checotah, McIntosh, Oklahoma
    ----buried Greenlawn Cemtery, Checotah, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
    --m. Hollie -
    ----b. 1890
    ----d. 1973

    * * * * *

    Robert and Hollie Ledford

    Robert and Hollie Ledford

  5. Ada Ledford

    --b. abt May 1894 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. AFTER 1900

  6. Emma Ledford

    --b. abt March 1897 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. AFTER 1910

  7. Jacob Lester 'Jake' Ledford

    --b. August 20, 1898 Johnson or Pope Co., AR
    --d. June 8, 1977 Bakersfield, California
    ----buried Arvin District Cemetery, Bakersfield, California
    --m. Doshie Lois MOORE
    --May 5, 1927 Seminole, Oklahoma
    ----b. April 30, 1907 McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
    ----d. October 14, 1984 Lamont, Kern Co., California
    ------buried Arvin District Cemetery, Bakersfield, California

    * * * * *

    Jake and Doshie's Marriage Records

    Jacob Lester Ledford

    Children of Jake and Doshie

    1. Billy Joe Ledford

    2. Hallie Lee (Ledford) Neumeyer

      --b. February 21, 1930 Checotah, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
      --d. May 20, 1991 Checotah, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
      --m. Mr. NEUMEYER

    3. Carlton Edmond Ledford

    4. Bonnie Raye Ledford

    5. Leoma Jean Ledford

    6. Idis Charles Ledford

      --b. November 8, 1938 Pierce, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
      --d. April 1939 Pierce, McIntosh Co., Oklahoma
      ----buried Brush Hill Cemetery, McIntosh Co., OK

    7. Tony Lester Ledford

      --b. February 2, 1946 Checotah, McIntosh Co., OK
      --d. May 6, 2002 Bakersville, Kern Co., California
      ----buried South Kern Cemetery District, Bakersville, Kern Co., CA
      --m. Jacklyn Kathy WILLIAMS

  8. Ethel 'Ollie' (Ledford) Giles Griffith

    --b. 1902/03 Pope or Johnson Co., AR
    --d. September 4, 1939 Loma Linda, San Bernadino, CA
    ----buried Montecieto Cemetery , Loma Linda, CA
    --m/1 Marvin GILES
    --m/2 Bryant GRIFFITH
    ----b. August 21, 1899
    ----d. October 10, 1981

      Children of Ethel and Marvin

    1. Edward Luther "Eddie' Griffith

      --b. May 2, 1920 probably Cherokee Co., Oklahoma
      --d. October 1986 Avondale, Maricopa Co., Arizona
      ----After his mother's remarriage, he took the surname Griffith

      Children of Ethel and Bryant

    2. Lillian Griffith

    3. Lester Griffith

    4. Geraldine Griffith

    5. Bill J. Griffith

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