Ebenezer Leath Padgett

Ebenezer Leath Padgett and 3 wives

Elizabeth Dyar - Mary 'Polly' Waldrop - Catherine Moyer

Son of Elizabeth Leath and John Padgett

My Own Jobe Branch

2nd cousin to my 3rd great grandfather, Eli B. Jobe

Ebenezer Leath Padgett

--b. 1802 Tennessee
--d. September 1865 Martin Twp, Crawford Co., Illinois
--m/1 Elizabeth Dyar
--May 7, 1835 Owen Co., Indiana
----b. 1803 Virginia
----d. 1854 Crawford Co., Illinois
------d/o George Swann Dyar and -
--------gd/o Samuel Dyar and Elizabeth GRIFFITH
----------gt gd/o William Dyar and Sarah SWANN
----------gt gd/o George Griffith and Mary -

--m/2 Mary 'Polly' WALDROP
--March 25, 1855 Crawford Co., Illinois
----b. 1839 Crawford Co., Illinois
------d/o Aquilla Waldrop and Elizaeth HIGGINS
--------gd/o John Aquilla Waldrop and Mary DUNLAP
----------gt gd/o Joseph Waldrop and Hannah JOHNSON
----------gt gd/o Wiliam Dunlap and Hannah -
--------gd/o John Higgins and Margaret A. CRAWFORD
----------gt gd/o Jesse Higgins and Hannah DUNLAP

--m/3 Catherine MOYER
--SEptember 26, 1861 Crawford Co., Illinois

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    Children by Elizabeth Dyar

  1. Francis Marion Padgett

    --b. February 10, 1836 Owen Co., Indiana
    --d. January 24, 1899 Crawford Co., Illinois
    ----buried Prier Cemetery, Crawford Co., Illinois

    --m/1 Nancy Jane BLEDSOE
    --June 15, 1856 Owen Co., Indiana
    ----b. 1836 Putnam Co., Indiana
    ----d. December 18, 1881 Crawford Co., Illinois
    ------buried Prier Cemetery, Crawford Co., Illinois>
    ------d/o Joel Harris Bledsoe and Judah RUNYON
    --------gd/o Isaac Bledsoe, Jr. and Katherine 'Katy' MONTGOMERY
    ----------gt gd/o Isaac Bledsoe, Sr. and Rebecca BUTLER
    --------gd/o John Wesley Runyon and Nancy MULLENDORE
    ----------gt gd/o Abraham Mullendore and Susannah LAYMON

    --m/2 Jane Elkins McCOLPIN
    ----d. 1890

  2. Newton Samuel Padgett

    --b. December 2, 1838 Indiana
    --d. December 21, 1920

    --m/1 Rachel CRUM
    --November 14, 1858 Crawford Co., Illinois
    ----b. abt 1836

    --m/2 Mrs. Harriett HOLBERT
    --after 1870

  3. Jasper Padgett

    --b. December 2, 1838 Indiana

  4. Leander W. Padgett

    --b. abt 1840 Indiana
    --d. January 6, 1864 Crawford Co., Illinois
    ----buried Hardinsville Cemetery, Crawford Co., Illinois

  5. Mary Helen (Padgett) Garrard

    --b. October 7, 1842 Indiana
    --d. September 18, 1867 Hardinville, Crawford Co., Illinois
    --m. Samuel GARRARD
    --March 21, 1863 Crawford Co., Illinois
    ----b. January 1836 Hardinville, Crawford Co., Illinois
    ----d. February 14, 1920
    ----Samuel Garrard m/2 Ephlus R. GROVES March 26, 1868 Crawford Co., IL
    ----Samuel Garrard m/3 Sarah A. NAUGLE November 4, 1870 Crawford Co., IL
    ------s/o John Allen Garrard and Elizabeth HIGGINS
    --------gs/o William Garrard, Sr. and Ruth SHARP
    --------gs/o Jesse Higgins and Hannah DUNLAP
    ----------gt gs/o Joel Higgins and Drucilla WINN
    ----------gt gs/o William Dunlap and Hannah -

  6. Sarah J. Padgett

    --b. 1844 Indiana

  7. John Padgett

    --b. abt 1847 Indiana
    --d. August 1870 Crawford Co., Illinois

  8. Elizabeth Padgett

    --b. May 1850 Greene Co,. Indiana
    --m. Martin T. WALKER
    --September 26, 1867 Greene Co., Indiana
    ----b. 1845 Greene Co., Indiana
    ------s/o Asa H. Walker and Charlotte -

  9. Adaline Padgett

    --b. 1851/54 Crawford Co., Illinois

  10. Charles Solomon Padgett

    --b. 1850/55 Crawford Co., Illinois

  11. Henry Padgett

    --b. abt 1854 Crawford Co., Illinois

    Children by Mary Waldrop

  12. Adam Padgett

    --b. 1856 Crawford Co., Illinois
    --d. July 1869 Crawford Co., Illinois

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