Hiram Walker and 3 wives

Hiram Walker - 3 wives

Mary Ann McTeer - Nancy Jane McGhee - Laura Melson

Daughter of Joannah Elliott and James B. Walker

My Own Jobe Branch

3rd cousin to my 2nd great grandfather, Jesse Jobe

Hiram Walker

--b. January 25, 1821 Blount Co., TN
--d. March 20, 1897 Blount Co., TN
----buried Williamson Cemetery, Blount Co, TN

* * * * *

--m/1 Mary Ann McTEER
--January 7, 1847 Blount Co., TN
----b. September 1818 Tennessee
----d. 1870/1880 Blount Co., TN
------buried Williamson Cemetery, Blount Co, TN
------d/o James McTeer and Jeanette McTeer
--------gd/o Robert McTeer and Agnes Ann MARTIN
----------gt gd/o James McTeer and Margaret ANDERSON
----------gt gd/o William Martin and Margaret -

* * * * *

--m/2 Nancy Jane McGHEE
--1870/1880 probably Blount Co., TN
----b. 1830 Tennessee
----d. after 1880 Blount Co., TN

* * * * *

Laura 'Loy' Melson Walker Steele --m/3 Laura 'Loy' 'Loye' MELSON
--abt 1891 Blount Co., TN
----b. October 5, 1873 Tennessee
----d. April 18, 1947 Blount Co., TN
----Laura m/2 Gus STEELE
------d/o Mary Catherine BREWER and -
--------gd/o Nicholas Brewer and Elizabeth Ann DUNN
----------gt gd/o James Brewer and Betsy TURNBULL
----------gt gd/o Levi Dunn and Elizabeth HURST
------------2nd gt gd/o Daniel Dunn and Rhoda -
------------2nd gt gd/o John Hurst and Lydia Ann SMITH

Laura 'Loy' Melson Walker Steele
Courtesy of Brenda Reagan

Per Research of Brenda Reagan (June 2009)
When she married him, she was a teenager, and he was in his 70's. There is an interesting story I heard from an oldtimer, now deceased.

Loy (a nickname) was not really a Melson, as her mother Catherine Brewer, had her before she married Andrew "Andy" Melson. After the marriage, they called her "Loy Melson." Her mother and step-father rented a house from Hiram Walker. He would come to visit in the later evening and get invited to eat with the family. He talked to the parents and looked at "Loy." When time came to pay rent, they went to his house to pay, but he told them they did not owe as he'd just visit and eat with them occasionally. The occasions became more frequently. (His first and second wife and only son had all died.) Finally, he showed up one evening with a ring. He ask her parents for her hand in marriage, and they called her in to tell her. She wanted to think about this. The oldtimer said she did not much want to marry him, but her parents gave her a talk about, "we are poor folk, and he owns lots of land. He is old and has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel."

She married him, and he lived about 8 years. They had two children, my grandfather, Hiram Elmer Walker (b. 8 Oct 1892) and Grace Walker Shipley (b. 1889)

* * * * *

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    Children by Mary Ann McTeer

  1. James A. Walker

    --b. July 7, 1847 Blount Co., TN
    --d. July 11, 1891 Blount Co., TN
    ----buried Centenary Cemetery, Maryville, Blount Co., TN

    * * * * *

    Centenary Cemetery - Blount Co., TN

    Centenary Cemetery

    James A. Walker Tombstone

    Children by Laura Melson

  2. Hiram Elmer Walker

    Hiram Elmer Walker, Sr. --b. October 8, 1892 Blount Co., TN
    --d. March 6, 1955 Blount Co. TN
    --m. Allie BEST
    --February 20, 1917 Blount Co., TN
    ----b. May 20, 1888 Blount Co., TN
    ----d. January 1, 1975 Blount Co., TN
    ------s/o John F. Best and Virginia Ann MONTGOMERY
    --------gs/o George Best and Virginia Jane ROACH
    ----------gt gs/o Daniel Best and Mary Katherine RHODES
    ------------2nd gt gs/o Sebastian Best and Elizabeth Catharina HOYLE
    --------gs/o John Montgomery and Sarah Ann BUSSELL
    ----------gt gs/o James W. Bussell and Ella CARPENTER
    ------------2nd gt gs/o Andrew Carpenter and Anna Magdalena WAYLAND

    * * * * *

    Hiram Elmer Walker, Sr.
    Courtesy of Brenda Reagan

  3. Grace L. (Walker) Shipley

    --b. May 18, 1895 Blount Co., TN
    --d. January 10, 1984 Blount Co., TN
    --m. James Albert SHIPLEY
    ----b. October 15, 1889 Sullivan Co., TN
    ----d. June 24, 1968 Blount Co., TN

    * * * * *

    Grace L. (Walker) Shipley
    Courtesy of Brenda Reagan

    Grace (Walker) Shipley

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