Sarah Malissa Elliott and John Wiley Cunningham

Sarah Malissa Elliott - John Wiley Cunningham

Daughter of William Blackburn Elliott and Margaret Widner Austin

My Own Jobe Branch

3rd cousin to my 2nd great grandfather, Jesse Jobe

Sarah Malissa (Elliott) Cunningham

--b. June 18, 1843 Marion Co. TN
--d. August 7, 1888 Bartlett, Williamson Co., Texas
----buried Old Bartlett Cemetery, Bartlett, Williamson Co., Texas
Rev. John Wiley Cunningham

--m. Rev. John Wiley CUNNINGHAM
--September 24, 1865 Sequatchie Co., Tennessee
----b. February 18, 1847 Rhea Co., TN
----d. June 6, 1919 Pearsall, Frio Co., Texas
------buried Pearsall,Frio County,Texas
----John Wiley Cunningham m/2 Leonora Remaline EPPERSON
-------- January 22, 1890 Pendletonville, Texas
------s/o James Monroe Cunningham and Elizaebeth E. LEWIS -

* * * * *

John Wiley Cunningham
Taken 1918
Courtesy of Steve Rascor

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Old Bartlett Cemetery, Bartlett, Williamson Co., Texas

View of Bartlett Cemetery Sarah Malissa Elliott's tombstone

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History of Middle Tennessee Baptists
By John Harvey Grime
Page 520-522

ELDER J. W. CUNNINGHAM, Marcelena, Wilson County, Texas. He is of Scotch descent. He is rather tall and slender, with dark complexion. He is the son of James M. and Elizie E. Cunningham. Hr was born in Rhea County, Tennessee, February 18, 1847. He was brought up on the farm and in a tan yard. He professed faith in Christ at Dayton, Tenn., August 23, 1860, and united with Union Church, Sequatchie County, Tennessee, fourth Saturday in July, 1865, and was baptized by Elder T. King, in Sequatchie River, on the next day. He was ordained by Union Church January 22, 1870, by Elders T. King, James Hale, J. H. Alexander and T. L. Rodgers. He has been pastor as follows: Robinson Springs, Tenn., 1870-71; Shell's Ford, Warren County, Tenn., 1871-75; Hebron, 1872-75; McMinnville, 1875-76; Spring Hill, 1876-77; Macedonia, 1876- 77; Liberty, 1876-78; Pleasant Hill, White County, 1877-88; Pistole's 1877-78; Cookeville, Putnam County, 1878-79; Evangelist, 1879; Yellow Creek, Washington, Mt. Zion and Rody Station, East Tennessee, 1879-80; General Evangelist, 1882-83; Decatur and Kingston, East Tennessee, 1883-84, when he moved to Texas; Cedar Creek, Texas, 1884-86; Moffat, 1884-85; Mountain Springs, 1884-85; Oennaville, 1885-87; Postoak Grove, 1885-88; Bartlett, 1886-88; Devilla, 1886-88; Corn Hill, 1886-88; State missionary, 1888-96; Devine, 1896-1900; Francisco, 1896- 1900; Elm Creek, 1896-98; Benton City, 1896-1901; Gate's Valley, 1899-1901; Bexar, 1899-1901; Marcelena, 1901 to the present. He was educated at Masonic M. and F. Institute, in Sequatchie County, Tennessee. He was associate editor for three years of the Missionary Messenger, Lampassas, Texas. He has constituted seventeen churches. He has baptized 1,432 persons and married about 200 couples. He was married to Miss S. M. Elliott, at Dunlap, Tenn., September 24, 1865, by whom he has eight childrenó three sons and five daughters. She passed to her reward August 7, 1888. He was again married, to Miss L. R. Epperson, at Pendletonville, Texas, January, 22, 1890, by whom he has six children, equally divided. He has fourteen children in all, twelve of whom are still living.



  1. Elsie (Cunningham) Evans

    --b. ---
    --d. before 1900
    --m. Henry EVANS
    --abt 1890
    ----d. before 1900

  2. Mary Jane 'Jennie' (Cunningham) Weems

    --b. 1875
    --d. January 31, 1942 Brownwood, Brown Co., Texas
    --m. Mr. WEEMS

  3. Margaret Elvira 'Maggie' (Cunningham) King

    --b. July 14, 1866 Sequatchie Co., TN
    --d. April 3, 1915
    ----buried Pope Cemetery, Bledsoe Co., TN
    --m. Thomas Alexander KING, Jr.
    --July 26, 1884 Sequatchie Co., TN
    ----b. January 30, 1867
    ----d. June 23, 1944 Sequatchie Co., TN
    ------buried Pope Cemetery, Bledsoe Co., TN

    * * * * *

    Pope Cemetery - Bledsoe Co., Tennessee

    Pope Cemetery Sign Thomas and Maggie King tombstone

  4. James M. Cunningham

    --b. February 2, 1872 Tennessee
    --d. October 26, 1948 Three Rivers, Live Oak Co., Texas

  5. Laura Elizabeth (Cunningham) Bolen Bolen

    --b. April 23, 1877 Tennessee
    --d. December 5, 1943 Graham, Young Co., Texas
    ----buried Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Jack Co., Texas

    * * * * *

    Wesley Chapel Cemetery - Jack Co. Texas

    Wesley Chapel  Cemetery Sign Laura (Cunningham) Bole tombstone

    --m/1 John W. BOLEN
    --abt 1892
    ----b. May 3, 1866 Tennessee
    ----d. June 24, 1900 Jack Co., Texas
    ------buried Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Jack Co., Texas
    ------s/o Aaron Carrel Bolen and Martha HENSLEY
    --------gs/o David Bolen and Elizabeth OLIVER
    ----------gt gs/o Lewis Bolen and Temperance Martha Hardin

    * * * * *

    Wesley Chapel Cemetery - Jack Co. Texas

    John W. Bolen Tombstone

    --m/2 George Albert BOLEN
    ----b. January 17, 1871 Tennessee
    ----d. February 1, 1957 Graham, Young Co., Texas
    ------buried Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Jack Co., Texas
    ------s/o Aaron Carrel Bolen and Martha HENSLEY
    --------gs/o David Bolen and Elizabeth OLIVER
    ----------gt gs/o Lewis Bolen and Temperance Martha Hardin

    * * * * *

    Wesley Chapel Cemetery - Jack Co. Texas

    George Albert Bolen Tombstone

  6. Robert C. Cunningham

    --b. September 1881 Tennessee

  7. William Elliott Cunningham

    --b. May 30, 1884 Tennessee
    --d. November 14, 1952 Beeville, Bee Co., Texas
    --m. Minnie Lee CAMPBELL
    ----b. January 3, 1887 Texas
    ----d. October 8, 1872 Three River, Live Oak Co., Texas

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