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Updated April 12, 2001

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Andrew Job Jr. married Elizabeth Vernon Nov 7, 1692 at Aludia, Delaware County, Pennsylvnia which was formerly Chester Co., PA. Like Andrew, the Vernons were Quakers. She was the d/o Thomas Vernon born about 1639 Stanthorne, Cheshire Co, England and died Oct 25, 1698 in Chester Co., PA. Anyone who descends from Andrew Job Jr or listed in Jobe Legacy is related to the Vernon family.

Vernon Vignettes - maintained by Tony Vernon
publication of the Vernon Family Association of America (1969-1984)
an attempt to get these newsletters online (index is provided)

FTM page of Andrew A. Alexis - maintained by Andrew A. Alexis
starts with Hugh Vernon born about 1759 England
follows genealogy of our ancestors James Vernon and Brown (m. 1638 England)
some very-detailed notes and explanations! I highly recommend this site!

Mackay - McKay

Andrew Job Jr's children (Abraham, Joshua, and Patience) married children (Elizabeth, Margaret and Robert MacKay Jr) of Robert MacKay Sr. Andrew's grandchildren (Mary Job, d/o Abraham, m. Moses Green MacKay and Samuel and Jacob Job, s/o Caleb, m. Dorcas and Deborah MacKay). Moses Green McKay was also a s/o Robert MacKay Sr. and Dorcas and Deborah were d/o Zachariah MacKay, a s/o Robert MacKay. Sr.

"Clan Mackay (The official website of the Robert Mackay Clan)" - Owned by Michael McKay
EXCELLENT SITE - information is accurate and recent!
Seven Information Sections with Discussion Form - Search Engine for site!
Check out the Robert Mackay Clan and Links Section! Plan to attent Reunion!


Andrew Job Jr's sons, Elisha and Abraham married daughters of Elisha Gatchell Sr. and Rachel Wilcox who were married August 1706 in Pennsylvania. The Gatchell family was from England and were Quakers. Elisha Job married Abigail Gatchell May 3, 1731. Since Elisha Job died shortly after the marriage, there was no children of this union. Abraham Job married Sarah Gatchell Nov 24, 1736. There was 4 children by this union - Elisha, Mary, Rebecca and Hannah. Other than their daughter, Mary, this is a family that we know very little about. We know that Elisha Job did have several children and went to Virginia. Elisha Gatchell also had a daughter Ann Gatchell who married Timothy Kirk. The Kirk and Jobe families were closely-connected for years.

FTM: Our Clan - maintained by David A. Black Jr.
Very early descendant report starting with Thomas Gatchell
Follow son, John, and grandson, Jeremiah to Elisha Gatchell in generation4
FTM: Newhouse-Getchell Family Home Page - maintained by Dean G. Newhouse
See Report called Gatchell/Getchell Descendants (updated recently)
Has some detailed notes with possible explanations for 'our' Gatchells

Rees - Reese

Many descendants of the Rees family of Frederick County, Virginia married various descendants of our Thomas Vernon Job, s/o Andrew Job Jr. and Eliabeth Vernon. They intermarried several times with the White and Ridgeway families.

Rees Family of Frederick County, Virginia
Including photograph and details on the Hopewell Meeting House


Many descendants of Hugh Sidwell II and Ann Hayes of Chester Co., PA married the descendants of Thomas Vernon Job, s/o Andrew Job Jr. The Sidwell, Wilson, Tremble and Job families were very closely-connected in the Chester Co., PA area.

Sidwell Genealogy and Family History - maintained by Ray Sidwell
Hugh Sidwell I and Elizabeth Golding - Genealogy and Family History
Details on the Sidwell Family Book by Robert W. Sidwell


Caleb and Daniel Job(e), s/o Samuel Job(e) and Dorcas McKay married daugthers of Richard Pryor and Mourning Thomson of Logan Co., Kentucky. We also know that Sarah Odle, d/o Samuel Odell/Odle and Elizabeth Job and gs/o Enoch Job Sr., married Joseph Pryor. At this time, we do not know how this Joseph Pryor is related to the Richard Pryor family.

The Official Pryor Web Site - The Pryor Family Notebook - From Anyplace & Anytime all Spellings

Follow the Joseph Pryor link!
Site needs to be updated - but a starting point!

Douthitt - Jarviss

Two branches of the Douthitt family married into our Job(e) line. Two daughters of Thomas Douthitt and Sarah Albury married two sons of William Pryor Jobe and Elizabeth Ann McRoy. William Pryor Jobe was a descendant of Samuel Job and Dorcas McKay. We also have Sarah Job, d/o Thomas Job of Rowan Co., NC, who married William Douthitt, s/o John Douthitt and Mary Elizabeth Scott. The Douthitt and Jarvis family intermarried several times.

Jarvis Family and Other Relatives - maintained by Faye Jarvis Moran
Very THOROUGH Site and very well ORGANIZED! Updated regularely! (Several Awards)
Check Related Name Index at bottom of page or use search engine - jump to Douthitts Section

Broyles - Briles

The Job(e) family is connected in two ways to the Broyles family. Several descendants of Thomas Tipton and Sarah Broyles (d/o Nicholas Broyles born 1740 and Dorothea Christler) married descendants of David Job (s/o Abraham Job and Elizabeth MacKay) and Abigail of Washington Co., TN. Also, descendants of Adam Broyles born abt 1728 and Mary Broyles married descendants of Caleb Job(e) and Sallie Pryor. Nicholas and Adam Broyles were brothers and sons of Hans Jacob Broyles and Mary Catharine Fleishman.

Broyles/Briles Database - maintained by Steve Broyles
LOTS of online data - supplemented by referenced sources! Many years in the making!
Search by Master Name Index, Surname Index, Census Index or start with immigrant!
Jump to Hans Jacob Broyle and follow sons, Adam and Nicholas


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