TRIBUTE: Job's Hope and Land of Uz

Job's Hope and Land of Uz
Nottingham, Cecil Co., Maryland
Originally Part of the Nottingham Lots

Special Thanks to Marjorie Sherman - Summer 2005
Photos and transcriptions by Marjorie and records per Maryland State Archives

Job's Hope

A draught of a Tract of Land possessed by Archibald Job, Esquire, Containing 158 3/4 acres in right of Thomas Job, his Father, descending from Andrew Job his Grandfather for whom it was originally Survey'd in the Year 1702, it being the middle part of the Easternmost South Lot in Nottingham.

Land of Uz

Name given the actual Job farm, or residence, as mentioned in the will (below), part of the original tract called Job"s Hope. Daniel Job had inherited this farm, from his father, Archibald Job. It was the farm on which Daniel had been born in 1757 and on which he lived for more than 80 years of his life. Arbhibald's will had been signed 6 August 1805 and proved 1 Feb 1812. This land was divided equally between daughters Sarah Trimble, Margaret Reynolds, and Elizfabeth McGredy.

Inheritance: Land being passed down

Andrew Job Jr - Thomas Vernon Job - Archibald Job

Daniel Job (original residence), Sarah (Job) Trimble, Elizabeth (Job) Megredy, Margaret (Job) Reynolds

1. Andrew Job Jr

Tavern Keeper, Surveyor, Sheriff, Member of Assembly

Originally Part of the Nottingham Lots
Andrew Job Jr's Tribute Page - Map and More Information
Minute Book "G" Minutes of Property Commencing Ye 19th 9th Ber., 1701, 1701
-At a Session held at Philadelphia 25th 13 mo., 1701.

1702 (Third Month) (April) -, a large tract of 1800 acres was laid out by Henry Hollingsworth, surveyor. Andrew Job drew lots #32 and #35, each containing 500 acres. The grantees agreed to pay 8 lb. for every 100 acres within 1 year and 1 shilling sterling as quit rent for every 100 acres for ever after. Andrew Job and John Churchman and their families were the first to present certificates from the Chester Monthly Meeting to the East Nottingham MM.
Land of Uz - Taken Summer 2005
View of the Land of Uz, as whown behind the present-day dairy barn. This was taken in the summer 2005.

Blue Ball Tavern

Established about 1710 on Lot No. 35 of the "THE NOTTINGHAM LOTS" By Andrew JOB who secured it from William Penn.
Blue Ball Tavern - Summer 2005
This photo was taken in the summer of 2005. It shows repair work that is presently being done. The Mendenhall's daughter and family are the present tenants.

Will of Andrew Job Jr. (written 1722)
Administration Papers #154, Docket #407, Will Book 1, page 140 -West chester, PA
Will of Andrew Job Jr. - Scans 13 to 18

Fifthly I give & bequeath Unto My Son Thomas Two Hundred Acres of Land of ye South of ye Lott whereon I Now Live to him and his heirs I also will him two young bulls. My will is yt (that) My Son Thomas Shall have assistance to help him build Either A Convenient Little house or Barn which he pleases & to have his Accomadations while its doing.

Item I give & bequeath Unto My Loving & beloved wife Elizabeth Job my plantation Whereon I now dwell with ye Appurtenances thereunto belonging during her Natural Life or widowhood & After her decease Unto My 2 younger Sons Caleb & Joshua paying Unto their younger Sisters Hannah & Patient to Each of them Tenn Pounds When they come of age.

2. Thomas Vernon Job (in his possession 1722 - 1779)

Thomas Vernon Job and his willful wife spent thier days at the family plantation in Nottingham. Elizabeth's non-conformist upbringing differed little from Quaker beliefs. Friends treated servants as family members; it would have been an easy transition from servant to wife. Thomas Vernon Job was a botanist - landscaping the burial ground next to the Brick Meeting House, where he and many family members were buried. (Calvert, Maryland)

Blue Ball Tavern Petition
Transcribed by Eleanor Orthun from LDS Films 567051 index and 567053 petitions
Thomas Vernon Jobe Records Album - Scan 2

No. 164-1/2, Petition of Thomas Job for Tavern License for the Blue Ball Tavern, November, 1736

To the Honorable Court of quarter Session Held at ~ Chester for said Co., the faft (sic) Tuesday in November 1736 [Tuesdays in November 1736 were 6, 13, 20, and 27]

This Humble petition of Thomas Job of East Notingham in the said Co., Humbly showeth that your petitioner lives on ye plantation where his father Andrew Job did live and it is known to be a place of great report for travelers and others to ye [great appreciation?] of your petitioner Therefore your petitioner Humbly desires the favour of this Honorable Court to grant him a license to sell Beer and syder by small measures and your petitioner will be in duty bound to pay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We whose names are hereunder written knowing your petitioner to be an Honest man and fitt for the employment Therefore we desire yt [that] this Honorable Court will grant that above petition and we shall be in Duty bound to pay ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

William Crage, Samuel Robinett, John Boggs, Alex [mein?], Tho [OBha?] Robert Patton; Arthur Barratt; Tho Oldham, Senr; Jofhua Littler; Tho. Hughes; Elisha Gatchell, Snr.; John White; George Slater; William Crage; Samuel Robinet; John Boggs; Alex Mertin; Thos. Oldham; John Coppock; John Ruddoll; Saml Houfton; James Ogleby; ______ Young; Hugh Mahufey.

Mason Dixon Line
Caused part of Old Chester Co, PA to become part of Cecil Co, MD

1766 -The disputed Nottingham Lots were resurveyed in 1766 by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon. The new boundary left most of the Nottingham Lots in Cecil Co., MD.

3. Grandson - Archibald Job (in his possession 1779-1812)

Certificate of Survey - February 1787
Maryland State Archives

Survey of Job's Hope

Survey of Job's Hope

Patent of Job's Hope - November 1788
Archibald Job Esquire - his Patent 158 3/4 acres

Patent of Job's Hope

Will of Archibald Job (written August 1805 and probated 1812)

My will is that Daniel Job Sarah Trimble Margaret Reynolds and Elizabeth Megrady who are all the Children I have alive should enjoy my Estate as follows after my Death ~ I acquit and release my said Children from all Debts and Claims which I may have against any of them ~ I give to my said Daughters the Land I bought of John Struthers to be equally divided among them, or if they Sell it the Price to be equally divided amongst them or their Representatives.

I leave my Residence to Daniel and do confirm the Remainder of the Land to Daniel ~ My Personal Estate to be divided into five equal Lots or Shares to be Sold and the Money divided or taken in Lots or Shares the way which may Suit them best; two of which Lots or Shares I give to Daniel and a Lot or Share to Each of my Daughters above named.

Land of Uz - the Principal Residence
Buildings today and those older structures that remain

New farm house 2005 New Diary Barn - Taken Summer 2005
Taken in the summer of 2005, the top photos show the present 'new' farmhouse, located on the Land of Uz tract in West Nottingham, east of Rising Sun, Maryland. The present owner is Ms. Black. She said she was the only non-Job to have owned the property. To the right of the house, is their new diary barn. Note the pink structure behind this house and the beautiful tree in front.

The original house, at a different site on the property, built the by the Job family was log. At a later date, a frame addition was added. In 1897, the frame section was moved an placed near the rear of the present house to be used for storage. It was painted pink.

Frame house that the Job family buit later on to the original log house Old SpringHouse
Above you can see the frame section, addition to the original Job log farmhouse. It was moved to its present location in 1897 and now used for storage.

On the left (top), is a photo of the old spring house, which was used by the Job family for cold storage.

Old Barn Old Barn - detail
Above, is a photo of the 'old' barn which was originally built and used by the Job family on the 'Land of Uz' farm site. On the top right, you can see the interior of the old barn. Note the wooden pegs which was used in construction.


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