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1944 - My Sad Christmas

By Sam Jobe
December 13, 2004

(s/o Johnnie Lilburn Jobe, gs/o John Buford Jobe, gt gs/o A. Pinkney Jobe, 2nd gt gs/o John Jobe)

1944 - Sam Jobe in Uniform Christmas, 1944, I was in basic Army training in Camp Robinson, Arkansas. I had a long week-end pass and a train ticket to Antlers, Okla. where I was born & raised. I had a grandmother, uncle & aunt and cousins---plus many friends there. My parents were still in California, so I wouldn't get to visit them. I was an 18 year old draftee.

1944 - Sam Jobe, age 18, in uniform

As I waited at the train station, I was toild that a train had derailed back up the line. The train I was looking for was about an hour late---but because they had taken on extra passengers from the "other train", this train was FULL and they wouldn't take on any extra people---they wouldn't take "standing" passengers. The next time I could possible catch a train was many hours later. I had to return to camp and spend Christmas there.

Ruth (Sam's Wife) The enclosed photo was made back in camp. (the other photo is of my wife, Ruth, a few years before she passed away

Ruth (now deceased) - Wife of Sam Jobe

The next Christmas was spent in Switzerland, in the alps, skating, skiing and a beautiful snowfall and wonderful snow ball fight with the company of local folks.

In 1967 I joined a wonderful Christian family for Chrismas eve in Danang, Vietnam.

Now, I have 2 daughters, 7 grand-children and 17 great-grand-children to enjoy Christmas with----------but my wife, Ruth, has been gone since Valentine's day, 2000-------after 53+ years of good marriage, so Christmas is a mixed bag of emotions.

God is good.

Sam Jobe

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