Nottingham Lot 35 - Andrew Job Jr.

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Nottingham Lots Drawn - 1702
Andrew Job Jr Picks Lots 32 and 35
The Lots Today - 2004

Map and Explanation of Lots

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Descendants of Andrew Job Jr

Special Thanks to Our Jobe Cousins for Photographs and Description
Eleanor (Barnett) Orthun and Donna (Cox) Briggs

Background of Lots

The Meeting of Commissioners of Property at Philadelphia proposed to make a settlement at Nottingham, a tract of land, located halfway between the Delaware and Susquehanna Rivers. The grant was for 20,000 acres. Twelve men, including Andrew Job, Jr., reserved 1,000 acres each. Others took smaller plots. The Proprietor, William Penn, also requested 3,000 acres for his own personal use.

A large tract of 1800 acres was laid out by Henry Hollingsworth, surveyor. Andrew Job drew lots #32 and #35, each containing 500 acres. It was upon Lot #35 that Andrew would later build the Blue Ball Tavern. The grantees, all Quakers, agreed to pay 8 lb. for every 100 acres within 1 year and 1 shilling sterling as quit rent for every 100 acres for ever after.

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Donna (Cox) Briggs - Next to Historical Marker
February 2008

Donna next to Lots Sign - Feb 2008

Description by Eleanor

The PA MD countryside is still beautiful (as one can see above) but succumbing to population growth too. The AMTRAK goes right through Elkton, so people can work in Baltimore / DC and go home to lovely suburbs at night I think.
Lot 35 - Beautiful Farm Land

Lot 35 - Houses and Trees - taken 2004

A document at the Cecil Co. Historical Society said that the farm land goes for around $60,000 an acre these days, sometimes as much as $75,000. I see a few new houses along the east/west state highway; but it's so close to Baltimore, etc., I'm just sure it will burst with houses soon. My hotel was 1/4 block from the amtrak rail, and you just know it will be marvelous new home sites one day.

The photo of road with trees and houses (shown to the right) is where lot 35 was. The farm land appears to me to be lot 34, just across the small road.

Blue Ball Tavern

I found the Blue Ball Inn and went into the farm/auto implement store next door. The place is now owned by the Mendenhall family; and I met Mr. & Mrs. Mendenhall.

Blue Ball Tavern - taken 2004 Farm Implement Store - next door to Blue Ball Taver - Taken 2004

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Donna (Cox) Briggs - Standing Next to Tavern Sign
Taken February 2008
----Donna has 8 different Job Connections-----

Donna next to Tavern Sign - Feb 2008


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