JOBE: Eli B. Jobe and Prudence ?

Eli B. Jobe - Prudence ?

My Own Jobe Branch

My 3rd Great Grand Parents

s/o Isaac Job(e) and Unknown - gs/o Samuel Job and Dorcas MacKay
gt gs/o Caleb Job and Barbary ?

My Picture My Jobe Ancestors (Ann Jobe Brown--me)
Andrew Sr - Andrew Jr - Caleb - Samuel - Isaac - Eli B. - Jesse - Caleb - Jessie William - Earl Frederick
Vernon - MacKay - McIntire - Brewer - Mears - Davis

Southeastern Missouri - Northeastern Arkansas
Oregon - Ripley - Wayne *** Izard, Randolph, Lawrence

Eli B. Jobe

--b. abt 1799 probably Knox Co. Tennessee
--d. June 16, 1860 - April 8, 1862 Jobe Township, Oregon Co. Missouri
----probably buried Old Jobe Cemetery, Oregon Co. MO (no marker)
--m. Prudence ?
--about 1821
----b. abt 1803 Kentucky
----d. 1850 - March 7, 1854 Jobe Township, Oregon Co. Missouri
------probably buried Old Jobe Cemetery, Oregon Co., MO (no marker)


A Directory of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets

Past and Present
of Oregon County, Missouri
Compiled by Arthur Paul Moser

Background Information

Eli B. Jobe made his will in 1854 and it was signed on 7 March 1854 and witnessed by (J.) R. Woodside and S. H. McCulloh. It was filed and recorded in Oregon Co., Missouri in November 1865. Of his 9 children, 7 were mentioned in his will. The two that weren't were Jesse and Elijah Jobe. However, Jesse was deceased at time of probate in 1865 and Jesse's son, Caleb Jobe (my great grandfather) was mentioned in his will. I also have guardianship papers that show where Elijah Jobe was made guardian of Caleb Jobe, son of Jesse Jobe. Also my Caleb Jobe, migrated to Texas with Elijah Jobe and his wife, Mary (Parrack). My grandmother, Minnie Leamer (Mears) Jobe had letters from Sarah and Elisha Jobe (children of Elijah Jobe) in her possession in the late 1960's.

Elijah and Jesse Jobe are residing together in l850. Jesse had just married and Elijah was unmarried. They are on the 65th district of Oregon Co.,Missouri. #150--next door to Eli B. Jobe who is #151.

Heritage Book of Oregon Co

"Jobe Township named for William Samuel Jobe who, before 1840, joined his brother, Eli Jobe, who had come before 1830 with his wife, Prudence, and five year old son, Jacob."

The History of Ripley Co.,, Missouri
by Jerry Ponder page 19

Lemuel Kittrell is generally considered the first settler in Ripley Co.,, coming here in 1818. Doctor John Hume, in a paper dated March 15,1927 states that Ceise Reily or Reilly was here in 1802 and that by 1804, a Mr. Cunningham had established a trading post at Buck Skull, present day Current view. In addition Doctor Hume's writing, Isaac E. Kelly had settled on Current River at the mouth of Kelly Hollow just a mile into what is present day Carter Co., as early as 1808. Also, Samuel Russell, Joseph Atkinson, Elisha Dow, William Furueson, William Fowler, Jacob Garrett, Joseph Hardin, William Drope, and Polly Wilson were at Kelly Hollow, probably only temporarily, by 1811.

Wayne Co.,, Missouri by Rose Cramer page 84

The Daltons were in Randolph Co.,, Arkansas, and Oregon Co., Missouri, and possibly, into Ripley Country very early.

Eli Jobe was in Oregon Co., probably before Lemuel Kittrell was in Ripley Co. As has already been mentioned, Arkansas just below Ripley Co., had considerable population by 1825. Land offices were far away and it is possible that some early settlers did not file until later."

Official Records

Eli B. and Prudence's Children

  1. Epsey A. 'Epsa' (Jobe) Hall

    --b. abt 1822 Wayne Co., MO
    --d. abt July 1869 Oregon Co., MO
    --m. William C. HALL
    --abt 1842
    ----b. 1821/22 Alabama
    ----d. June 1860 - Sept 1868 Oregon Co., MO
    ------s/o James Hall and Mary Ann 'Polly' WILLIAMS

    Children of Epsey A. Jobe and William C. Hall

    Descendants of Epsey Jobe and William C. Hall have their own site.

  2. Elijah 'Lige' Jobe

    --b. abt 1824 Lawrence Co., AR
    --d. abt March 1880 District 3, Cooke Co., TX
    --m. Mary M. PARRACK
    --October 10, 1850 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. January 9, 1835 Missouri
    ----d. August 20, 1876 Hanna Valley, Brown Co., TX
    ------buried Regency Cemetery (orignally Hanna Cemetery)
    --------today this is in Mills Co., TX
    --------d/o John Parrack and Lourana CYPRET
    ----------gd/o Bazel Parrack and Unknown

    Children of Elijah Jobe and Mary M. Parrack

    Descendants of Elijah Jobe and Mary M. Parrack have their own site.

    My 2nd Great Grandparents

  3. Jesse Jobe

    --b. abt 1825 Lawrence Co., AR
    --d. abt April 1852 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    --m. Susan Ann McINTIRE
    --May 11, 1846 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. abt 1829 Missouri
    ----d. April - Nov 1852 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ------d/o William McIntire and Jane THOMAS
    --------gd/o Ephriam Thomas and Maria Cathrina 'Caty' DIEL
    ----------gt gd/o William Thomas and Deborah ?
    ----------gt gd/o Adam 'Johan' Diehl, Sr. and Mary Magdalena BURKHARDT

    Children of Jesse Jobe and Susan Ann McIntrie

    Descendants of Jesse Jobe and Susan Ann (McIntire) have their own site.

  4. Jacob 'Jake' Jobe

    --b. November 22, 1827 Lawrence Co., AR
    --d. January 2, 1899 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ----buried Old Jobe Cemetery, Oregon Co., MO
    --m. Mary Jane BAILEY
    --April 29, 1852 Randolph Co., AR
    ----b. July 8, 1830 Randolph Co, AR
    ----d. January 9, 1899 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ------buried Old Jobe Cemetery, Oregon Co., MO
    --------d/o Abner Bailey and Dorcas JOBE
    ----------gd/o Isaac Job and Unknown
    ------------gt gd/o Samuel Job and Dorcas MacKay
    --------------2nd gt gd/o Caleb Job and Barbary ?
    ----------------3rd gt gd/o Andrew Job Jr. and Elizabeth Vernon
    --------------2nd gt gd/o Zachariah MacKay and unknown
    ----------------3rd gt gd/o Robert MacKay and Anne BROWN

    Children of Jacob Jobe and Mary Jane Bailey

    Descendants are DOUBLE COUSINS to me

    Descendants of Jacob Jobe and Mary Jane Bailey have their own site.

  5. Thomas J. Jobe

    --b. abt 1830 Wayne Co., MO
    --d. aft 1880 Randolph Co., AR
    --m. Mary Jane ALLISON
    --September 15, 1856 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. abt 1835 Franklin Co., AL
    ----d. aft 1880 probably Randolph Co., AR
    ------d/o Johnson Robert Marion 'Jonsie' Allison and Jane MOONEYHAM

    Children of Thomas J. Jobe and Mary Jane Allison

    Descendants of Thomas J. Jobe and Mary Jane Allison have their own site.

  6. Martha (Jobe) Cypret

    --b. abt 1832 Wayne Co., MO
    --d. May 19, 1879 Oregon Co., MO
    --m. William S. 'Bill' CYPRET
    --March 5, 1849 Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. abt 1816 Missouri
    ----d. 1870-1878 Camden Co., MO
    ------buried Parrack Grove Cemetery, Camden Co., MO

    Children of Martha Jobe and William S. Cypret

    Descendants of Epsey Jobe and William C. Hall have their own site.

  7. Margaret 'Peggy' (Jobe) Allison

    --b. abt 1836 Wayne Co., Missouri
    --d. Unknown
    --m. John L. ALLISON, Sr.
    --November 27, 1856 Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. 1825/26 Alabama
    ----d. bef 1880 Orego Co., MO
    ------s/o Robert 'J. R. M.' Allison and Unknown

    Children of Margaret Jobe and John L. Allison

    1. Martha Allison

  8. Elizabeth 'Betsey' (Jobe) Nichols

    --b. abt 1839 Ripley Co., Missouri
    --d. Unknown
    --m. Asa L. NICHOLS
    --September 28, 1857 Oregon Co., MO
    ----b. abt 1826 TN
    ----d. unknown

    Children of Elizaeth Jobe and Asa L. Nichols

    1. Margaret Nichols

  9. Joshua Jobe

    --b. abt 1843 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    --d. Sept 1850 - March 1854 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO

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