My 'Own' Jobe Branch - Oregon Co., MO and Vicinity

My 'Own' JOBE Branch

Isaac Job(e) - Man of Mystery

My 4th Great Grandfather

My Picture My Jobe Ancestors (Ann Jobe Brown--me)
Andrew Sr - Andrew Jr - Caleb - Samuel - Isaac - Eli B. - Jesse - Caleb - Jessie William - Earl Frederick
Vernon - MacKay - McIntire - Brewer - Mears - Davis

Southeastern Missouri and Northeastern Arkansas

Location of Jobe Township in Present-Day Oregon Co., MO

(Oregon - Ripley - Wayne ********** Izard, Randolph, Lawrence)

Isaac Job(e) - Man of Mystery!

We actually know very little about Isaac Job(e) which can be proved with records. So far, no will or estate record has been discovered which comes right out and names his children. The records we do have indicate:

Katharine Reynolds, Bill Jobe (of the Journal), and I have tried to reconstruct the migration of an Isaac Jobe who we believe to be the progenitor of the Jobe Township, Oregon Co., MO Jobe family.


As I Know it at this time

Jobe Township - Oregon Co., MO
It's Changing Boundaries

Historical Background of the Township of Jobe

It is impossible to study and research the Jobe families of this area without first studying the historical happenings between 1803 and 1850. The boundaries were constantly changing. As I quickly found out, a family could live within a 5 miles radius and at different times live in 2 states and at least 5 different counties.


MY JOBE FAMILY on the Border - Changing Boundaries

Though my Jobe branch shows up in two states and several counties, they basically lived on the Eleven Point River within a few miles of Jobe Township, which was named after Samuel Jobe. We are still doing a lot of research tring to locate the 'missing daughters' and to find 'all the children' of Isaac Jr and Caleb. As of yet, no will or estate record has been found for them. It has just recently come to my attention that there may also be a son, Jacob Jobe who at this time, I have no information on. We do have a very good record of two of the Jobe men who lived in the area, Eli B. Jobe and Samuel Jobe, as they both left wills. Thank goodness, my direct line is from Eli B. Jobe and in his will, he even names his grandson, Caleb Jobe, who is my direct ancestor.

Isaac's Children

  1. Isaac Jobe, Jr.

    --b. abt 1790 TN
    --d. 1854/60 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    --m/1 Unknown
    ----abt 1815
    --m/2 Mary Ann PARRACK
    ----April 2, 1843 Ripley Co., MO
    ------d/o Bazel Parrack and Unknown
    --m/3 Mrs. Margaret STOKES
    ----September 6, 1846 Oregon Co., MO

  2. Caleb Jobe

    --b. abt 1794 TN
    --d. aft 1831
    --m. Unknown

  3. Unknown Female Jobe

    --b. 1794-1798 TN

  4. Unknown Female Jobe

    --b. 1794-1798 TN

  5. Eli B. 'Ely' Jobe

    --b. abt 1799 probably Knox Co., TN
    --d. June 1860 - April 1862 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    --m. Prudence Unknown
    --m. abt 1821

  6. Dorcas (Jobe) Bailey

    --b. 1801/02 Christian Co., KY (today Caldwell Co., KY)
    --d. aft August 22, 1860 probably Randolph Co., AR
    ----buried Old Jobe Cemetery, Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    --m. Abner BAILEY
    --abt 1829
    ----b. 1800/10 Tennessee
    ----d. 1843/50 Randolph Co., AR

  7. Samuel Jobe

    --b. abt 1805 Tenneseee
    --d. March 1859 Jobe Twp, Oregon Co., MO
    ---Will of Samuel Jobe - March 1859
    --m. Margaret 'Peggy' STUBBLEFIELD
    --abt 1824 probably Wayne Co., MO or Lawrence Co., AR
    ----b. abt 1800 Tennessee
    ----d. abt 1836 Ripley Co., Missouri
    ----d/o William Stubblefield and Elizabeth McDANIEL
    ------gd/o Robert Stubblefield and Ann (WYATT?)

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