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Pvt. DeWitt Smith Jobe (1840-1864)


** Andrew Jr, Abraham, Isaac, James, Elihu C., DeWitt Smith Jobe **

Dee, as he was known as born June 4, 1840 near Mechanicsville, Rutherford County, Tennessee - the son of Elihu Coleman Jobe and Mary W. Smith and the grandson of James Jobe and Catherine Pitt. Dee died at age 21 in Civil War - a hero's death. He was one of Coleman's Scouts who was captured as a spy. He was from Truine, TN. His tongue was cut out and he was dragged to death by the enemies. He is mentioned in a book - SPIES OF THE CONFEDERACY by John Bakeless. A memorial to his honor is now located in Tennessee where this tragic event occurred - Highway 41A on the Nolenville Road - south of Nashville. He was discovered by his fiance who brought him back for burial.

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Confederate Medal of Honor and Certificate
Courtesy of Randy Jobe

DeWitt Smith Jobe Confederation Medal Honor Certificate

On August 17, 1977, DeWitt Smith Jobe was posthumously awarded the Confederate Medal of Honor, almost 113 years after his death. His medal and certificate reside at the Sam Davis Museum in Smyrna, Tennessee next to the medal awarded to fellow Coleman Scout, Sam Davis, who was the first to receive this honor from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, also in 1977.

DeWitt Smith Jobe Confederation Medal DeWitt Smith Jobe Confederation Medal

Confederate Veteran Magazine 1896, Volume 3, page 373
D. S. Jobe - Fellow Scout of Sam Davis
Article was furnished by H. E. of Paris, TN
(Horace Elbert) Jobe (his nephew, 1868-1953)

Confederate article - by Horace Elbert Jobe

Confederate Veteran Magazine 1896, Volume 4, page 273
Confederate Heroes and Martyrs
article was submitted by B. L. Ridley of Murfreesboro, TN

Confederate article - by B. L. Ridley

DeWitt Smith Jobe Historical Marker and Memorial Program
Courtesy of Randy Jobe (standing by marker) - June 2009

June 2009 - Randy Jobe at DeWitt Smith Jobe Historical Marker in Tennessee

Randy writes:
This Tennessee Hisorical Marker notes the location of DeWitt Smith Jobe's death. The road he was dragged on behind a horse still exists although overgrown and not accessible.

Memorial Program

June 2009 - Memorial Program - Historical Marker for DeWitt Smith Jobe

Randy writes:
I think the program is for his bronze plaque up in the cemetery the prelude is to see the hiway I would guess the date of June 26, 1969, when they placed the bronze plaque in the graveyard

Still on Duty

Photographed by Randy Jobe (June 2009)

lone sentinal

Randy writes:
This lone sentinal stands guard at the gravesite of Private Dewitt Smith Jobe.

He was carved by a Mr. Reed, the current resident of the Elihu Coleman Jobe home on Rocky Fork/Almaville Rd. in Rutherford County, Tennessee.

Located about 200 yds. North of the Morton Rd. juncture, this soldier marks the entrance to the last 20 acres of the Jobe property. If you look closely, just over his left shoulder, you can see the corner of Dewitt's Confederate gravestone.

* * * * *

Randy at Dee's grave Randy's father at Dee's grave

Randy and his father, Larry Jobe, by Tombstone

Randy writes:
20 feet from the edge of the road stands a singular monument. No, he doesn't rest here...his body is with his family about 1/4 mile up the hill behind this stone.

If you look behind Dad, you can barely see Elihu's house. The home is completely obscured from the road.

DeWitt Smith Jobe Military Memorial
Courtesy of Ben A. Jobe

Military Stone

Located near Smyrna, TN and taken in early 2000 by Ben Anderson Jobe, Jr. The cast iron marker was erected, not by the family, but by the Tennessee chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard
Photographed in June 2009 by Randy Jobe and his father, Larry Jobe

DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard photographed by Randy Jobe

At the top of the hill behind Elihu Coleman Jobe's home in that area of Rutherford County, Tennessee known as Mechanicsville lies a now abandoned graveyard. Buried there is Elihu and his wife Mary Smith and others...and a famous son, Dee.

DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard photographed by Randy Jobe

DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard photographed by Randy Jobe DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard photographed by Randy Jobe

DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard photographed by Randy Jobe DeWitt Smith Jobe Graveyard photographed by Randy Jobe

DeWitt Smith Jobe Tombstone photographed by Randy Jobe

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