Cynthia Jobe and George Washington Chapman

Cynthia Jobe - George Washington Chapman

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Daughter of Abraham Jobe and Polly Simpson

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Cynthia (Jobe) Chapman

--b. abt 1819 probably Illinois
--d. April 1, 1847 Johnson Co., Illinois
--m. George Washington CHAPMAN
--abt 1832 probably Johnson Co., Illinois
----b. April 28, 1808 Essex Co., New York
----d. September 29, 1872 Johnson Co., Illinois
----George W. Chapman m/2 Permelia SHOWEN McGEE October 21, 1848 Johnson Co., IL
------s/o Daniel Chapman and Lucretia FINCH
--------gs/o Elijah Chapman and Sarah STEELE
----------gt gs/o Samuel Chapman and Hannah STRONG
----------gt gs/o Stephen Steele and Ruth PORTER
--------gs/o Isaac Finch and Abigail PALMER
----------gt gs/o Ephriam Palmer and Rachel REYNOLDS

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  1. Martha A. 'Polly' (Chapman) Wise

    --b. December 18, 1834 Johnson Co., Illinois
    --d. July 31, 906
    --m. Hiram H. WISE
    --November 26, 1848 New Burnside, Johnson Co., Illinois
    ----b. December 20, 1827 Hardeman Co., TN
    ----d. July 7, 1894 Illinois
    ------s/o William James Wise and Rebecca LAWHORN
    --------gs/o William Wise and Mary HOWARD
    ----------gt gs/o Isaac Wise and ---
    ----------gt gs/o James Howard and Edna Allen BANNER
    ------------3rd gt gs/o James Howard and Sarah JARROTT
    ------------3rd gt gs/o James Banner and --

  2. William H. Chapman

    --b. abt 1836 Johnson Co., Illinois
    --m. Mrs. WATERS

  3. Elizabeth A. (Chapman) Camden

    --b. June 15, 1839 Johnson Co., Illinois
    --d. July 22, 1892 Johnson Co., Illinois
    --m. Christopher Columbus 'Chris' CAMDEN
    --April 2, 1857 Johnson Co., Illinois
    ----b. September 6, 1833 Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee
    ----d. November 17, 1910 Johnson Co., Illinois
    ----Christopher m/2 Cass HOGG March 1894
    ------s/o Marble McPatrick Peter Henry Camden and Sallie L. HOPKINS
    --------gs/o Benjamin Camden and Elizabeth WRIGHT

  4. Francis Finch Chapman

    --b. 1841 Johnson Co., Illinois

  5. Lucretia Finch (Chapman) Trammel

    --b. May 24, 1843 Johnson Co., Illinis
    --d. September 12, 1891 Illinois
    --m.Javan V. TRAMMELL
    --May 12, 1864 Johnson Co., Illinois
    ----b. December 16, 1840 Williamson Co., Illinois
    ----d. October 7, 1897 Williamson Co., Illinois
    ------s/o Wesley Trammel and Cynthia Ann BUCKNER
    --------gs/o Phillip Trammel and Rebecca NEWTON
    ----------gt gs/o Phillip Trammel and Elizabeth ---
    ------------2nd gt gs/o Phillip Trammel and Jemima GRYMES
    --------------3rd gt gs/o Gerrard Trammel and Mary JAVAN
    ----------------4th gt gs/o John Trammel and Mary Garrard HUTT
    ------------------5th gt gs/o Thomas Trammel and Mary Alice WILLIAMS
    ----------gt gs/o Joseph Newton and Annie STEPHENS
    ------------2nd gt gs/o John Newton and ---

  6. Amanda (Chapman) Groves

    --b. abt 1846 Johnson Co., Illinois
    --m. George B. GROVES
    --May 1, 1864 Johnson Co., Illinois
    ----b. 1832 Tennessee

  7. John Chapman

    --b. abt 1846 Johnson Co., Illinois

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