Permelia Broyles and John Franklin Gotcher, Sr.

Permelia Broyles and John Franklin Gotcher, Sr.

My Own Jobe Branch

Daughter of Melissa Jobe and Larkin Reed Broyles

2nd cousin to my 2nd great grandfather, Jesse Jobe

Permelia (Broyles) Gotcher

--b. abt 1836 Clay Co., MO
--m. John Franklin GOTCHER, Sr.
--December 27, 1855 Clay Co., MO
----b. 1835/38 Missouri
------s/o Joshua Broyles Gotcher and Lucinda MARTIN
--------gs/o William Alfred Gotcher and Mary Ann BROYLES
----------gt gs/o Henry Gotcher and Rachel LARKIN
----------gt gs/o Adam Broyles and Mary --
------------2nd gt gs/o Hans Jacob Broyles and Maria Catherine FLEISCHMANN
--------------3rd gt gs/o John Broyles and Ursula RUOP

* * * * *

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  1. William Thomas Gotcher

    --b. 1859 Clay Co., Missouri
    --m/1 Unknown
    --abt 1880 Oregon

  2. James Harvey Gotcher

    --b. abt 1861 Clay Co., Missouri

  3. Ann E. Gotcher

    --b. 1862 Missouri

  4. Lucinda Gotcher

    --b. 1864 Missouri

  5. John Franklin Gotcher, Jr.

    --b. September 1865 Missouri
    --m. Nellie HENGEVELD
    --about 1888 Oregon
    ----b. September 1868 Iowa

  6. James H. Gotcher

    --b. 1868 Missouri

  7. Melissa Gotcher

    --b. 1871 Missouri

  8. Edward Elmer Gotcher

    --b. July 1879 Linn Co., Oregon
    --d. June 29, 1962 Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
    --m. Emma L. -
    --about 1919 probably Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon
    ----b. about 1890 Wisconsin

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