Frances Southward and David Allen Edmonson

Frances 'Fanny' Southward and 2 Husbands

David Allen Edmonson - William Chester 'Bill' Conner

My Own Jobe Branch

Daughter of Henry Southward and Jane W. -

3rd cousin to my great grandfather, Caleb Jobe

Frances 'Fanny' (Southward) Edmonsom Conner

--b. abt 1869 Texas
--d. 1898-1900 Oklahoma
--m/1 David Allen EDMONSON
--October 23, 1884 Montague Co., Texas (divorced)
----b. August 4, 1852 probably Newton Co., MO
----d. May 19, 1937 Meeker, Lincoln Co., OK
----David Allen Edmonson m/2 Charlotte 'Lottie' -
--m/2 William Chester 'Bill' CONNER
--abt 1891
----b. October 10, 1841 near Joplin, Missouri
----d. October 8, 1937 Garvin Co., Oklahoma
------buried Foster Cemetery, Garvin County, Oklahoma
------William Conner m/1 Clarissa Jane INCE August 8, 1872 Johnston Co., TX
------William Conner m/3 Catherine CHEATWOOD July 24, 1902 Foster, Indian Territory
------William Conner m/4 Texanna HUDDLESTON April 23, 1909 Stephens Co., OK
------William Conner m/5 Mary Ann THOMPSON September 19, 1915
--------s/o James Conner and Paralee Jane -
----------gs/o Joseph H. Conner and Effie -

* * * * *

David Allen Edmonson
Photos: Courtesy of Bill Austin

David Allen Edmonson, 2nd wife Lottie and children by Lottie David Allen Edmonson and children by Fanny (Southward)

Left Photo:
David Allen Edmonson (1852-1937), his 2nd wife Lottie and children by Lottie. These children are NOT Jobe descendants.

Right Photo:
David Allen Edmonson(1852-1937) Mollie (Conner) (1892-1951) and George Washington Edmonson (1887-1954. First Husband of Fanny (Southward) and Fanny's children. Mollie and George are Jobe descendants.

* * * * *

Foster Cemetery - Garvin Co., Oklahoma
Tombstone of W. C. Conner (2nd husband of Fanny)

Foster Cemetery Entrance

Tobmstone of W. C. Conner

* * * * *

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    Children by Dave Edmonson

  1. Rosa L. (Edmonsom) Bumgarver Percival

    --b. August 18, 1885 Texas
    --d. February 20, 1907 Meeker, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma
    ----buried Jamison Cemetery, Jacktown, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma
    --m/1 Hayns Bumgarver
    --m/2 Merrill 'Merley' PERCIVAL

    * * * * *

    Jamison Cemetery - Lincoln Co., Oklahoma
    Rosa's Tombstone

    Jamison Cemetery Entrance Rosa L. (Edmonsom) Percival Tombstone

  2. George Washington Edmonson

    --b. October 22, 1887 near Duncan, Chickasaw, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. April 5, 1954 Meeker, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma
    --m. Stacie LaFreda BROWN
    --January 14, 1913 Tecumseh, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma
    ----b. April 12, 1898 Fayette Co., Alabama
    ------d/o Anderson Lafayette Brown and Amanda Adeline WHITE
    --------gd/o Robert Brown and Rebecca -
    --------gd/o William Henry White and Frances Caroline THOMPSON
    ----------gt gd/o Richard Fields White and Morning Cloud THOMPSON
    ------------2nd gt gd/o Thomas White and Missouri BUFFINGTON
    ------------2nd gt gd/o John Thompson and Martha FIELDS
    ----------gt gd/o Arthur Thompson and Matilda A. SPEARS
    ------------2nd gt gd/o James Thompson and Mary Elizabeth CARMICHAEL
    ------------2nd gt gd/o Messer Spears and Elizabeth DODD
    ----Stacie m/2 Jesse Thomas EDMONSON (see below)

  3. Jesse Thomas Edmonson

    --b. November 23, 1889 near Duncan, Chickasaw, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. March 18, 1971 Jones, Oklahoma
    --m/1 Sarah Jane GALLOWAY
    --December 31, 1912
    ----b. January 30, 1894 Oklahoma
    ----d. June 1985 Chandler, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma
    --m/2 Stacie LaFreda (BROWN) Edmonson (see above)
    --after 1954

  4. Mollie (Edmonson) (Conner) Armstrong

    --b. February 1892 near Duncan, Chickasaw, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. February 21, 1969
    --m. Samuel Matison ARMSTRONG
    --1909 Oklahoma
    ----b. Decmeber 2, 1885 Texas
    ----d. Decmeber 1965 Colorado
    ------buried Meeker Cemetery, Meeker, Lincoln Co., Oklahoma

    * * * * *

    Mollie (Edmonson) Armstrong and son
    Photos: Courtesy of Bill Austin

    Mollie (Edmonson) Armstrong Mollie (Edmonson) Armstrong and son

  5. Dollie Edmonsom

    --b. February 1892 near Duncan, Chickasaw, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. 1895 Chickasaw, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

    Children by Bill Conner

  6. Willie Mae (Conner) Murray

    --b. May 6, 1895 Lexington, Cleveland Co., Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. February 22, 1969 Paul's Valley, Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    --m. Louis A. MURRAY
    --January 25, 1912 Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    ----b. April 1, 1896 Mt. Calm, Texas
    ----d. July 29, 1949 Paul's Valley, Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    ------gs/o G. Murray and Lizzie HALE

  7. Buster Clarence Conner

    --b. September 1, 1898 Foster, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
    --d. May 31, 1979 Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    --m. Wyome Dollie WINN
    --October 23, 1921 Purdy, Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    ----b. March 3, 1903 Carter Co., Oklahoma
    ----d. January 26, 1982 Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    ------d/o Edgar Winn and Susie -

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