Augustus Washington 'Gus' 'A. W.' Jobe and 2 Wives

Augustus Washington 'Gus' 'A. W.' Jobe and 2 Wives

Elizabeth V. Phillips - Anna 'Annie' Beattie

My Own Jobe Branch

Son of Iraby Stone Jobe and Mary Sara Chilton

2nd cousin to my 2nd great grandfather, Jesse Jobe

Augustus Washington 'Gus' 'A. W.' Jobe

--b. December 28, 1840 Stephenson Co., Illinois
--d. March 13, 1936 St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO
--m/1 Elizabeth V. PHILLIPS
--December 5, 1863 Grant Twp, Nodaway Co., MO
----b. January 2, 1845 Indiana
----d. July 4, 1894 Barnard, Nodaway Co., MO
--m/2 Anna 'Annie' (BEATTIE) PERKINS
--October 2, 1895 Nodaway Co., MO
----b. January 27, 1865 Illinois
----d. June 23, 1925 Nodaway Co., MO
------buried Barnard American Legion Cemetery, Nodaway Co., MO
------Anna m/1 Avrice 'Avery' PERKINS January 15, 1884 Nodaway Co., MO
--------Avery was gs/o Ephraim Adkinson Perkins and Delphia Eda Elizabeth Jobe

* * * * *

Bardnard Cemetery - Nodaway Co., Missouri
Annie (Beattie) Tombstone
Photo: Courtesy of Margaret Murphy 'Maggie' Brown

Barnard Cemetery Entrance
Annie (Beattie) Jobe Tombstone

* * * * *

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The History of Nodaway Co.,, Missouri"
(1882), St. Joseph, MO, National Historical Company, page 937

"Augustus W. Jobe, farmer and stock feeder, section 12, was born in Stephenson Co.,, Illinois, December 28, 1840, and in 1856, he moved with his father to Andrew Co.,, loating in this Co., in the spring of 1861. He commenced life poor, but with a determination to succeed, bought some prairie land and commenced work. By his hand toil and economy he has succeeded in improving a valuable farm containing 153 acres, erected a fine residence in 1866, and has been very successful in all his enterprises. Mr. J. married Miss Elizabeth Phillips, in this township, Decmeber 6, 1863. They have four children: James A., Ida Isabelle, Calep, and Samuel Edgar. Mr. Jobe was a great hutner and fisherman in early times, and his narratives are both thrilling and interesting. Joshua Phillips, the father of Mrs. Jobe, was a very early settler of this township. He was born in Massachusetts, removed from there to New York, thence to Ohio and Indiana and in 1850 he came to this Co.,, wehre he died in 1872. Mrs. Phillips, his wife, died in 1873. Of the family of Mrs. Phillips, Samuel is a druggist, Mary married Dr. Heath, Laura married John Reed, of Barnard, and Sarah married Joseph Baker of Kansas.


Children by Elizabeth

  1. Iraby S. Jobe

    --b. October 25, 1864 Nodaway Co., MO
    --d. June 23, 1865 Nodaway Co., MO
    ----buried Platte Valley Cemetery (aka Breit Cemetery), Nodaway Co, MO

  2. James A. Jobe

    --b. October 23, 1865 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. April 11, 1944 Andrew Co., Missouri
    ----buried Barnard City Cemetery, Nodaway Co., MO
    --m. Flora L. YEAMANS
    --February 5, 1887 Nodaway Co., MO
    ----b. December 9, 1865 Missouri
    ----d. February 3, 1928 Nodaway Co., MO
    ------buried Barnard City Cemetery, Nodaway Co., MO

    * * * * *

    Barnard Cemetery - Nodawy Co. Missouri
    Photo: Courtesy of Thomas L. Lippert

    James A. Jobe Tombstone Flora's Tombstone

  3. William J. Jobe

    --b. February 5, 1867 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. October 30, 1968 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----buried Platte Valley Cemetery (aka Breit Cemetery), Nodaway Co, MO

  4. Ida Isabell (Jobe) Thompson

    --b. March 11, 1869 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. November 15, 1958
    --m. John William THOMPSON
    --September 2, 1888 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----b. abt 1865
    ----d. abt 1898 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ------foster child of Martin Vanburen Baker and Mary Melissa JOBE

  5. Caleb 'Calip' Jobe

    --b. August 13, 1871 Barnard, Nodawqay Co., Missouri
    --d. July 2, 1952 Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa
    ----buried Siam Cemetery, Taylor Co, Iowa
    --m. Carrie Ollie CONLIN
    --September 23, 1896 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----b. January 15, 1875 near Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----d. March 13, 1950 Iowa
    ------buried Siam Cemetery, Taylor Co, Iowa
    ------d/o William Thomas Conlin and Emma Marie MILLER
    --------gd/o Francis Conlin and Dorthea Jane MALOTT
    ----------gt gd/o John South Malott and Jemima LANHAM

    Samuel Edgar Jobe

  6. Samuel Edgar Jobe

    --b. February 11, 1875 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. April 15, 1959 Barnard, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----buried Barnard Cemetery, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --m. Eliza Christina BYERGO
    --March 18, 1906 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----b. August 27, 1874 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----d. February 11, 1971
    ------buried Barnard Cemetery, Nodaway Co., Missouri

    Samuel Edgar Jobe Photo - Courtesy of Patti Jobe

    * * * * *

    Samuel and Eliza's Tombstone
    Photo: Courtesy of Thomas L. Lippert

    Samuel and Eliza's Tombstones

  7. Frank Charles Jobe

    --b. Decmeber 8, 1881 Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --d. February 1965 Missouri
    ----buried Barnard Cemetery, Nodaway Co., Missouri
    --m. Katherine DICKERSON
    --1912 probably Nodaway Co., Missouri
    ----b. August 17, 1887 Garden City, Kansas
    ----d. September 13, 1954 Andrew Co., Missouri
    ------buried Barnard Cemetery, Nodaway Co., Missouri

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