Solomon Southwood Tetherow and Nancy Jane Crowley

Solomon Southwood Tetherow - Nancy Jane Crosley

My Own Jobe Branch

Daughter of Ruth Southwood and David Tetherow

3rd cousin to my great grandfather, Caleb Jobe

Solomon Southwood Tetherow

--b. March 16, 1841 Clay Co., Missouri
--d. May 2, 1926 Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington
----buried Old Pioneer Cemetery, Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington
--m. Nancy Jane CROSLEY
--April 20, 1865 Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
----b. Decmeber 31, 1849 Gosher, Mercer Co., Misssouri
----d. June 24, 1929 Wenatchee, Chelan Co., WA
------buried Old Pioneer Cemetery, Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington

Solomon Southwood Tetherow was called Junior because of confusion with his uncle Solomon Tetherow who captained the 1845 wagon group his family traveled with on the Oregon Trail. He served as administration of the estate of his father-in-law, Bennett Crosley.

Nancy and Solomon Tetherow raised her surviving brothers and sisters along with their own children.

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  1. Anna Frances (Tetherow) Ferguson

    --b. March 27, 1866 Eugene, Lane Co., Oregon
    --d. April 15, 1922 Arlington, Snohomish Co., WA
    --m. Burdick William FERGUSON
    --December 24, 1885 Yakima, Yakima Co, Washington
    ----b. August 26, 1853 Newark, Wayne Co., New York
    ----d. June 13, 1925 Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington
    ------s/o James Sweetman Ferguson and Mary Philadelphia FRY

  2. Rutha Jane Tetherow

    --b. October 30, 1867 Lane Co., Oregon
    --d. April 14, 1868 Lane Co., Oregon

  3. Mary Ellen 'Molly' (Tetherow) Gard

    --b. October 14, 1869 Monmouth, Polk Co., Oregon
    --d. June 8, 1935 Okanogan, Okanogan Co., Washington
    ----buried Okanogan City Cemetery, Okanogan Co., Washington
    --m. James Adramyttium GARD
    --July 28, 1888 Waterville, Douglas Co., Washington
    ----b. April 1, 1868 Kelseyville, Lake Co., CA
    ----d. August 4, 1947 Okanogan, Okanogan Co., WA
    ------buried Okanogan City Cemetery, Okanogan Co., Washington
    ------s/o George Washington Gard and Eliza Jane HAND
    --------gs/o Jeremiah Gard and Mahala GARD
    ----------gt gs/o Levi Gard and Sophia BARKDALL
    ----------gt gs/o Noah Gard and Sarah CLARK
    --------gs/o Samuel James Hand, Jr. and Violet Wilson JONES

    * * * * *

    Okanogan City Cemetery - Okanogan Co., Washington
    Tombstone of James A. Gard

    James A. Gard Tombstone

  4. William Oscar Tetherow

    --b. June 15, 1872 Lane Co., Oregon
    --d. October 24, 1937 Seattle, King Co., Washington
    --m. Elsie Mae WILSON
    -- -- Waterville, Douglas Co., Oregon
    ----b. November 26, 1873 Oregon
    ----d. September 1969 Wasco Co., Oregon
    ------s/o James David Wilson and Ella May BROWN
    --------gs/o Benjamin Alfred Wilson and Charlotte Evual GRIGSBY
    ----------gt gs/o Nathaniel Grigsby and Sarah KEELING

  5. Frank Omer Tetherow

    --b. June 21, 1874 Lane Co., Oregon
    --d. Decmeber 22, 1892

  6. Eli Ottis Tetherow

    --b. February 25, 1876 Lane Co., Oregon
    --d. May 6, 1962 Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., Idaho
    --m. Minnie GREENWAY
    ----b. September 18, 1894 Nebraska
    ----d. July 5, 1989 Forest Hill, Wood Co., Texas

  7. George Ores Tetherow

    --b. May 23, 1879 Irving, Lane Co., Oregon
    --d. August 23, 1906 Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington

  8. Iva Augusta (Tetherow) Mitty

    --b. August 31, 1881 Linn Co., Oregon
    --d. January 16, 1963 Washington
    --m. W. Clyde MITTY
    --February 18, 1903 Waterville, Douglas Co., Washington
    ----b. abt 1881
    ----d. 1940

  9. Roy Allen Tetherow

    --b. November 4, 1883 Linn Co., Oregon
    --d. March 14, 1888

  10. Elsie Alma (Tetherow) Linder Ersted

    --b. May 2, 1887 Waterville, Douglas Co., Washington
    --d. July 28, 1969 Portland, Multnomah Co., OR
    --m/1 James LINDER
    --1908 Wenatchee, Chelan Co., Washington
    ----b. September 14, 1883 Washington Territory
    ----d. January 29, 1959 Clark Co., Washington
    ------s/o John Ferguson Linder and Martha Jane McQUINN
    --------gs/o Andrew Hines Linder and Sarah MORRIS
    ----------gt gs/o Jacob Linder and Jane FERGUSON
    ----------gt gs/o George Morris and -
    --------gs/o Alexander Hamilton McQuinn and Rebecca ENYART
    ----------gt gs/o Braxton Alexander McQuinn and Mary Ann POE
    ----------gt gs/o Abner Enyart and Sarah STEPHENS
    --m/2 Oscar ERSTED
    --AFTER 1920
    ----b. 1885
    ----d. 1930

  11. Edna Alice (Tetherow) Reeder Montgomery

    --b. April 28, 1889 Waterville, Douglas Co, Washington
    --d. November 8, 1966 Seattle, King Co., Washington
    --m. Charles Alfred REEDER
    --July 14, 1907 Cashmere, Chelan Co., WA
    ----b. abt 1889 Oregon
    ----d. 1918 Washington

  12. Esta Vene (Tetherow) Braunwart

    --b. April 11, 1895 Waterville, Douglas Co., Washington
    --d. December 22, 1992 Othello, Washington
    ----buried Wenatchee Cemetery, Wenatchee, WA
    --m. Robert Jacob BRAUNWART
    --November 3, 1915 Wenatchee, Chelan Co., WA
    ----b. September 14, 1888 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio
    ----d. October 22, 1955
    ------buried Wenatchee Cemetery, Wenatchee, Chelan Co., WA
    ------s/o Adam Jacob Braunwart and Hannah SCHNEIDER
    --------gs/o Adamm Schneider and Catherine SAALWAECHTER

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